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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

These animated entries in the Star Wars sagas follow the adventures of the Jedi knights, including Anakin Skywalker -- who draws ever closer to the dark side -- and his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Season 6 available only on Netflix.
HD Available
Netflix Rating: 4.2
Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten 18%
Critics' score: 18   Audience score: 39   Rotten Tomatoes page
Top Rotten Tomatoes Critics

Clone Wars was executive-produced by George Lucas, who may be feeling a tad sheepish about the results. full review

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

It moves fast, conquers armies, kicks into hyperspace and spits out idiotic quips with unapologetic cartoon brio. full review

Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle

The visuals are worthy, but the big screen brings the movie's script shortcomings and pacing problems into sharper relief. full review

Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes as something of a surprise: it isn't the most painful movie of the year!

Nathan Lee, New York Times

One of the more mediocre entries in the entire Star Wars catalogue.

Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper

Visually busy and visually forgettable, with a less than engaging story line, and characters who look like anime figures and move like the denizens of Geppetto's workshop, Wars will appeal only to the most tolerant, galactically minded children. full review

Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal

The story lacks narrative tension. The dialogue is stilted and overblown, a problem also in some of the live-action incarnations. That, combined with visuals that consistently lack punch, leaves little to engage us. full review

Claudia Puig, USA Today

Pretty much drives a stake into the heart of every loyal fan of the movies. And now he's out to stick it to those too young to know about Jar Jar Binks. full review

Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

The movie gets more cluttered and confused as it moves along, though it's dotted with so many generic battle scenes and paint-by-numbers light-saber combat sequences that you can see how it's at least attempting to mimic the illusion of excitement. full review

Stephanie Zacharek,

Actually better than expected. full review

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

The latest example of how the franchise keeps frustratingly spurning the magical simplicity of the original trilogy. full review

Tom Russo, Boston Globe

The females all look like they've had work done. Who knew that to make it in the movies, even cartoon characters have to have plastic surgeons! full review

Linda Stasi, New York Post

A noisy, hectic and largely unthrilling adventure. full review

Jason Anderson, Globe and Mail

George Lucas is turning into the enemy of fun. full review

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

The saddest attempt yet to capitalize on the success of George Lucas' original sci-fi epic. full review

Tom Long, Detroit News

George Lucas's fixation on this saga has gone past commercial smarts into full-blown monomania. With all the money and power he has at his disposal, here he is once again fobbing the same leaden dialogue and nonvisionary visuals at us. full review

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

Has it come to this? Has the magical impact of George Lucas' original vision of Star Wars been reduced to the level of Saturday morning animation? full review

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Without the grandiose narrative structure of the six live-action releases, this feels even more pointless, a mechanical attempt to milk the kids for every last dime. full review

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

The Lucas universe once held a special magic, but The Clone Wars makes that feel like a long time ago in a theater far, far away. full review

Rafer Guzman, Newsday
full review by Brian Lowry, Variety
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