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All-Nighter Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
4.5/5 (2)   The glistening fruits of our ill-conceived annual tradition of guerrilla video making. We do it for you, and you're so welcome. Behold the bounty or whatever. CollegeHumor comedy
Badman Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.0/5 (35)   Badman, the world's most petulant detective and least competent caped crusader, annoys iconic foes and allies in this superhero parody (starring Pete Holmes). Pete Holmes CollegeHumor
Bear Shark Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (4)   Two of nature's bloodlustiest predators, one solitary mission: eat this dude. CollegeHumor comedy
Camp Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
Welcome to Camp Wanaykaka, where childhoods get scarred, counsellors get weird, and Milana's bodacious bazongas are legend. Starring Josh Ruben and Thomas Middleditch. Thomas Middleditch CollegeHumor
CH Shorts Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (3)   A selection of the very best of CollegeHumor's standalone comedy videos. CollegeHumor
Full Benefits Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.0/5 (5)   After hours, co-workers Sarah and David secretly "dip" their"respective pens" into each other's"corporate ink," so to"speak." CollegeHumor
Hardly Working Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
5.0/5 (1)   What really goes on in the CollegeHumor offices may surprise you. CollegeHumor comedy
Hot Date: The Web Series 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (81)   Brian Murphy and Emily Axford attempt a lovely night out for a romantic meal, but sadly blow their chances by bringing themselves. CollegeHumor comedy, romance
Jake and Amir 2012 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld are two coworkers stuck with each other, for better or worse, in CollegeHumor's longest running series. CollegeHumor
Precious Plum Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (3)   Precious Plum (Elaine Carroll) and her stage monster Mama (Josh Ruben) are hellbent for beauty pageant fame and free famburgers, in this Honey Boo Boo parody. CollegeHumor
The sCHining Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (3)   When the gang takes a writer's retreat, a homicidal Trapp becomes hell-bent on producing just one damn sketch. Meanwhile, haunted by premonitions, Sam valiantly dawdles. CollegeHumor
Troopers Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.5/5 (36)   Josh Ruben and Sam Reich play troopers serving the evil Dreadlord Sinister (poorly). CollegeHumor comedy
Very Mary-Kate Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.0/5 (2)   The unofficial celebrity biography of Mary-Kate Olsen, brought to spoiled rotten life by Elaine Carroll. Featuring Bodyguard, Fat Professor, and obscene wealth. CollegeHumor