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Budding Prospects

4.0/5 (1.7k)  IMDb TV-MA HD

In the early 80s, the world was coming to an end. Nuclear threats, trickle-down economics, AIDS. An actor in the White House. Punk rock music, and the War on Drugs. It all seems so quaint now. In our naiveté, we took a stand, we Rocked Against Reagan and xeroxed flyers that ranted at the System. The Hippies had gone Disco, and it was up to us, the Blank Generation, to get it right. No previous generation could help us. We would have to live as examples, make our own way. We were fraught with the battle between nihilism and hope. There was nowhere to go, but to make our own pathways, as scrambled and circuitous as they were. This is the setting for our three characters, Felix, Phil, and Gesh, in Budding Prospects. Felix has failed-up to an incredible offer by the eccentric and older Vogelsang, to farm his land in Mendocino and make a great sum of money. His ex-wife is crashing on his couch and San Francisco rents are soaring. He enlists his best friend, Phil, an anarchist artist, and their drug-addled moose of a friend, Gesh, to do the heavy lifting. Phil makes up in enthusiasm what he lacks in competence. Having botched his last performance art gig by torching the audience, he’s not sure where to direct his attention next. Vogesang’s offer seems to have come at an ideal time. For Gesh, he rolls with the punches. His car is wrecked, his girlfriend is trouble, and the lure of free pot is more than he can resist. These three city boys are going to grow marijuana. The high country of NorCal was much like the backwoods of any state - tiny towns, big cops, and social structures far too oblique for outsiders to decipher. Thrown into this realm, they make their way into the heart of darkness, battling nature and neighbors, finding themselves, and falling in love.

Adam Rose
Amazon Studios
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