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Pokémon the Series: Ruby& Sapphire

2006 3.0/5 (4)  IMDb TV-Y7 HD

Ash heads toward his next challenge: the far-off Hoenn region. While he must say goodbye to old friends, he makes new ones like May, a Trainer just starting out on her Pokémon journey. As they venture through the region, a shadow looms over them, and it's not just that of Mt. Chimney--both Team Magma and Team Aqua put their nebulous plans into action, with our heroes caught in the middle! When they're not foiling evil schemes, Ash and May chase their personal goals, with Ash battling for Gym badges and May for Contest Ribbons. Will Ash earn eight Gym badges to gain entry into the Hoenn League, and will May win enough Ribbons to take part in the Grand Festival?

Ikue Ohtani
animation, family
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