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3:33 Am The Witching Hour 2015 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.0/5 (16)  IMDb 5.2/10 (17) When John's accused of a series of brutal murders, he uncovers a sinister cult right next door. And not only do they want his life, they want his soul. Matthew J. Dennis Midnight Pulp 138 minutes comedy, horror
5ive Girls 2006 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (73)   Five runaway teenage women discover their magical powers at a mysterious reform school. Soon, they're teaming up to take down the sinister Legion, an ancient demon that's ruling... Ron Perlman Midnight Pulp 96 minutes drama, horror
9 Days 2013 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.0/5 (16)  IMDb 3.7/10 (155) A woman finds herself in a life or death struggle when she is kidnapped in the basement of a religious zealot. Maura Murphy Midnight Pulp 81 minutes horror
Abducted by Aliens 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
There are countless individuals with very real memories of being taken secretly against their will by Alien entities. Go behind the scene with experts and real testimonials to... Paul Hughes Midnight Pulp 61 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Abducted by Aliens: UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (46)   Are we being taken by beings from outer space or another dimension? Countless individuals have very real memories of being taken secretly against their will by Alien entities.... Roger Emery Midnight Pulp 61 minutes documentary
Acedia (English Subtitled) 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
1.5/5 (22)  IMDb 5.1/10 (56) Set on a country estate where six priests are sent to rid a teenage girl of demons. While waiting for the ritualistic tenth hour, the priests start to uncover demons of their own... Joe Ciminera Sr. Midnight Pulp 80 minutes horror
Aeon: The Last Vampire (English Subtitled) 2013 Play Amazon Page NR SD
1.5/5 (71)   Waking up in a post-apocalyptic world, Catherine finds herself face-to-face with "the last Vampire", that's been imprisoned and starved for decades. Despite the danger, she... April Basile Midnight Pulp 95 minutes horror, mystery, thriller
Alien 3000 2006 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.0/5 (37)  IMDb 2.8/10 (527) A superpowered alien is chased down by a group of mercenaries on the hunt for gold. Lorenzo Lamas Midnight Pulp 81 minutes horror
Alien Agenda: Project Grey 2007 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.0/5 (27)  IMDb 6.3/10 (94) A psychiatrist. Her deeply disturbed patient. Four brutal murders shrouded in mystery. Infidelity, betrayal, and evil aliens. Welcome to the sinister world of ALIEN AGENDA:... Christian Blaze Midnight Pulp 84 minutes scifi, thriller
Alien Exorcism 2011 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.0/5 (35)  IMDb 4.2/10 (176) This sci-fi thriller follows a doctor who examines, through hypnotic studies, the ways aliens implant themselves into the minds of humans. Massimo Poggio Midnight Pulp 106 minutes mystery, scifi, thriller
The Alien Files 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
Do ghosts and aliens haunt our world today? This series explores mysterious incidents throughout England, from deadly fires without culprits, to undead sightings, to lights in... Midnight Pulp
Alien Guests 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (1)   Did a UFO almost lead to World War III? This doc examines a shocking conspiracy that took place October 4, 1983, when a nuclear missile attack may have been triggered under... Midnight Pulp 43 minutes
Alien Implants: Evidence of UFO Abductions and Encounters 2014 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (15)   Alien Implants are a physical object placed in a human body after they have been abducted by Aliens. Dr. Leir will discuss some of his latest implant surgeries and the physical... Dr. Leir Midnight Pulp 72 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Alien Origins: UFOs on the Moon 2015 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (78)   Explore the truth behind the moon's existence in this doc. Unavailable Midnight Pulp 57 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Alien Skies: Mass UFO Sightings 2015 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (66)   Aliens: are we blind to their existence around us, above us, beyond us? This doc gathers the extroadinary stories of those who say they came face to face with extraterrestrials,... Unavailable Midnight Pulp 58 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Aliens From Outer Space 2011 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.0/5 (49)   For those who don't believe that Aliens from outer space have invaded our planet, this amazing documentary reveals the facts they DON'T want you to know. Join UFO researcher Bill... Bill Knell Midnight Pulp 161 minutes documentary
All the Devil's Aliens 2013 Play Amazon Page R HD
2.5/5 (20)  IMDb 4.7/10 (31) Mike is studying for his med school entrance exams, and wants a job that will leave him time to study. He is hired to help Mr. Pinborough, a wealthy recluse who lives in the... David Gries Midnight Pulp 105 minutes horror, thriller
The Amulet 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (1)   When a writer is seduced by a sexy housemate, he finds his playboy life turned upside down by her dark secrets. Tanju Tuncel Midnight Pulp 76 minutes horror
Ancient Astronauts: Our Extraterrestrial Legacy (English Subtitled) 2011 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (26)   This documentary explores the historical settlement of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia during the Chalcolithic era. Jason Martell Midnight Pulp 88 minutes documentary
Ancient Astronauts: The Gods from Planet X 2015 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (35)  IMDb 6.8/10 (20) Was their a connection between an ancient Sumerian city and the gods? This doc examines the theory of a mysterious connection. Unavailable Midnight Pulp 191 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Ancient Astronauts: The Return of The Gods 2014 Play Amazon Page SD
3.5/5 (10)   This documentary explores the Ancient Astronaut Theory, which posits that extraterrestrial life visited Earth in ancient times, leaving behind technological advancements and... Midnight Pulp 203 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Ancient Dogoo Girl (English Subtitled) Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.0/5 (21)   A stay-at-home nerd's dream comes true when he unearths a strange breastplate and awakens a sexy monster hunter named Dogoo, who brings him along her adventure with wacky... Erika Yazawa Midnight Pulp 74 minutes action, adventure, comedy
Angel Maker: Serial Killer Queen 2014 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (29)  IMDb 5.2/10 (13) Explore the dark, unsettling mind of Amelia Dyer, a nurse rumored to have killed 400 children in 18th century England. M.A. Nichols Midnight Pulp 57 minutes crime, documentary
Angels Demons Freemasons 2008 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (37)   Within every religion and every State there lurks an underground stream controlling those in power. This is the story of those who have guarded this sacred knowledge for centuries. Philip Gardiner Midnight Pulp 82 minutes documentary, history