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Released 2018

Army of the Damned 2018 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (22)  IMDb 3.9/10 (327) When a pair of small town cops go radio silent on a routine call, police chief Bridge (Sully Erna) must go in to investigate. Michael Berryman 89 minutes horror

Released 2017

#FromJennifer 2017 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.5/5 (24)   Jennifer is having a rough week. Fired from a movie shoot and dumped by her boyfriend, all right after releasing a sex tape of them together. But revenge is sweet and when she... Tony Todd Gravitas Ventures 80 minutes drama, horror, mystery, thriller
Zombies 2017 Play Amazon Page NR HD
2.5/5 (12)   Forced outside the city limits, they make their final stand in a small farmhouse. Paying tribute to Night of the Living Dead, our heroes fight to stay alive against an army of... Tony Todd Winterstate Entertainment 84 minutes action, horror

Released 2016

Scream at the Devil 2016 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (68)  IMDb 2.5/10 (308) The Devil comes out to take his promised due when Miriam Jones, a schizophrenic woman is pushed over the edge by her husband's elicit affairs and her hallucinations become an... Shari Shattuck Green Apple Entertainment 98 minutes horror

Released 2015

Disciples 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (22)  IMDb 2.0/10 (171) A dark twisted apocalyptic shocker about a group of humans and demons who must band together to fight for the fate of humanity. When an ancient prophecy unleashes an evil spirit,... Tony Todd Uncork'd Entertainment 89 minutes horror
Tournament of Dreams 2015 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (3)  IMDb 4.7/10 (146) The Lady Cavaliers basketball team is on the verge of extinction, but a new coach offers a hope of winning games and a courage to confront the challenges of love and loss. Tony Todd Lionsgate 87 minutes drama, sport
Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (6)   A group of survivors trapped in a New York apartment fight to stay alive against legions of zombies. Tony Todd Walla 62 minutes action, animation, horror

Released 2014

Dust of War 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (43)  IMDb 3.6/10 (192) In a post-apocalyptic American Frontier, a soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as the savior of humanity, Abel, a soldier of few words, and his cynical... Tony Todd Freestyle Digital Media 91 minutes action, scifi
Gold Rush Season 5 2014 Play Amazon Page TV-PG HD
4.5/5 (299)  IMDb 7.2/10 (2.7k) After a million-dollar rookie season, Parker Schnabel re-invests every penny in hopes of doubling his take this season. Todd Hoffman is at square one after hitting rock bottom in... Discovery Channel realitytv
Running With Demons 2014 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (11)  IMDb 7.0/10 (11) Rising from the ashes of a destitute life, a former homeless addict-turned-athlete embarks on a journey to complete one of the world's most hazardous competitions: an Ironman... Todd Crandell Indican Pictures 85 minutes documentary

Released 2013

Army of the Damed 2013 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (12)  IMDb 3.9/10 (327) The filming of a hit reality TV show goes horribly wrong when a group of small town cops respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, domestic disturbance. Michael Berryman Woodhaven Production Company 89 minutes horror
Jack the Reaper 2013 Play Amazon Page NR HD
2.5/5 (24)  IMDb 3.5/10 (749) A group of unsuspecting teens face a railroad reaper in his desert carnival. Tony Todd Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC 86 minutes horror

Released 2012

Changing The Game 2012 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (29)  IMDb 5.9/10 (446) Crime and death follows a young black man who leaves the streets to pursue a career in finance on Wall Street. Tony Todd Lionsgate 103 minutes action, crime, drama
Contamination: A Convention Story 2012 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
This film is an in-depth look at the fans and celebrities who attend Horror, Sci-Fi, and Pop Culture Conventions. It includes exclusive interviews with celebrity and fan... Kane Hodder State of Mind Productions 61 minutes

Released 2010

Hatchet II 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (154)  IMDb 5.4/10 (9.3k) A sequel to the old school American horror sensation, Hatchet, Hatchet 2 picks up right where the 2006 original film ends as Marybeth (Danielle Harris) escapes from the clutches... Danielle Harris Dark Sky Films 83 minutes comedy, horror, thriller
Hatchet II: Rated R Version 2010 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (154)  IMDb 5.4/10 (9.3k) Hatchet II serves up a ferocious and exceptionally gory dose of splatterific entertainment with groundbreaking practical make-up effects, a wildly twisted sense of humor, and an... Danielle Harris Dark Sky Films 85 minutes comedy, horror, thriller
The Graves 2010 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (49)  IMDb 3.7/10 (1.8k) From the creator of the legendary comics Evil Ernie and Lady Death! Jillian Murray Lionsgate 88 minutes adventure, horror, thriller

Released 2007

Shadow Puppets 2007 Play Amazon Page R HD
2.5/5 (59)   Eight strangers, all hidden in a shadowy prison, try to escape a twisted, murderous brainwashing scheme. After one is killed, they slowly realize that one of their own is lying. James Marsters Midnight Pulp 102 minutes horror, thriller
The Man From Earth 2007 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (743)  IMDb 8.0/10 (129k) Digitally restored...An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he has a longer... David Lee Smith Falling Sky / Stadium Media 87 minutes drama, fantasy, scifi

Released 2006

Shadow: Dead Riot 2006 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (25)  IMDb 4.1/10 (788) It's a supernatural martial arts showdown when Shadow, an executed and resurrected serial killer, invades a women's prison in search of the girl known only as Solitare. Tony Todd Fever Dreams 90 minutes action, horror

Released 2005

Hoodwinked 2005 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (428)  IMDb 6.5/10 (46k) Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood . . . or so they think. That's all about to change because no one has ever seen their favorite fairy tale quite like this --... Anne Hathaway The Weinstein Company 80 minutes action, animation, comedy, crime, family
The Prophecy 5: Forsaken 2005 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (21)  IMDb 4.6/10 (1.1k) With hot stars Jason Scott Lee, Kari Wuhrer, and Doug Bradley back for more supernatural thrills, The Prophecy: Forsaken is the newest electrifying feature in The Prophecy saga! Tony Todd Lionsgate 75 minutes fantasy, horror, thriller

Released 1997

Stir 1997 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (1)   After a scientist's brutal murder, his wife and son become the targets in a sinister conspiracy. Could six-year-old Matt's' psychic connection with his dead father be the key to... Traci Lords Midnight Pulp 92 minutes drama, thriller

Released 1990

Night Of The Living Dead 1990 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (420)  IMDb 6.9/10 (31k) It's a new dawn for terror when the dead come back to feast on the living in this contemporary version of the horror classic. Tony Todd Columbia Pictures 88 minutes horror