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Death Race 2000

Paul Bartel (Cannonball!) directs this sci-fi cult classic about the deadly and brutal Transcontinental Road Race in which rivaling teams travel across America scoring points by offing innocent people.
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Netflix Rating: 3.4
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Behold the power of cheese!
Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly  full review
The story, about a road race in the not-too-distant future for which the drivers are given points for running down pedestrians, becomes an elaborate and telling fantasy about our peculiar popular entertainments. Fine work carved from minimal materials.
Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader  full review
Script, from an Ib Melchior story, makes its satirical points economically, and director Paul Bartel keeps the film moving quickly.
Variety, Variety  full review
Overall the movie isn't as synchromeshed as it might be; the rivalry between champions Carradine and Stallone isn't very interesting, and some of the gags aren't sick or funny enough. But it's a great audience film.
Time Out, Time Out  full review
In the end, it reveals itself to have nothing to say beyond the superficial about government or rebellion. And in the absence of such a statement, it becomes what it seems to have mocked -- a spectacle glorifying the car is an instrument of violence.
New York Times, New York Times  full review
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