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Dr. Humpinstein's Erotik Castle 2011 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (11)   Suburban housewife Doris Wishman goes on a moral crusade to bring down the deviant women of Castle Humpinstein in this cheap satire of cheap '60s sexploitation flicks. Includes... Audrey Page Gonzoriffic 93 minutes comedy, gaylesbian
Fangs For Nothing 2008 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
1.0/5 (1)   The footage from Ed and Meredith's sexy vampire flick may have been destroyed, but their embarrassing video diaries survived. Mitsu Bitchi Gonzoriffic 83 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, horror
Goodbye Dolly 2010 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
Rival suburban divorcees Bettie and Joan must set aside their differences and work together to defeat an infestation of bloodthirsty cloth dolls. Includes gag reel and bonus... Audrey Page Gonzoriffic 50 minutes drama, gaylesbian, thriller
Late Night Cable 2016 Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
2.0/5 (9)   A beautiful and bizarre cable repair woman turns a suburban idiot's TV set into a digital doorway into the weird world of modern underground cinema. Ghosts, chainsaws, cheap... Dee Flowered Gonzoriffic 57 minutes comedy, independentfilm
Mae Of The Dead 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (7)   April and Mae fell in love during the zombie apocalypse, and this one-night stand could be their last. Joy Wood Gonzoriffic 20 minutes gaylesbian, horror, independentfilm
Paparazza 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.0/5 (1)   An out-of-work photo journalist befriends a glamorous film star so she can capture scandalous pictures for money. Velma Sommers Gonzoriffic 17 minutes comedy, horror
Space Boobs In Space 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
2.5/5 (77)   Exmin the Valkyrie returns from a deadly mission to find her bounty contains a bizarre program of glittery aliens, a fashion forward swamp monster, a vampire girl gang, and... Dee Flowered Gonzoriffic 95 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, scifi
SugarSkull 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
The last time Kira spent the night in this room was the last time she saw Debbie alive. Tonight they'll be reunited. Chopper Bleed Gonzoriffic 15 minutes drama, gaylesbian, independentfilm
Underground Sinema 2015 Play Amazon Page TV-MA SD
2.0/5 (9)   From the weird heart of Athens, Georgia comes this collection of sexy, funny, wild and shocking films made by the Gonzoriffic artist collective. Dee Flowered Gonzoriffic 99 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, independentfilm