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Released 2017

Mandala Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Advanced yogis, get to know all four corners of your mat as you move breath by breath through this smooth 35-minute mandala flow. We'll focus less on alignment-heavy breakdowns... Rebecca Mayne Yoga International 36 minutes
45-Minute Practice to Release Shoulder Tension 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Find deep release in the shoulders and upper back with this 45-minute sequence, which beautifully balances effort with ease. This class, which is suitable for all levels of... Rebecca Mayne Yoga International 44 minutes
Airy Inversion Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Explore hopping, tricky transitions, and steady your balance. This class is perfectly designed to enhance your inversions. It features a playful sequence that includes creative... Rebecca Mayne Yoga International 33 minutes