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Sex in the Wild

2014 3.5/5 (10)  IMDb 8.1/10 (21) TV-14 HD

From PBS - Presented by anatomist Joy Reidenberg and veterinarian Mark Evans, Sex in the Wild is a four part series that explores the reproductive behaviors and biology of the animal kingdom. Focusing on four species - elephant, dolphin, kangaroo and orangutan - the series takes an in-depth look at how these animals find, fight for, and woo the opposite sex. It also explores how they mate, give birth, and raise their young in extreme environments. Why do male elephants transform into sex crazed monsters during musth? How do orangutans give birth safely high in the trees? Why is the pregnancy of kangaroos so short? And how do dolphins mate at high speed? Join Joy and Mark as they travel to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Borneo to explore the reproduction challenges these species face and gain fascinating insight into their worlds.

documentary, nonfiction
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