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ThunderCats (Original Series): The Complete First Season, Volume 1

1985 5.0/5 (2.2k)  IMDb 7.9/10 (12k) SD

ThunderCats, ho! See how the legend began with the first 33 episodes of the original animated series. Born on the doomed planet Thundera, in a faraway galaxy, the ThunderCats - half human, half feline - must find a new home on the Third Earth, a strange world where they must battle mutants led by the evil S-S-Slithe and the ancient devil priest, Mumm-Ra, who seeks the source of the ThunderCats' power: the Eye of Thundera, embedded in the Sword of Omens, possessed by young noble Lion-O. The ThunderCats - Jaga, the wise; Tygra, the invisible; Cheetara, the quick; sly duo Wilykat and Wilykit; the deadly Panthro; Snarf and more - are all sworn to protect their young lord, Lion-O, but Mumm-Ra can transform himself into anything from a warrior to a swarm of locusts; where evil lies, there you will find Mumm-Ra. Can the Cats triumph over his tyranny?

Larry Kenney
action, adventure, animation, family, fantasy
Warner Bros.
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