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Released 2017

40-Minute Kundalini Yoga for Women 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Sierra for a 40-minute Kundalini yoga sequence, designed specifically for women, which is grounding yet invigorating, nurturing, graceful, and fluid. Move through "the life... Sierra Hollister Yoga International 41 minutes
The Magnificent 9: Daily Kundalini Practices for Women 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This practice, designed by Kundalini Yoga founder Yoga Bhajan, includes nine poses said to balance the energy and improve the health of the female body. Join Sierra as she weaves... Sierra Hollister Yoga International 31 minutes
Kriya to Open Your Heart 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This Kundalini Yoga class focuses on releasing held energy around the heart and opening to love, compassion, and kindness. While this sequence can be done anytime of the year, it... Sierra Hollister Yoga International 52 minutes
Kundalini: Basic Spinal Energy Series 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
Keep your spine supple with this basic spinal energy series. This kundalini practice is a great sequence for anyone, from advanced to beginner practitioners alike. Sierra will... Sierra Hollister Yoga International 36 minutes
Kundalini: Surya Kriya 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
This 40-minute surya (the sun) kriya (action) will help you bring "sun energy" into your life-an energy that can calm the mind and energize the body. Enjoy this short, seated,... Sierra Hollister Yoga International 38 minutes