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Released 2018

Quick and Dirty 15-Minute Practice: Mandala Practice 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Looking for something quick and challenging? This 15-minute class features a circular flow that uses transitions through goddess pose and chair pose to take you all around your... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 14 minutes

Released 2017

Slow Burn: Heat-Building Morning Practice 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Dianne Bondy for a 30-minute practice that combines vinyasa and longer holds in classic postures. This sequence includes: a gentle twist, boat pose, sun salutations, pigeon... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 27 minutes
Unwind From Your Day: Relaxing Evening Practice 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Dianne Bondy for a simply soothing 30-minute practice that will prepare you for bed. This sequence includes a supported side plank flow, "slithering" cobra, a camel... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 28 minutes
Sun Salutations for Absolute Beginners 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Let's learn about sun salutations. Join Dianne for this practice, perfectly suited for absolute beginners, which breaks down this classic flow step by step. Her tips will surely... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 29 minutes
Yoga for All Restorative Practice 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This is a slow-flow mini-practice for anyone who wants to do a little yoga but doesn't have a whole lot of time. This class is modified for yogis in larger bodies, but everyone... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 15 minutes
Yogic Breath Training for Absolute Beginners 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Breath awareness is a key component in mindfulness practices; it can bring us back to our center, back to the now. In this video, Dianne offers breathing exercises that you can... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 16 minutes
3 Drills to Build Strength for Inversions and Arm Balances 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Learn strength drills at the wall that will prepare your upper body for arm balances and inversions. Get ready to challenge yourself, and don't forget to have fun! Dianne Bondy Yoga International 10 minutes
Look! No Hands Vinyasa Class 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Dianne Bondy for a dynamic, heat-building flow any yogi can benefit from, but especially any practitioner who can't bear weight on their hands. Get ready to feel the burn in... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 26 minutes
Challenge Yourself at the Wall 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Take your yoga to the wall with this 45-minute all-levels class! You'll practice slow yet challenging movement and build strength progressively. Begin in legs up the wall and... Dianne Bondy Yoga International 45 minutes