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      Thu 19 Jan 2017

      How Soylent Works 44m play

      Soylent is a meal replacement drink, but not really. So what is it? Total sustenance in a glass? Some say so. Is it made from humans? No, that's just a movie. Learn all about this odd concoction in to... 2 more words

      Tue 17 Jan 2017

      Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Bad For You? 59m play

      Artificial sweeteners have gotten a bad rap in the press for as long as they’ve been in use. But is it just the result of a fear of science or do artificial sweeteners cause real harm? A mounting body... 10 more words

      Thu 12 Jan 2017

      How Watersheds Work 32m play

      Unless you happen to be standing on a hilltop or swimming in the ocean right now, you are on a watershed. These unsung wonders of topography and hydrology are an important contributor to the rain cycl... 9 more words

      Tue 10 Jan 2017

      What's the deal with Baby Boomers? 52m play

      Baby Boomers are probably the most talked about generation in American history. But who are these people and how did they help shape the country we know today? Find out all about the big boom in today... 2 more words

      Thu 05 Jan 2017

      How Feeding Babies Works: The Bottle 1h 13m play

      The decision to bottle feed a baby instead of breast-feeding is a weighty one these days, fraught with supposed developmental pitfalls and very real social implications. But is bottle feeding a bad th... 7 more words

      Tue 03 Jan 2017

      How Feeding Babies Works: The Breast 1h 12m play

      Breast milk is considered a perfect food for infants, so much so that for the first four to six months of life, a baby can subsist on mother’s milk alone. Learn all about the most fascinating milk aro... 9 more words

      Thu 29 Dec 2016

      Human Blockheads: A Real Thing 49m play

      Human blockheads are performers who hammer nails and things into their noses. Yup. That's a thing. And it isn't a trick either - anyone can do it. Just please don't try to.

      Tue 27 Dec 2016

      Can you live without a bank account? 54m play

      Seems like it would be nearly impossible to live without a bank account these days. But it is possible! Learn all about banking and personal finance in today's riveting episode.

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      The Stuff You Should Know 2016 Christmas Extravaganza in 3-D! 57m play

      It’s the most wonderful time of year again! Time for Josh and Chuck to take you on a cozy, hall-decked ride full of glad tidings right into the heart of the holiday spirit!

      Tue 20 Dec 2016

      The Golden Age of Grave Robbing: Stuff You Should Know Live in London 1h 19m play

      There was a brief period in the US, UK and Ireland when a dead body could fetch a pretty penny for a person willing to dig it up and sell it to surgeons for dissection. It turns out that there was no ... 9 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      How Porta-Potties Work 43m play

      Despite our lengthy history of evacuating our bowels and bladders, it wasn’t until the relatively recent 1940s that we began to construct portable, self-contained toilets to accept our waste. Dive int... 8 more words

      Tue 13 Dec 2016

      Will We Find Evidence of Aliens by Their Engineering Projects? 48m play

      In 1960 physicist Freeman Dyson suggested that in the hunt for alien life, we should search for evidence of massive engineering projects that encapsulate stars with solar arrays to harness their energ... 8 more words

      Thu 08 Dec 2016

      Is computer addiction a thing? 50m play

      Computer addiction is really an umbrella term for the various addictions that can come along with the computer. We're talking video games, porn, gambling and the like. We dive deep into the world of d... 5 more words

      Tue 06 Dec 2016

      Horoscopes: Written in the Stars? 52m play

      A lot of people read their daily horoscopes, but does anyone really take stock in them? Turns out the answer is yes, even though there is no evidence of their accuracy. Learn all about horoscopes toda... 1 more words

      Thu 01 Dec 2016

      How a Flea Circus Works 47m play

      If you've ever seen a flea circus, then count yourself among the few. It's a dying art, but back in the day they thrilled and delighted young and old alike. Learn all about the tiny big tops in today'... 2 more words

      Tue 29 Nov 2016

      Frostbite: Yeeeow! 38m play

      Up to the 1950s most reports of frostbite came from the world’s militaries, but as outdoor sports have gotten more popular, so have frostbite cases. Learn about how frostbite wreaks havoc on your extr... 7 more words

      Thu 24 Nov 2016

      Should Advertising to Kids Be Banned? 1h 8m play

      As kids’ buying power in America has exploded in recent decades, so too has the amount companies spend advertising to them. But because of a quirk of brain development, kids aren’t equipped to underst... 9 more words

      Tue 22 Nov 2016

      The Kitty Genovese Story 39m play

      Most people have heard of the story of Kitty Genovese. She was murdered near her apartment in 1964 and her neighbors didn't do much to help. It caused a nationwide outcry, but the story has often been... 6 more words

      Thu 17 Nov 2016

      What's the Deal with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy? 40m play

      Concussions are bad enough for football players, but research has found all of those smaller hits can add up to massive brain trauma later in life too, leading to a condition called chronic traumatic ... 9 more words

      Tue 15 Nov 2016

      How Fireplaces Work 58m play

      They are dirty, harmful to your health, bad for the environment and utterly charming. Wood-burning fireplaces have been with us for centuries and, despite their many drawbacks, are sticking around. Le... 9 more words

      Thu 10 Nov 2016

      How Monty Python Worked: SYSK Live from LA Podfest 54m play

      Things get awesome when Josh and Chuck do a live show on Monty Python at the LA Podcast Festival. Hang out as the duo dives into the 'Beatles of Comedy,' what made them tick, what made them so funny, ... 9 more words

      Tue 08 Nov 2016

      Do sin taxes work? 53m play

      Taxing things like alcohol, tobacco and gambling is big money and has been for a long time. But are these 'sin taxes' keeping people from indulging or are they simply a way to raise revenue? Learn all... 6 more words

      Thu 03 Nov 2016

      A Partial History of Action Figures 1h 15m play

      Action figures have a long and glorious history. From GI Joes to Star Wars figures, these offshoots of dolls came along at just the right time to capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. L... 11 more words

      Tue 01 Nov 2016

      Ham Radio and the Hams Who Use Them 48m play

      If you thought that Ham Radio enthusiasts were (mostly) men and boys who sit alone late at night in order to scan frequencies searching for a human connection then you're absolutely correct. But it's ... 4 more words

      Mon 31 Oct 2016

      SYSK The Podcast: Special Halloween Bonus Episode 2016, The Sequel – From Hell 38m play

      Lock your doors and grab something heavy to defend yourself, like a candlestick or something, because Josh and Chuck are going to scare the wits out of you, courtesy of a story from The Grabster and l... 6 more words

      Thu 27 Oct 2016

      The Hinterkaifeck Axe Murders 48m play

      In 1922, a little farm in the woods of Bavaria became the site of what would become Germany’s most famous unsolved murder, when six people were brutally killed with a pick axe. What led up to it and f... 6 more words

      Tue 25 Oct 2016

      How Sleep Paralysis Works, or The Worst Thing That Can Happen While You're Sleeping 43m play

      For as long as people have been sleeping, about half of us have probably suffered from sleep paralysis. Thanks to an unusual fluke in the sleep cycle, the sufferer feels paralyzed and consumed by fear... 9 more words

      Thu 20 Oct 2016

      Living Underground in Beijing 32m play

      Chairman Mao’s paranoia of a Soviet invasion led to hundreds of thousands of Beijing residents put to work for a decade building an 85-square-km underground city to serve as a massive bomb shelter. In... 6 more words

      Tue 18 Oct 2016

      What's the What with Fish Fraud? 43m play

      Fish fraud, misrepresenting a fish as a more expensive one, costs Americans $25 billion a year. And because less than 100 inspectors check for fraud in the US and everyone from wholesalers to sushi re... 8 more words

      Thu 13 Oct 2016

      How the Census Works 47m play

      Counting humans has been happening for a long, long time. It usually had to do with taxing them, but now census data can reveal a lot about a population and help satisfy its needs. Count us in for thi... 2 more words

      Tue 11 Oct 2016

      Hibernation: Not a Snooze 47m play

      When animals are faced with scarce food in the winter, they have two choices to stay alive: migrate or hibernate. For hibernators, their bodies undergo some mind-boggling physiological changes in the ... 8 more words

      Thu 06 Oct 2016

      Why Did Easter Island's Civilization Collapse? 57m play

      When the first Europeans landed on Rapa Nui, which they renamed Easter Island, they were puzzled by what happened there. Only a few thousand people lived there but there were signs of a massive civili... 7 more words

      Mon 03 Oct 2016

      The Amazing History of Soda 47m play

      The soda we get instantly mixed at a fast-food joint owes a lot to a rich history going back to the Roman baths, that features drugs, diseases and explosions. Learn all about soda and soda fountains i... 5 more words

      Thu 29 Sep 2016

      How Polar Bears Work 48m play

      Polar bears are more than just lovable creatures that roam the ice in search of food. They're one of the most fascinating animals on planet Earth. Sadly, as ice shrinks, so does their habitat. Learn a... 8 more words

      Tue 27 Sep 2016

      How Ice Ages Work 49m play

      Believe it or not, we live in an ice age. The polar glaciers give it away. Those glaciers used to come clear down to New York. We now know the traces they left are everywhere if you know what to look ... 11 more words

      Thu 22 Sep 2016

      All we know about Zika so far... 49m play

      Zika is all over the news these days, yet in America, people don't seem to be too concerned just yet. Some say it's a case of the media crying wolf. Others say it's because the risk factors for zika a... 15 more words