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Released 2017

Bonejangles 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (24)   While transporting the legendary serial killer Bonejangles to an asylum, a group of police officers break down in a town cursed with demons and zombies. The only way they can... Reggie Bannister Wild Eye Releasing 78 minutes comedy, horror

Released 2016

Phantasm 3: Lord of the Dead 2016 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (122)   In HD for the first time, brothers Mike and Jody reunite to help their friend Reggie (Reggie Bannister) destroy The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) once and for all. Angus Scrimm Well Go USA 91 minutes action, fantasy, horror, scifi

Released 2015

Doctor Spine 2015 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (7)  IMDb 6.1/10 (19) Doctor Spine, a mild mannered chiropractor, or a bone-popping madman? When his brain's split into three separate personalities by a meddling head shrink, it's a race against time... Michael Wexler RSquared Films, Inc. 102 minutes comedy, horror

Released 2013

Primitive 2013 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (11)  IMDb 3.7/10 (112) Martin is forced to confront his inner demon made flesh before it rips him - and everyone he knows - to pieces. Reggie Bannister Lionsgate 85 minutes horror

Released 2012

Abolition 2012 Play Amazon Page NR SD
1.5/5 (2)  IMDb 4.9/10 (57) The End Is Here. Who's Your Saviour? Joshua is burdened with a single task that will ultimately decide the worlds' fate. Even his closest friends don't know the truth. Starring:... Reggie Bannister R Squared Films 81 minutes horror

Released 2007

Gangs of the Dead 2007 Play Amazon Page R SD
2.5/5 (50)  IMDb 3.5/10 (822) All hell breaks loose when a ravenous mob of bloodthirsty zombies traps two of L.A.'s toughest gangs in an abandoned warehouse. They will have to do whatever it takes to avoid... Enrique Almeida Screen Media 82 minutes action, horror, scifi

Released 1988

Phantasm II 1988 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (273)  IMDb 6.5/10 (9.5k) The ultimate evil - the Tall Man of Phantasm - returns in this terrifying horror film about the relentless and unstoppable mortician on an even more sinister murderous rampage. James LeGros Universal Studios 97 minutes action, fantasy, horror, scifi, thriller