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Romanzo Criminale

2016 5.0/5 (3)  IMDb TV-MA HD

ROMANZO CRIMINALE takes place amid the turmoil of Rome in the late 1970s. The powerful crime drama follows three petty criminals -- friends since childhood -- who conspire to rise to the top and gain control of the city's underworld. Their criminal enterprises attract the attention of an idealistic police inspector who struggles to bring them down, facing resistance from both the criminal underworld and his own corrupt colleagues. The events in the film are based on the actual Banda della Magliani, an organized crime organization that operated in Rome during the 1970s-1990s and was tied to acts of terrorism, assassinations of high profile figures (perhaps most famously"banker of God" Roberto Calvi), and other key political events that split the country during the Cold War years. ROMANZO CRIMINALE draws from this explosive political climate as a backdrop for its story of power and corruption

Francesco Montanari
crime, drama, thriller
Kino Lorber
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