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Rome Season 2

2007 4.5/5 (7.2k)  IMDb 8.9/10 (113k) TV-MA HD

Temptation. Torment. Retribution. Rome. The second season of HBO's Emmy(R)-winning drama series continues to follow the events surrounding the fall of a republic...and the birth of an empire. Season Two's storyline picks up right where Season One left off: with the 44 B.C. assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar and the near-simultaneous death of Niobe, wife of Caesar's faithful bodyguard Lucius Vorenus. Diverted from his post after learning that Lucius, his assumed grandson, was in fact Niobe's illegitimate son, Vorenus now descends into near-madness over his failure to protect Caesar, his role in his spouse's death, and the rumored murder of his estranged daughters. The ensemble cast includes Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, Polly Walker, Lindsay Duncan, Tobias Menzies, Kerry Condon, Simon Woods, Lyndsey Marshal and James Purefoy.

Kevin McKidd
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