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      Thu 25 May 2017

      Wallet Notes, Bad Boy Houses, Everyone's Favorite Musical 1h 47m play

      Alison won't shut up about a house that just came back into her life. Special guest Renee Colvert from Can I Pet Your Dog? has a life changing tip that's currently in her wallet. Also she's a form... 77 more words

      Mon 22 May 2017

      Matt Mira and Doree Shafrir 1h 37m play

      Matt Mira (Nerdist, The Goldbergs ) and his wife Doree Shafrir (Buzzfeed) stop by to talk about the choice to document their IVF journey on Matt And Doree's Eggcellent Adventure , the many podcas... 58 more words

      Thu 18 May 2017

      Alison's Pursuit, Jordan's Rage Deletes, Jenna's Stinky Flamingos 1h 43m play

      Where's the line career-wise between healthy ambition and wanting more just for the sake of more? Plus Jenna's baby's gender reveal, Jordan's mummy summer, Jersey doctors, Daniel's rope tricks, "going... 40 more words

      Mon 15 May 2017

      Andy Kindler Returns! 1h 39m play

      Andy Kindler is back to talk about dropping acid, being judgmental, therapy and anti-depressants, OCD, "checking," why he goes after certain public targets, new atheists, the recent release of his v... 84 more words

      Thu 11 May 2017

      Voiceovers, Go-To Jokes, Being Too "Eager" 1h 25m play

      Is it bad to be referred to as "eager" and if not, why does it feel somewhat mortifying? David Huntsberger reveals his voiceover voice. Alison and Daniel had a busy and social weekend which is so un... 89 more words

      Mon 08 May 2017

      Elizabeth Laime Returns! 1h 12m play

      Podcaster, writer and mother Elizabeth Laime ( Totally Married ) is back to talk about writing a network pilot , not taking it personally when a very personal pilot doesn't go, the podcast about p... 99 more words

      Thu 04 May 2017

      The Umbrage, Scary Sounds, Alison's New Schedule 1h 45m play

      Alison's not a morning person but she's determined to become one. #AL is very literal and once peed in the garage. David Huntsberger is helping to measure outrage. Also why have we all signed off ... 95 more words

      Mon 01 May 2017

      Mark Normand 1h 13m play

      Mark Normand stops by to talk about his new special Don't Be Yourself (produced by Amy Schumer), touring with Amy Schumer as her longtime opener, growing up in New Orleans, cheating on his girlfr... 93 more words

      Thu 27 Apr 2017

      Dental Rebellion, Cheeky Lullabies, Rogue Steak Knives 1h 33m play

      Al's tired of being a slave to his electric toothbrush. David's shoed horses and a lot more. Daniel was secretly filmed singing a very sweet lullaby to Elliot. Alison went crazy the first time she t... 115 more words

      Mon 24 Apr 2017

      Guy Branum 1h 23m play

      Guy Branum stops by the show to talk about Talk Show the Game Show, prune festivals, coming out, Feud , Berkeley, his favorite cracker , gay men being obsessed with the structure of social intera... 109 more words

      Thu 20 Apr 2017

      Alison's Cavalry, Al's Pillow Habits, John Henson's Hotel Sex 1h 34m play

      Alison's feeling guilty and conflicted about appreciating time away from the baby. John Henson's having hotel sex. Jenna and #AL are loving Atlanta. Jeff's fixing tractor tires, handling guns and ea... 99 more words

      Mon 17 Apr 2017

      Greg Fitzsimmons #7 1h 30m play

      Greg Fitzsimmons is back to talk about how to get special treatment, the new podcast he and Alison will be starting and how listeners can be involved, writing on Crashing , Greg's physique, Alison'... 73 more words

      Thu 13 Apr 2017

      Alison Got Mommy Shamed, #AL on Film, Crocodile Mouths 1h 29m play

      Alison had an anxiety-provoking encounter at a baby-wearing meetup, Daniel's feeling edgy, Al's describing movies, Jenna's making videos and David Hunstsberger knows everything about Elliott Smith ... 113 more words

      Mon 10 Apr 2017

      Josh Wolf Returns 1h 31m play

      Josh Wolf returns to talk about the meaning of the word "elite," how we got into this political mess, the Poddy Awards, education, his new podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr ., authenticity, mushrooms, ... 71 more words

      Thu 06 Apr 2017

      Alison's New Intro, John Henson's Twitter Battle, Daniel's Wine Rage 1h 41m play

      Alison might be over carboloading the intro. John Henson got into it on Twitter. Daniel hates your certainty. Jenna and Al need you to go down for a nap. Alison's song is creeping everyone out. Also... 87 more words

      Mon 03 Apr 2017

      Doug Benson Returns! 2h play

      Doug Benson is back to talk about his new show The High Court , why Judge Wapner might have preferred him to Judge Judy , his process for deciding cases, the pitch for the show, the TSA, dog owners... 108 more words

      Thu 30 Mar 2017

      Alison's C&B Meltdown, Daniel's D&D Past, Jenna's Big News 1h 36m play

      Alison's ears have a great personality. Also Alison had a meltdown at Crate and Barrel. Daniel's past includes D&D and harmonizing. Jenna and #AL have exciting news. Special guest Sean Jordan isn't ... 71 more words

      Mon 27 Mar 2017

      Louis Peitzman 1h 25m play

      Louis Peitzman ( Buzzfeed ) stops by the show to talk about meeting on Twitter, body image issues, dating, The Lady and Tramp , the current state of journalism, coming out to his parents via email,... 97 more words

      Thu 23 Mar 2017

      Alison's Toilet Sighting, John Henson's Mexico Story, Mystery Bundts 1h 45m play

      Alison finally saw privacy-prone Daniel using the toilet and can't stop talking about it. Also the gang accidentally received someone else's birthday bundt. Alison's recent ant problem leads special g... 99 more words

      Mon 20 Mar 2017

      Kira Soltanovich 1h 37m play

      Kira Soltanovich stops by the show to talk about motherhood, eating like a dolphin, showbiz mindfucks, her experience on The Tonight Show, grief, conflict with Chelsea Handler , her family, never sa... 98 more words

      Thu 16 Mar 2017

      Alison's Alienating You, Jenna Digs Tiny Bundts, Daniel's a Ragtime Cowboy 1h 43m play

      Daniel's mom came to town allowing Alison and Daniel to get a tiny bit of sleep which you wouldn't know from hearing this. Jenna wants her long-distance birthday Bundt. Daniel's got strong opinions ab... 86 more words

      Mon 13 Mar 2017

      Bob Saget Returns 1h 46m play

      Bob Saget stops by the show to talk about how seriously he takes his commitment to being my new best friend, touring in advance of his new special, joke theft, Fuller House , his rat infestation, th... 100 more words

      Thu 09 Mar 2017

      Alison's Genius Comeback, Dave's Trash Issues, Backpfeifengesicht 1h 39m play

      How much work will Alison put into executing the "perfect" Twitter retort? Also, it's time for Alison to stop saying a certain thing when people tell her they relate to something she shared. Daniel lo... 107 more words

      Mon 06 Mar 2017

      Jackie Kashian 1h 42m play

      Jackie Kashian ( The Dork Forest , The Jackie and Laurie Show ) stops by to talk about her new album I Am Not the Hero of This Story , being a well-kept showbiz secret, losing her mom at seven, gri... 102 more words

      Thu 02 Mar 2017

      Alison Isn't Looking, John Henson's Been Miscast, Al Has Answers 1h 50m play

      Special guest John Henson joins the gang to find out what Al knows about a number of topics including AFV, airlines, what John is thinking and more. Plus people who intentionally use Siri, Alison's ... 120 more words

      Mon 27 Feb 2017

      Shane Mauss 1h 48m play

      Shane Mauss stops by the show to talk about cognitive biases, his comedy show about psychedelics called A Good Trip, growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, anxiety and stage fright, breaking both ... 90 more words

      Thu 23 Feb 2017

      Greg's Salami, Alison's Bewbs and a Scary Story About a Shotgun 1h 24m play

      Greg has an assistant but doesn't want you to make a big deal about it. Alison's trying to breast feed but it isn't going well. Daniel put himself in harm's way to protect a room full of women and bab... 85 more words

      Mon 20 Feb 2017

      Pete Holmes #4 2h 7m play

      Pete Holmes returns to the show to talk about his new HBO show Crashing , the differences and similarities between his real life and the one portrayed on the show, lying to get at the truth , the r... 98 more words

      Thu 16 Feb 2017

      Elliot's Birth Story, Meatball Sandwiches and Jenna's Comedy Special 1h 35m play

      Alison had a baby! Labor was long and dramatic and somewhat upsetting and then Elliot had to spend a few days in the NICU. This is that story. Plus catheters, balloons, unfavorable cervixes, epidura... 81 more words

      Mon 13 Feb 2017

      Jenni Konner 1h 26m play

      Girls showrunner, writer and director  Jenni Konner ( Girls , Lenny Letter ) stops by the show to talk about the final season of Girls , being the "Mrs. Garrett of Girls," growing up a "fast kid" i... 114 more words

      Thu 09 Feb 2017

      Thursday Gang, Live from Podfest 1h 24m play

      You guys, I had a baby! While I recover, please enjoy this previously unreleased Live from LA Podfest episode featuring the whole gang plus a special message from me at the top. Back next week wit... 70 more words

      Mon 06 Feb 2017

      Jen Glantz 1h 10m play

      Writer and professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz stops by the show to talk about her new book Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire); Stories on Growing Up, Looking for Love and Walking Down the Aisle for Com... 141 more words

      Thu 02 Feb 2017

      The Last Show Before Baby, Chocodiles and Protest Etiquette 1h 35m play

      Alison is scheduled to be induced the following morning and has mixed feelings. Special guest David Huntsberger has an innovative idea involving irrigation, urination and alligators, Jenna knows wha... 87 more words

      Mon 30 Jan 2017

      John Henson 1h 41m play

      John Henson (Talk Soup, Wipe Out ) stops by the show to talk about his start in comedy, growing up in a chaotic household, getting kicked out of public high school, dabbling in illegal activities, f... 116 more words

      Thu 26 Jan 2017

      Big Macs, 227 and Things Millennials Don't Know But Gen X Does 1h 20m play

      Daniel ate his first Big Mac which happens to be special guest Joe DeRosa's favorite burger. Alison's feeling possessed and Jenna almost punched a nurse. Alison's genuinely over-the-moon happy for t... 94 more words

      Mon 23 Jan 2017

      Lisa Schwartz Returns 1h 12m play

      Lisa Schwartz ( Party Girl, This Isn't Working , YouTube ) returns to the show to discuss her two new series, the real life jobs that inspired both shows, anxiety and panic attacks, her feeling... 104 more words