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      Thu 15 Feb 2018

      Alie Ward's Drone Reunion, Daniel's Wine Pint, It's Alison's Show 1h 38m play

      Alie Ward successfully reunited a drone with its owner which turns out to be just one of many reunions she's orchestrated. Daniel is drinking a tall pint of wine and puts his foot in his mouth. Alison... 92 more words

      Mon 12 Feb 2018

      Phil Rosenthal Returns 1h 22m play

      Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal ( Somebody Feed Phil, I'll Have What Phil's Having) stops by to talk about the new season of his food and travel show, great theme songs, working wit... 89 more words

      Thu 08 Feb 2018

      Alison's Mean Segue, Wendy's Grudge, Philly Sports Chants 1h 31m play

      Daniel watched the Superbowl and Daniel yelled things at the screen and Alison wants to know how he knew what to yell. Good thing Wendy with her extensive knowledge of sports and specifically Philly s... 114 more words

      Mon 05 Feb 2018

      Ray Oldhafer 1h 30m play

      Ray Oldhafer returns to the show to talk about construction, being fired from Ace on the House, therapy, his love of baths, Bill Pullman's oranges, sloshing sounds, his new podcast Do Tell Ray , Ji... 48 more words

      Thu 01 Feb 2018

      House Hunting, Curly Hair Probs, Daniel's Apology 1h 54m play

      Alison and Daniel put an offer on a house and now Alison is second guessing everything. Alie Ward is here and her hair is causing green screen problems so she allowed the patriarchy to straighten her ... 85 more words

      Mon 29 Jan 2018

      Jess Rona 1h 30m play

      Comedian, director, and dog-groomer-to-the-stars Jess Rona joins the show to talk about her new book Jess Rona's Groomed , how she got into dog grooming, the instagram account that started it all , ... 74 more words

      Thu 25 Jan 2018

      Event Anxiety, Celeb Snubs, Lizzie's Crime Spree 1h 42m play

      Throwing a party feels like a minefield for Alison. David Huntsberger was snubbed by a well known celeb and Jeff Fox guessed who it was! Lizzie Molyneux ( Bob's Burgers ) is here to talk about lunch a... 81 more words

      Mon 22 Jan 2018

      Janeane Garofalo and Matt Nathanson (Live from Sketchfest!) 1h 42m play

      Special STEREO release! Janeane Garofalo and Matt Nathanson join me onstage live from the Gateway Theatre in San Francisco! Chatting! Tap Dancing! Music! AND MORE!   Check us out on Patreon: ht... 28 more words

      Thu 18 Jan 2018

      Sketchfest Recap, Jeff's Hair Routine, Wendy's Afterlife Plans 1h 37m play

      We're back from Sketchfest and Alison can't stop talking about it. Jeff packed light to accommodate audio equipment so he had to perform his previously-unknown-to-us hair routine on the fly. Wendy Mol... 76 more words

      Mon 15 Jan 2018

      Natalie Coughlin 1h 24m play

      Twelve-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin stops by the show to talk about the life of a competitive swimmer, headless chickens, vacuuming a vacuum, falling asleep in class, her upcoming cookbook... 80 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      Low Cal Baby Sunscreen, Sleep Disorders, Cosmic Vertigo 1h 43m play

      Alie Ward is back! Alison's making a snack in the middle of the night but don't worry, it's "approved." Daniel invented cowboy shirts. Alie Ward has a name for the feeling you get when you try to ima... 93 more words

      Mon 08 Jan 2018

      Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook 1h 27m play

      Married couple Kurt Braunohler  ( The Big Sick , Lady Dynamite) and Lauren Cook  (Floaters, Radio Picture Show) stop by to talk about Wedlock (the podcast and live show they host exploring various... 89 more words

      Thu 04 Jan 2018

      Demi's Semis, Dave's Falcons, Alison's New Year's Teeth 1h 42m play

      It's the first Thursday show of 2018 and Alison has news about Sketchfest and her teeth. Also her eyelids. Demi's joined the fledgling business that is Dave's Dives and Dan's Vans. Daniel is trying to... 69 more words

      Mon 01 Jan 2018

      Jake Weisman 1h 38m play

      Jake Weisman stops by to talk about his new Comedy Central show Corporate which he describes as a cross between American Psycho and Office Space . We also talk about existence, death, apologies,... 80 more words

      Thu 28 Dec 2017

      Mike Lawrence, Hutch Harris, Rachel Ratner Live from Bumbershoot 57m play

      This "lost," never-previously-aired episode was recorded live at Bumbershoot in late 2015 and features Mike Lawrence , Hutch Harris (The Thermals) and Rachel Ratner (Wimps). Trapp Dog flew out ... 41 more words

      Mon 25 Dec 2017

      Tiffany Haddish (orig air date 4/24/16) 1h 31m play

      Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy this replay of my Tiffany Haddish episode with a brand new beginning.  Come see me at Sketch Fest!   And buy Tiffany's book! I first met comedian and a... 192 more words

      Thu 21 Dec 2017

      Lizard People Probing Alison, Beth and David's Street Team, A Defense of Keanu 1h 46m play

      Alison discovers a disturbing mark on her hand. Special guest Beth Hoyt joins us but leaves her poison oak at home. Beth and David have possibly formed a business together. Daniel is now Philip. Plu... 90 more words

      Mon 18 Dec 2017

      Kristen Carney 1h 23m play

        Kristen Carney ( Mentally Ch(ill) , Ask Women ) stops by the show to talk about hosting a podcast exploring mental health issues, the suicide of her cohost Stevie Ryan, growing up in Utica, being ... 66 more words

      Thu 14 Dec 2017

      Alison's Beach Saga, Wendy's Panic Sweats, Daniel's Jams 1h 36m play

      Wendy Molyneux wishes she could monetize the thing she's best at—word scrambles. Alison has an update about the guy known for saying, "You look like you've been chowin' box, man." David Huntsberger's ... 108 more words

      Mon 11 Dec 2017

      Search Party's Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers 1h 40m play

      Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers, who along with Michael Showalter created the hit TBS show Search Party,  stop by to talk about the show's unique tone, how it changes from season 1 to season 2,... 115 more words

      Thu 07 Dec 2017

      Garbage Fish, Alison's Mrs. Maisel Beef, Alie Ward's Four O'Clock Salad 1h 51m play

      Alison has an issue with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Alie Ward had a 4pm salad. Will Alison eat cephalopods? Is the problem the tentacles? Plus Daniel's butt epiphany, a book that everyone at the ta... 70 more words

      Mon 04 Dec 2017

      Rob Huebel 1h 42m play

      Rob Huebel ( Children's Hospital ; I Love You, Man ; Transparent ) stops by to talk about his new series Do You Want to See a Dead Body ? (and the guest stars who wonder if the show features actua... 117 more words

      Thu 30 Nov 2017

      Dave's Dives, Dan's Vans and Special Guest Demi Adejuyigbe 1h 48m play

      We recap everyone's Thanksgiving and learn that special guest Demi Adejuyigbe (Gilmore Guys) has gone through an alarming number of roommates. Talk of frequent guest Jordan Morris's dating life prom... 122 more words

      Mon 27 Nov 2017

      John Early 1h 12m play

      John Early ( Search Party , Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, 30 Rock) stops by the show to talk about the challenges of shooting the second season of the TBS hit Search Party, his affectio... 87 more words

      Thu 23 Nov 2017

      Jordan's Parisian Nudity, Alison's Cough and Happy Thanksgiving! 1h 22m play

      Jordan went to Paris and had himself a Parisian good time. Renee's family is in town for the holidays. Jeff is recovering from a plague. Alison had a different plague. Plus what we're thankful for and... 73 more words

      Mon 20 Nov 2017

      A.J. Jacobs Returns 1h 5m play

      A.J. Jacobs  ( Twice Removed , The Year of Living Biblically ) is back to talk about his new book, It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree and his experience attempting to... 97 more words

      Thu 16 Nov 2017

      Alison's Bathroom Buddy, Alie's Eyebrow Prank, Daniel's Lifehack 1h 46m play

      Alie Ward is back, having just experienced waitress weirdness. Also she has a great idea for what to do after you pluck your brows. Daniel has a lifehack to share. Alison made a friend in the bathroom... 74 more words

      Mon 13 Nov 2017

      Karina Longworth 1h 12m play

      Karina Longworth , host of You Must Remember This (an acclaimed podcast which explores the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood's first century), stops by to talk about no longer considering... 125 more words

      Thu 09 Nov 2017

      Wendy's Fave Movie, David's Deer Blinds, Alison's Dipping Dots 1h 39m play

      Alison, Daniel and Wendy enjoyed an escape room over the weekend and now Alison is obsessed. Wendy saw a certain movie more than once. Also, she's less passionate about church architecture than her hu... 89 more words

      Mon 06 Nov 2017

      Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl Returns 1h 15m play

      NY Times best-selling author Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl,  is back to talk about changing attitudes and terminology in the diet industry, Hungry Girl Clean and Hungry OBSESSED! (her twelfth book)... 83 more words

      Thu 02 Nov 2017

      Daniel's Smurf Collection, Alison's Versed Monologues, Alie Ward's Avuncular Halloween 1h 38m play

      Alison recently learned Daniel used to collect Smurfs and has so many questions. Alie Ward is here to regale us with stories of being a crazy sleeper and a cool uncle. Alison made an agreement with he... 80 more words

      Mon 30 Oct 2017

      Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini (Comedy Film Nerds) 1h 7m play

      Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini, the hosts of Comedy Film Nerds , founders of the LA Podcast Festival and guys behind Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary stop by to discuss the challenges of sho... 101 more words

      Thu 26 Oct 2017

      Alison's Audiobook, Daniel's Riddles, David's Flash Mob 1h 38m play

      Are Daniel's crazy word puzzles the beginning of his shift into exclusively dad jokes? Did Alison talk too fast while recording her audiobook? Are "scaractors" a real thing? (Yes, just ask Renee who... 86 more words

      Mon 23 Oct 2017

      Lacey Newman (Las Vegas Shooting Survivor) 1h 33m play

      Las Vegas shooting survivor Lacey Newman recalls the horrific scene at the Route 91 Harvest Festival including the realization she'd been shot, the nightmarish experience of trying to find cover, call... 65 more words

      Thu 19 Oct 2017

      Epiphany Judges, Clothing Appraisers, Hot Butt Magazine 1h 35m play

      Wendy Molyneux and David Huntsberger are back to discuss the frustration of caravanning, pumpkin patches, Alison's epiphany and whether it's really an epiphany, competitive loop groups, a Western ... 86 more words

      Mon 16 Oct 2017

      Alie Ward 1h 43m play

      Podcaster, artist, TV correspondent and science nerd Alie Ward stops by to talk about her new podcast, Ologies , where she talks to ologists of all stripes including a volcanist who may or may not ... 110 more words