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America's Monsters Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (4)   Their names are legend in small towns and rural hamlets of America: Bigfoot, Hodag, Mothman, the Bell Witch, Champ and Normie. These monsters each have their own unique and lurid... MagellanTV; Magellan TV
The Bible: A History Play Amazon Page HD
It is a book that originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East. The subject of intensive scholarship and interpretation, the Bible and its rich narratives have shaped... MagellanTV; Magellan TV
Birth of the Earth 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
This film offers a trip four billion years back in time to explore the circumstances and the events that led to the formation of planet Earth. Find out how molten material came... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 44 minutes
Bullied: You Are Not Alone Play Amazon Page HD
2.1 million children are bullied every year in schools, on playgrounds, and in cyberspace. 4,400 high school students commit suicide as a result of relentless bullying. Victims... MagellanTV; Magellan TV
Death or Liberty: The Fight for Australian Independence 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   In the nineteenth century the British Government banished their political enemies to the remote continent of Australia. These exiles included extraordinary people who would found... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 97 minutes documentary
Ring of Fire 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (15)   There is a huge arc of geological destruction surrounding the Pacific. Three-quarters of Earth's volcanoes are situated here, and 90% of all earthquakes also occur along this... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 44 minutes action, adventure
The Rockies: American Monolith 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
Rising above the Great Plains of North America, the Rocky Mountain range has long fascinated observers of this diverse continent. It is flanked by huge slabs of rocks graced with... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 44 minutes
The Sound Barrier: The Gift of Hearing 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
This award-winning film tells the emotional stories of several non-hearing children and adults who receive a Cochlear Implant. This miracle device, implanted by surgeons at the... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 52 minutes
The Story of Egypt Play Amazon Page HD
This is the story of the world's greatest civilization. It spans over 5,000 years of history in a period that has shaped the world of today. It is full of spectacular sites, from... MagellanTV; Magellan TV
Wild Window 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Wild Window is a series of virtual portals into the natural world. With serene music and no narration, each Wild Window offers a collection of spectacular moving images as seen... MagellanTV; Magellan TV music
The Woman with 15 Personalities 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
Dissociative Identity Disorder is a mental condition characterized by at least two distinct identities that alternately control a person's behaviour. Viewers are introduced to... MagellanTV; Magellan TV 48 minutes