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Released 2016

Play-Mate of the Apes 2016 Play Amazon Page SD
4.0/5 (20)  IMDb 4.0/10 (598) In the far distant future, U.S. astronaut Gaylor (Misty Mundae) and her shipmates crash land on a grim and desolate planet dominated by a tyrannical race of intelligent talking... Misty Mundae Momentum Pictures 59 minutes scifi
Hell Town 2016 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (17)   Scream Queen Debbie Rochon presents the melodramatic whodunnit horror romp HELL TOWN for a special feature-length presentation of Twisted Classic Television. Debbie Rochon Gravitas Ventures 90 minutes horror, independentfilm
Killer Rack 2016 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
4.0/5 (21)   From the director of Slime City comes a screwball horror comedy about a set of monstrous mammaries: Killer Rack! Debbie Rochon 95 minutes horror
Slime City Massacre 2016 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
4.0/5 (10)   When a greedy real estate tycoon sends mercenaries into a bombed out city to destroy the homeless, they stumble across the remains of a cult of hideous, oozing slime creatures,... Debbie Rochon 85 minutes horror
Solid State 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (34)   An Epic Sci-fi Horror Film about a Rock Band and a strange meteor that causes people to turn into stone. Debbie Rochon Indie Rights 88 minutes horror, scifi

Released 2015

Axe to Grind 2015 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
2.5/5 (39)  IMDb 3.6/10 (106) Debbie, a vengeful past-her-prime horror actress, snaps when a hot new scream queen is cast to replace her in her comeback role. Debbie doesn't handle rejection as well as she... Debbie Rochon Midnight Releasing 83 minutes horror, thriller
Dollface 2015 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.0/5 (32)  IMDb 3.4/10 (237) A group of college students researching Dorchester Stewart, better known as the infamous killer Crinoline Head, return to the scene of the horrific murders that happened in 1996. Debbie Rochon Breaking Glass Pictures 93 minutes horror, thriller
Dry Bones 2015 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.0/5 (3)  IMDb 5.6/10 (58) From the director of cult classics Slime City and Slime City Massacre comes a spine-tingling, gut-wrenching new tale of terror that calls `Ingeniously constructed... Debbie Rochon Entertainment One 87 minutes horror
Skin Crawl 2015 Play Amazon Page R SD
2.0/5 (12)  IMDb 3.5/10 (163) 300 years ago, a coven of persecuted witches swore a gruesome curse of vengeance upon any person who would dare harm its descendants. Three centuries later, a young woman named... Debbie Rochon Entertainment One 75 minutes horror
Gladiator Eroticus 2015 Play Amazon Page R SD
3.5/5 (25)   The Year is 284 A.D. Beautiful and powerful Roman General Eroticvs has just vanquished her latest enemy with superior forces, cunning warfare, and body-weakening seductions.... Darian Caine Entertainment One 62 minutes action
She Wolf Rising 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (59)  IMDb 3.5/10 (107) A throw back to an 80's Fright Night feature this supernatural thriller explores the dark side of underground film making. Tiffany Shepis Indie Rights 91 minutes horror
The Life Of Death 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (2)   This documentary explores how death is perceived by group horror professionals and its influence on their work. Includes interviews and insights from Troma head honcho Lloyd... WIld Eye Releasing 118 minutes documentary, horror

Released 2014

Lumber vs Jack 2014 Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (23)  IMDb 3.8/10 (19) Jack Woods must rescue his estranged wife, Jill, from Genetically Modified killer trees. He soon finds himself the leader of a rag tag group of heroes out to save the world from... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions 85 minutes horror, scifi
Splatter Disco 2014 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (3)  IMDb 5.0/10 (181) A serial killer is loose in the small town, and it's up to the owner of the notorious nightclub The Den O'Iniquity to stop the carnage! Ken Foree, Lynn Lowry, Debbie Rochon Shock-O-Rama 87 minutes comedy, horror
Wrath of the Crows 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (15)  IMDb 4.5/10 (214) In a filthy run-down jail, prisoners are forced to suffer injustices both from the guards and a man nobody there has ever seen, The Judge. When new prisoner, Princess, arrives,... Tiffany Shepis FilmRise 86 minutes horror, thriller

Released 2013

As Night Falls 2013 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.0/5 (27)  IMDb 2.5/10 (111) A park ranger, a rock star, a mechanic and her little sister must survive a night of supernatural ghouls after throwing a doomed party on their cursed property. Debbie Rochon Gravitas Ventures 77 minutes drama, horror, thriller
Teen Ape vs. the Nazi Monster Holocaust 2013 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (14)   In 1945, the members of P.I.A. (Paranormal Investigation Agency) landed in Nazi Germany and defeated Hitler and his evil scheme to unleash genetically engineered man-monsters on... Debbie Rochon Troma Entertainment 78 minutes horror

Released 2012

Onyx Origins 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (1)   Valerie Onyx (Debbie Rochon ) is sent to help a Special Agent investigate a UFO crash, decades after it has happened. What they find surprises them both and starts Onyx on a new... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions 19 minutes horror, scifi

Released 2011

Debbie Rochon Confidential: My Years in Tromaville Exposed 2011 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.0/5 (6)  IMDb 5.8/10 (29) From her start as a Tromette along side Troma founder and creator of "The Toxic Avenger," Lloyd Kaufman, to her starring roles in some of Troma's greatest films such as"Tromeo&... Debbie Rochon Troma Entertainment 80 minutes documentary

Released 2010

Alien Vengeance 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (16)  IMDb 5.4/10 (18) A young girl hunts an evil alien that she believes is the reincarnation of her abusive father. Meanwhile, a group of young adults struggle to keep track of who is friend and who... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions, FL 90 minutes comedy, horror, scifi
Alien Vengeance II: Rogue Element 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (6)  IMDb 5.7/10 (21) In the sequel to "Alien Vengeance" the shape shifting alien has taken up hiding among of group of old friends. Can Deputy Lawrence and Jan flush it out before it goes on another... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions 77 minutes horror, scifi, thriller
Stopped Dead 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (37)  IMDb 5.6/10 (9) When Bob and Dante decide to bring their wives along on a trip it seems like a good opportunity for the old friends to reconnect. But Bob is having nightmares about his wife and... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions, FL 91 minutes horror, thriller

Released 2009

Savaged 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (12)  IMDb 4.7/10 (24) Maria tries to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend and finds herself in a small town where people are being mauled by a vicious animal. The dog she is sitting exhibits strange... Debbie Rochon Hocus Focus Productions, FL 88 minutes horror, thriller
Stash 2009 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (11)  IMDb 3.2/10 (221) In the spirit of SAW and HOSTEL, this indie horror flick pits captives against a sadistic mad man with a thirst for blood. When a local marijuana grower leaves town for awhile,... Debbie Rochon Koch Entertainment Distribution 77 minutes horror