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Released 2018

Mudra Circuit Tutorial 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
Mudras ("seals" or"gestures") have different effects on the body, mind, heart, and psyche. In this 20-minute video, you'll learn a beautiful heart-opening mudra circuit that you... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 21 minutes

Released 2017

Master Class: Fearless Heart Activation Practice 2017 Play Amazon Page G HD
Learn to be courageous and truly open even in the midst of conflict. Join Sianna Sherman for a potent 75-minute practice-which features deep backbends and freeing yet... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 72 minutes
20-Minute Energizing Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Sianna for an energizing sequence that includes full splits, full vasisthasana, full wheel, and more. Yes, this is a full practice (and yet it only takes 20 minutes!).... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 19 minutes
Rasa Yoga: Soma Nectar Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Awaken nourishment and relaxation in your body, mind, and life. This soma (nectar) practice integrates asana, chanting, mudra, and pranayama and invites you to bask in moonlight... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 63 minutes
Rasa Yoga: Bhakti Form and Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Just as a riverbank provides a structure for water to flow, alignment allows the body to move with greater fluidity and ease. This bhakti-infused, alignment-focused sequence... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 78 minutes
Heroic Heart 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This advanced alignment-focused sequence is designed to guide you toward eka pada raja kapotasana IV (a variation of hanumanasana, or full splits). With Sianna's skillful... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 49 minutes
Rasa Yoga: Agni Fire Flow 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Healthy agni (inner fire) helps us to cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and unshakable trust. Agni opens the door to clear seeing, and it burns whatever we offer it (our... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 61 minutes
Honey of the Heart 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This enlivening 30-minute practice is designed to lead you toward an expansive backbend: wild thing. As you move progressively toward this heart-opening pose, Sianna invites you... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 30 minutes
Radiant Knee Health for Yogis 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Learn how to support your knees in your yoga practice from the ground up, setting a healthy foundation for a sustainable practice. This class, which is part practice and part... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 42 minutes
Way of the Warrior 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Chant the maha mrityunjaya mantra with Sianna, then fuel your warrior courage as you work toward sirsasana II (tripod headstand). As you go, allow yourself to be guided by ujjayi... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 28 minutes
Stag Pose Magic 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
The stag is a symbol of hope, honor, and dignity. On this short journey toward stag pose (a variation of forearm balance) Sianna reminds you to relax into intensity and to... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 20 minutes
Earth Sky Breath 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This 15-minute breathing practice is designed to help you become more stable, grounded, and free in your practice. You'll learn how to breathe well, and you'll explore the subtle... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 15 minutes
Pilgrimage to Lotus 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
In this hour-long alignment-based class, Sianna guides you toward lotus pose systematically and offers variations of it along the way (because you don't have to practice full... Sianna Sherman Yoga International 54 minutes