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Battle for the Barriers 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Compounded by sea level rise and stronger and more frequent storms, lives and infrastructure in coastal communities are increasingly at risk for flooding and wind driven... Real Life Films 32 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Clown Panic 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (3)   Killer Clowns ruled 2016 perpetrating a widespread epidemic of people dressed in clown makeup and attire scaring innocent people in the US and abroad. This 90 min. documentary... Pervo Real Life Films 90 minutes documentary, music, nonfiction
Conscience and the Constitution 2000 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   In WWII a handful of young Americans refused to be drafted from an American concentration camp. They were ready to fight for their country, but not before the government restored... Lawson Fusao Inada Real Life Films 56 minutes documentary, history, nonfiction, war
Crew 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (2)   Three young men, Steve, Anthony, and Johnny are working as errand boys for a ruthless Mob Boss named Nicky Greco. Eager to make it big Steve, hatches a plan to siphon funds from... Skip Johnson REAL LIFE FILMS
Crew 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
In Season 2 of Crew Steve, Anthony, and Johnny get in deeper with ruthless Mob Boss named Nicky Greco. Skip Johnson REAL LIFE FILMS
The Dutchman 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
When a billionaire's son inexplicably drops out of college and goes in search of The Lost Dutchman's gold, his family sends a private investigator to find him. James West REAL LIFE FILMS 78 minutes action, adventure, drama
Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Mania 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (6)   The final film from the godfather of gore filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis. Blood Mania is a horror anthology comprised of four distinct segments that feature a raucous... Carolyn Bridget Kennedy REAL LIFE FILMS 95 minutes horror
The Interplanetary Surplus Male and the Amazon Women from Outer Space 2003 Play Amazon Page HD
An Earthling male has been scrutinized by a race of Amazon superior women. Amazon women who see him as a likely prospect to their thousand year quest to find an appropriate... David Rabius Real Life Films 86 minutes comedy
Sleeping and Walking 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
If you had a second chance at life, would you take it? Four years ago, Sullivan Daniels, a highly religious artist and professor, made a decision that would change his life... Jeff Allin Real Life Films 92 minutes drama
Teens and the Dark Religion 2000 Play Amazon Page HD
Kids are searching for faith and what they're finding is Witchcraft, vampirism, Satanism which is attracting teens who are desperate to find a spiritual center. Meet Angela, a 17... REAL LIFE FILMS 43 minutes documentary, nonfiction