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Journey to the Seventh Planet

B-movie stalwart John Agar stars in this campy fantasy epic as the leader of a United Nations space mission bound for the planet Uranus. Blasting off in the year 2001, the crew reaches its goal but finds an exotic form of evil awaiting them. By nurturing their subconscious fears, the malign Uranian life-form uses the crew's own memories to terrify and confuse them -- dooming the Earthlings unless they can destroy the insidious alien.
Netflix Rating: 2.8
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  • Release Year: 1962
  • MPAA Rating: NR
  • Runtime: -
  • Available From: May 03, 2013
  • Queued by: 148 people
Directed By
Sidney W. Pink
John Agar, Carl Ottosen, Peter Monch, Ove Sprog√łe, Louis Miehe-Renard, Ann Smyrner, Greta Thyssen, Ulla Moritz