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When 17-year-old Latif (Hossein Abedini) loses his job at a Tehran, Iran, construction site to the illegally hired Afghan Rahmat (Zahra Bahrami), he begins playing cruel pranks on Rahmat. Soon, however, Latif discovers that Rahmat is actually a girl, and he begins helping shoulder her burden at the construction site. When officials demand that all illegal workers be fired, Latif must choose between safety and social standing, and his young love.
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Netflix Rating: 3.4
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The film is remarkable for the naturalistic acting of its cast, particularly the tender performances of the two leads, Hossein Abedini and Zahra Bahrami.
Ted Shen, Chicago Reader  full review
It reminds us of what a film can be when it's drawn from the heart of an artist who believes in the medium as something more than a product or commodity.
Jay Carr, Boston Globe
A mix of gritty realism, crisp storytelling and radiant compassion that effortlessly draws you in.
Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune  full review
At the right time of day, in the right frame of mind, Baran can and should be appreciated as a work of delicate and unmistakable beauty.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
Majidi is an unconventional storyteller, capable of finding beauty in the most depressing places.
Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News  full review
The tale is simply but effectively told.
Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle  full review
Matches neorealism's impact by showing the humanity of a war-torn land filled with people who just want to live their lives.
Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News  full review
It's the saddest story of love in a long while, yet liberating in the way it instils a sense of oneness with all humanity.
Peter Howell, Toronto Star  full review
The film is saved from aren't-kids-cute sentimentality by a warmth that isn't faked and a stately sense of composition.
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly  full review
Though the pathos of this fable-like love story feels overcalculated, Majidi succeeds in playing the classical Dickensian balance, with the sentimental hook justified by the social sweep of the narrative.
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail  full review
Baran is the latest in a flowering of good films from Iran, and gives voice to the moderates there. It shows people existing and growing in the cracks of their society's inflexible walls.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times  full review
Heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes apart, sometimes together.
Desson Thomson, Washington Post
Further solidifies [Majidi's] growing reputation as one of the cinema's most gifted humanist filmmakers.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post  full review
Majidi's portrait of southwest Asian poverty is bloodless and fastidiously arranged, his regard for his thin characters negligible.
Michael Atkinson, Village Voice  full review
Majidi tells his simple story with dazzling vision.
Mike Clark, USA Today  full review
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