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2010 1.5/5 (8)  IMDb HD 106 minutes

Snatched - The spirits are back! This time a vicious shootout leaves all but one of a group of gangsters dead. A group of evil ones try to stop the dead gangster spirits from descending to their afterlife. Now the gangster ghosts, conjure up a plan to hide from the evil ones in the panties of beautiful girls. Faith, discovers a package with a pair of pink panties in it. When the unsuspecting Faith slides on the panties and begans to put on a sexy show for her boyfriend Judd, the spirits attack Judd and kidnap Faith. Judd joins forces with Guido, the only gangster to survive the shootout, to try to get Kate back and send the gangsta ghosts packing! But can Judd and Guido get things under control before time runs out!!?

Danilo Mancinelli
comedy, drama, thriller
Celebrity Video Distribution
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