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The Naughty Room

2013 5.0/5 (1)  IMDb 7.2/10 (213) NR HD 73 minutes

After the death of his father, 20 year old Subaru spends life smoking drugs, felling sorry for himself and thinking that life is too short to do anything. He refuses to find work, help his single mother or leave home. Todd, also 20, would love to leave him but the trouble is he can't as he's been imprisoned in the family bathroom (The Naughty Room) since childhood by his deranged mother who blames him for the death of her husband in a car crash. After alienating himself from his family and friends, Subaru's path of mindless self destruction changes its course after a strange incident involving a soiled sock brings Subaru and Todd together. A journey of self discovery that brings heart-ache and redemption unfolds."For me Cosmo's work offers real insight into the world of young people, their lives, and issues; he does this from a personal point of view and always in an entertaining way" (Richard Klein, Controller BBC4 July 2012)."He's made a better movie than Madonna ever did with far less money! His greatest virtue is that he is utterly unafraid of presenting in an entertaining way truths the most people are unaware of or too timid to talk about. The Naughty Room is certainly the best British first feature I've seen in years. Perhaps if more artists were simultaneously informed, talented and courageous we would be less impressed by Cosmo. But they aren't and we aren't. He is important" (Paul Gambaccini, August 2012). In Cosmo's words, his film is:"Mainly about parenting as well as taking responsibility to better yourself. The hardest part of making this film was not being older. People just don't want to deal with you in a professional manner if you're young. But truly the worst part was hearing that Steven Spielberg was up on Dartmoor, our local beauty spot, making'War Horse' at the same time as we were shooting. He had a full Hollywood production crew whilst we had one camera and a Volkswagen Golf!"

Cosmo Jarvis
25th Frame Productions Ltd.
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