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2012 3.0/5 (22)  IMDb SD 102 minutes

When Kevin Richards (Ricky Reidling) loses his third job in six months his girlfriend Teresa (Julie Ann Nill) gives him one week to find another job or he will be finding a new girlfriend and and a new place to live!While attending a cabaret club one night to celebrate their friends wedding engagement, Kevin hears about a talent contest and a $1500.00 cash prize.Out of desperation he goes backstage and convinces Celeste, (Albertossy Espinoza) one of the female impersonators to show him the ropes.Along the way Kevin finds out alot about himself and with the help of Celestes' friends Moesha (Roxy Wood), Chica (Tim Garrett) and Donela (Mark Freeman) they take Kevin on one incredible journey he will never forget!

Ricky Reidling
comedy, gaylesbian
Reidling Entertainment
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