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Released 2018

2036 Origin Unknown 2018 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.0/5 (28)   After a deadly crash, Mission Controller Mackenzie Wilson (Sackhoff) assists an artificial intelligence system, A.R.T.I., to uncover a mysterious object under the surface of... Katee Sackhoff Gravitas Ventures 94 minutes fantasy, scifi, thriller
Ali 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Ali during the finial moments of consciousness. This Potentialist Film explores the social issue of anorexia. Will Ali come to peace with a tormented life in this dreamlike... Jolie Rector Shami Media Group 42 minutes fantasy, independentfilm
Alice in Wonderland 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   Sit with us in the great room as we relax with a roaring fire, marvelous view and a reading of the children's classic, Alice in Wonderland. A magical journey that transcends the... Jim Burton Gold Harbor Media 152 minutes family, fantasy
Avengers Grimm: Time Wars 2018 Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (2)   Unhappy being ruler of the Underworld, Rumpelstiltskin frees himself and goes into hiding, making plans to take over Earth once and for all. As the Avengers Grimm fight to stop... Christina Licciardi The Asylum 87 minutes action, adventure, fantasy
AvZ: Angels vs Zombies 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (6)   Seven Arch Angels take on Satan's Army of the Undead, after an apocalyptic asteroid hits planet Earth Philippe Coste TriCoast Entertainment 100 minutes action, fantasy
Babes With Blades 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (3)   Set on the planet Draiga, this steampunk action film features world-class female martial artists and follows Azura as she tries save her dying race. Cecily Fay Breaking Glass Pictures 96 minutes action, fantasy, scifi
Bloodlands 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (1)   A traditional family struggle to make their way in modern Albania. The parents are under financial stress while the teenage children wrestle with the traditional pathway set by... Suela Bako Kastle Films 81 minutes drama, fantasy, horror
Bram Stoker's Way of the Vampire 2018 Play Amazon Page R HD
1.5/5 (204)  IMDb 1.9/10 (1.4k) After defeating Dracula, Van Helsing is granted immortality by the church to pursue and eradicate vampires from the face of the earth. His hunt leads him to a bloody showdown... Rhett Giles 81 minutes action, fantasy, horror, scifi, thriller
Broken Sleep 2018 Play Amazon Page SD
5.0/5 (7)   A Victorian woman time travels into a dilapidated tattoo parlor and meets its unsuspecting owner. Senie Priti Hewes Pictures 12 minutes drama, fantasy
Chota Johny 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
In order to please his girlfriend's parents, John seeks the help of a god-man to make him invisible. But John shrinks in size and to become normal he must first find a magical... Bentley Mitchum Wide Angle Media Pvt. Ltd. 94 minutes drama, fantasy
The Cleanse 2018 Play Amazon Page R SD
2.5/5 (34)   A heartbroken man (Johnny Galecki) attends a spiritual retreat and discovers the regimen releases more than just toxins. Anna Friel Vertical Entertainment 80 minutes comedy, drama, fantasy, horror
The Colours of Desire 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (9)   This is a tale of the macabre and the absurd, where life is seemingly perfect and the impossible is at close reach. The story follows Vantser, a lonely vagabond who stumbles upon... Nick Earl Film & Fashion 102 minutes drama, fantasy, thriller
Dammit Jim! I'm Only A Documentary! 2018 Play Amazon Page SD
4.5/5 (2)   Brothers MarQ & Ren Morrison documented Trekkers at a small town Klingon Convention. They went inside the convention hall and into the homes of the Trekkers. This Spockumentary... Qeldas Pickett Mighty Movies 22 minutes comedy, fantasy, scifi
Digital Painting by Camille Kuo: Portrait Creation 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
There's no real time creating process but explanation and demonstration of how I achieved the result. Covers how to color a gray scale portrait in photoshop and adding visual... Camille Kuo Camille Kuo 14 minutes fantasy, nonfiction
Digitial Painting by Camille Kuo: Environment Creation 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
This tutorial is for intermediate artists who already knew basic object lighting and rendering. There's no real time creation process but multiple layers explanation of how I... Camille Kuo Camille Kuo 20 minutes fantasy, nonfiction, scifi
Embodiment 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   A disabled teenager attempts to lose his virginity to his uncle's favorite escort. Lee J. Poichuk Hewes Pictures 27 minutes drama, fantasy
Every Day 2018 Play Amazon Page PG-13 SD
4.0/5 (17)   Based on David Levithan's bestselling novel, Every Day tells the story of Rhiannon, a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with a mysterious spirit named"A" that inhabits a... Angourie Rice Amazonian Pictures 97 minutes drama, fantasy, romance
Evil Bong 777 2018 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (7)   EVIL BONG 777 begins where EVIL BONG 666 left off. Our smoke-spewing Eebee is out of SEXY HELL and heading to Sin City with danger on her tail. She's joined by her pack of... Robin Sydney Full Moon Features 59 minutes action, comedy, fantasy, horror, scifi
Fabus 2018 Play Amazon Page SD
Fabus is a dimensional traveler using her magical shoes made of an alien crystal. Alana Ferrigno Shami Media Group 19 minutes animation, fantasy
Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (54)   In the mystical realm of Ryntia, forces of the underworld are aligning to unleash a plague of evil. Bre'gwen forges an alliance with an unlikely human who holds the secret to... Martin Kove Gathering of Heroes, LLC 102 minutes action, adventure, fantasy
Gintama 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (16)   Set in the Edo shogunate where power of samurai is on decline as the aliens from outer space have invaded the country and outlawed their swords, it portrays the life of a... Shun Oguri Well Go USA Entertainment 131 minutes action, fantasy, scifi
Gray Matter 2018 Play Amazon Page NR HD
2.5/5 (2)   In this sci-fi thriller, Earth’s time is running out. Friendly alien forces crash land on Earth and hope to intervene, as another alien race wages war against humanity. Alys Crocker Lionsgate 84 minutes action, adventure, fantasy
Ice 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (1)   Born in a DNA laboratory of an Ice Age corpse, Catarina (Ivana Baquero), is raised in a secret place, far from the eyes of the world, but under the control of her creators who... Ivana Baquero Ammo Content 101 minutes drama, fantasy, thriller
In a Dream of a Muse 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   A musician is having a strange dream of his muse who turns out to be a monster who's actually having him trapped dreaming in her own dream. To escape from her dream, he must find... Arthur Mountaniol The Moon Pierrot Republic 12 minutes fantasy, horror