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Suji used to be a marathoner but abruptly quit a year ago and is now barely making a living on part time jobs. She gave up on her dreams when her twin sister Suah, the leader of Korea’s top girl group“Red Queen,” tragically died in an accident.But one day, a man suddenly enters her life. It is Shinhyuk Kang, the genius producer who created“Red Queen.”“I’ll make you a star.” Shinhyuk asks her to fulfill Suah’s unrealized dreams and Suji wavers. She begins to feel a glimmer of hope in her life once more.To fulfill her sister’s dream, Suji heads to 825 Entertainment. But nine other trainees are already there and she learns that only five of them will get to debut.It is a survival project where Suji, a girl who never dreamed of becoming an idol star, must fiercely compete against other girls whose single goal in life is to debut as a girl group.For the first time ever, she must learn how to dance and undergo various missions. Everything is all so new and strange to her. The expectation she received as Suah’s twin sister soon turns to disappointment and is criticized for getting in through her connections.But that’s not all- the girls who are living under the same roof are just so different from each other. Their personalities clash, leading to tension and conflict in the house, and their desire to become stars creates envy and jealousy.But as they spend more time with each other, they learn about each other’s pain and vulnerabilities, and they slowly grow closer together, forging friendships. In time, Suji realizes she is no longer doing this for her sister- becoming an idol star has become her dream!Who among the 11 aspiring girls will becoming the star that shines the brightest on stage?

IMX /BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
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