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Released 2018

Madtown 2018 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (65)   A young man revisits his tormented past when his sister is released from a twenty-year prison sentence for the murder of their parents. Milo Ventimiglia Sony Pictures 112 minutes drama, thriller
Devil's Gate 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (47)   What unholy force lies locked away in a booby-trapped, middle-of-nowhere farmhouse? Milo Ventimiglia stars in this head-spinning sci-fi creature feature. Milo Ventimiglia IFC Midnight 94 minutes horror, scifi

Released 2017

The Jess Cagle Interview: Milo Ventimiglia 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-PG HD
Milo Ventimiglia opens up about the runaway success of This Is Us, the speculation about his character's death and his experience revisiting Gilmore Girls for Netflix's revival. Milo Ventimiglia PeopleTV 37 minutes talkshow

Released 2014

Breaking At The Edge 2014 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (9)  IMDb 4.3/10 (554) Breaking at the Edge tells the story of a young pregnant woman who has increasing difficulty determining whether she is losing her grip on reality or whether her pregnancy has... Milo Ventimiglia Anderson Digital 86 minutes horror, thriller

Released 2012

The Divide 2012 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (238)  IMDb 5.8/10 (30k) Starring Courtney B. Vance. Survivors of a nuclear attack endure days in a basement, only to be driven mad by dwindling supplies and fear of what lies outside their bunker. Lauren German Anchor Bay 122 minutes action, drama, scifi, thriller
Static 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (156)  IMDb 5.4/10 (2.2k) As a young novelist and his wife are coping with the loss of their child, their lives are turned upside down when a panicked girl appears at their home in the middle of the night... Sara Paxton Cinedigm 83 minutes horror, thriller

Released 2010

Order of Chaos 2010 Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (25)  IMDb 4.8/10 (1.3k) In a world of no absolutes, right and wrong is just a matter of perspective. Milo Ventimiglia Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC 88 minutes nonfiction

Released 2008

Pathology 2008 Play Amazon Page R SD
3.5/5 (115)  IMDb 6.0/10 (27k) A group of medical students devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder. Milo Ventimiglia MGM 94 minutes drama

Released 2003

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Third Season 2003 Play Amazon Page TV-NR HD
4.5/5 (301)  IMDb 8.0/10 (63k) As graduation from Chilton Academy approaches, Rory's (Alexis Bledel) life becomes complex, and both her love life and Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) grow chaotic. Recurring guest... Lauren Graham drama
Winter Break [aka Snow Job, Sheer Bliss] 2003 Play Amazon Page R SD
3.0/5 (19)  IMDb 5.1/10 (1.1k) Matt has just graduated college. Time to join the work force and be an adult, right? Not! His best friend, Peter and wild school buddies convince him to winter in Aspen instead Milo Ventimiglia Screen Media 97 minutes comedy, drama

Unknown Release Date

Intelligence Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (9)  IMDb 5.6/10 (93) In present day Miami, Colin Mathers (Milo Ventimiglia) follows a hot lead to tie up his feature story and reveal new graphic details behind closed doors in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.... Milo Ventimiglia Noble Digital 17 minutes action, drama, thriller