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The Taste of Others

Agnes Jaoui directs this ensemble romance that earned an Oscar nod for Best Foreign Language Film. Castella (Jean-Pierre Bacri) falls for English language tutor Clara (Anne Alvaro), and instigates a chain of turbulent relationships in the process. This poignant debut from Jaoui illustrates that sometimes, great actresses don't get the breaks, hash-dealing barmaids can find love and the desire to become culturally enlightened just isn't enough.
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Netflix Rating: 3.1
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Succeeds with believable characters and situations born of lives well studied.
Peter Howell, Toronto Star  full review
The movie's unique appeal lies less in the style than the substance -- particularly, in the emerging hero at the centre of the tale.
Rick Groen, Globe and Mail  full review
Slyly written, the intelligent social satire is surely acted and ... confidently, ably directed.
Jane Sumner, Dallas Morning News  full review
There are some things the French do better than we do, and the small movie is one.
Eve Zibart, Washington Post  full review
A worldly-wise, compassionate and charmingly acted Gallic comedy.
Rita Kempley, Washington Post  full review
Confirms that France may be producing, per capita, more good films than any country on the globe.
Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press
Rich with gentle humor and insight.
Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle  full review
The characters prove to be engaging and their quite real human emotions are enough to carry it.
Cary Darling, Miami Herald
Rich with vivid characters and revelations about the illogical yet human ways in which we crash and intersect.
Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
A civilized delight.
Jay Carr, Boston Globe
Like an Eric Rohmer film, but with a bit more breeziness and youth to it.
Robert Horton,
Jaoui's directing and sympathy are what hold us from the start.
Stanley Kauffmann, The New Republic
One of the delights of The Taste of Others is that it is so smart and wears its intelligence lightly.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times  full review
[Characters] stand revealed in subtle, unexpected ways.
Loren King, Chicago Tribune
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