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      Mon 23 Jan 2017

      Lisa Schwartz Returns 1h 12m play

      Lisa Schwartz ( Party Girl, This Isn't Working , YouTube ) returns to the show to discuss her two new series, the real life jobs that inspired both shows, anxiety and panic attacks, her feeling... 104 more words

      Thu 19 Jan 2017

      Skunkmania, The Return of HGFY and Bear Horns! 1h 36m play

      Alison's baby isn't budging, Jenna and Al have a skunk situation, special guest Sean Jordan agrees with Jenna's sauce-to-taco ratio and Daniel is singing a Sting song that too many people don't see... 117 more words

      Mon 16 Jan 2017

      Rachel Bloom 1h 13m play

      Rachel Bloom ( Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ) stops by the show to talk about the inspiration for her somewhat obsessed and lovesick character Rebecca Bunch, making "a romantic comedy that shits on romantic c... 127 more words

      Thu 12 Jan 2017

      Meatball Salad, Crazy Crying Pregnant Ladies and Resolutions Revisited! 1h 40m play

      Alison feels something peculiar in the shower and worries she's going into labor. Jeff wants to make a meatball salad and Jenna's on board. Alison can't stop crying over tiny things and worries she's ... 103 more words

      Mon 09 Jan 2017

      Rhea Butcher 1h 41m play

      Rhea Butcher ( Take My Wife, Put Your Hands Together ) stops by the show to talk about Akron, her relationship with her parents, realizing she was gay at age 4, guilt, skateboarding, boyfriends, co... 97 more words

      Thu 05 Jan 2017

      On-Air Meltdowns, Al's Showers and Working Cats 1h 50m play

      Alison lost ten years at the end of last year. We're going to find out who knows the most about their self-professed area of expertise.  Greg ate horrifying food in Japan. Jenna tried cupping and it ... 145 more words

      Mon 02 Jan 2017

      Jim Florentine #3 51m play

      Comedian and podcaster  Jim Florentine is back to talk about life after divorce, his new special A Simple Man , loving uncomfortable situations, not googling or researching women he dates, being a s... 84 more words

      Thu 29 Dec 2016

      New Year's Resolutions, Placenta Eating and Goal Holes 1h 30m play

      Alison and Daniel took a horrifying infant safety and CPR class at the hospital. Jordan wants to know what goes on when pregnant women rub their bellies. Someone's "goal hole" was discussed although... 112 more words

      Mon 26 Dec 2016

      Laura Kightlinger 1h 22m play

      Laura Kightlinger  ( The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman , 2 Broke Girls , Will & Grace , SNL) stops by to talk about not being the person Alison thought she knew from years ago, her recent ... 126 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Alison's Baby Shower, Everyone's Divorcing, Uber Horror Stories 1h 21m play

      Alison's baby shower leads to a small identity crisis, Al's telling us the holidays are a popular time for breakups and Jordan Morris 's maternal grandfather was named Pinuel Gatewood. Plus divorce s... 86 more words

      Mon 19 Dec 2016

      Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo of Reductress 1h 10m play

      Reductress is a hugely popular fake women's magazine satire site. Its founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo stop by the show to talk about their new book, How to Win at Feminism: The Definit... 139 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      South Dakota Brawlers, White Elephant Parties and Terrible Gifts from Alison 1h 42m play

      Alison thought she had a great weekend full of tree decorating and movie watching until she looked at Instagram and saw all the holiday galas she wasn't invited to. Sean Jordan's from South Dako... 134 more words

      Mon 12 Dec 2016

      Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce 1h 38m play

      Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Bruce Heischober stop by to talk about their new podcast Weekly Infusion , the challenges of being a doctor in the public eye, working with Adam , how each doctor handles ... 143 more words

      Thu 08 Dec 2016

      A Message from Greg, Alison's Vowels and a Baby Born in a Car 1h 51m play

      Greg wants to say hi to everyone. Alison still can't hear the different between "Don" and "Dawn" but has some science in the form of something called the "cot-caught merger" as backup. Bees are dying... 127 more words

      Mon 05 Dec 2016

      Greg Fitzsimmons #6 1h 46m play

      Greg Fitzsimmons is back to talk about what he and Alison are on the verge of, friendship fears, codependent debates, the best Thanksgiving ever, politics, Trump's Twitter behavior, Short Term 12 , ... 90 more words

      Thu 01 Dec 2016

      Friendsgiving Rage, Alison's Pie Freakout, 24 by 7 1h 43m play

      When did Friendsgiving become its own standalone holiday? We're not okay with this. Also, Daniel's learned some tough coffee lessons, Jenna and Samantha went to NYC, Al did something "24 by 7," Jeff w... 116 more words

      Mon 28 Nov 2016

      Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi Return! 1h 33m play

      Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi ( Throwing Shade ) return to the show to talk politics, conversations with Trump supporters, the dead dog Erin found in a bush, Bryan getting hit by a pigeon, gay party a... 94 more words

      Thu 24 Nov 2016

      Alison's Socks and Oranges, Thespian Nurses and Happy Thanksgiving! 1h 10m play

      Alison and Daniel saw pictures of "crowning" and Alison might be more traumatized than Daniel. Meanwhile Daniel's finding tons of what might be his own hair in the drain, David Huntsberger has quest... 102 more words

      Mon 21 Nov 2016

      Jim Norton and Sam Roberts 1h 7m play

      Jim Norton and Sam Roberts stop by to talk about their new Sirius 206/XM 103 show, Nancy Grace's famed walkout , who knows whom better (we even took a quiz), their "flaws" as performers, Sam ranki... 98 more words

      Thu 17 Nov 2016

      Jordan's Bathroom Noises, An Abigail Update and a Wheelbarrow of Elves 1h 41m play

      Special guest Jordan Morris is taking stock of the behaviors he's going to have to give up if he's going to one day cohabitate. Alison's clarifying her door-open position from last week and worrying... 114 more words

      Mon 14 Nov 2016

      Georgia and Karen of My Favorite Murder 1h 36m play

      My Favorite Murder hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff stop by to talk about birthday doppelgangers, adult time/grownup time, their favorite kinds of murderers, their real crime origin st... 111 more words

      Wed 09 Nov 2016

      Mr. Privacy, Ghosting Nutritionists, Astral Projection 1h 30m play

      Daniel favors a closed-door bathroom policy. Alison and Jenna aren't necessarily on board and special guest Dave Huntsberger wonders if bathroom privacy preference splits along gender lines. Meanwhi... 103 more words

      Mon 07 Nov 2016

      Janet Varney Returns 1h 22m play

      Janet Varney ( The JV Club, Stan Against Evil ) stops by to talk about playing a badass sheriff in the new IFC show Stan Against Evil , wanting to do her own stunts, her neck bandaid, how she felt... 64 more words

      Thu 03 Nov 2016

      Alison's Pajama Disaster, Vacation Daniel, Snacks from Japan 1h 30m play

      What happened to Alison's brand new pajamas that she was super excited about? Did we get a lot of hate mail regarding last week's comments about chiropractors? Did anyone else throw tortillas at their... 36 more words

      Mon 31 Oct 2016

      Shane Dawson #5 1h 29m play

      Shane Dawson is back to talk about masturbating too frequently, body image, artificial sweetener, the Mandela Effect, ranch facials, what works on YouTube, changing his image, relationships, attractio... 31 more words

      Thu 27 Oct 2016

      Halloween Buffoonery, Alison's Tour of Offensiveness, Bad Chiropractors 1h 36m play

      On this spooky Halloween episode, we discuss Alison's new habit of accidentally offending people, bad chiropractor stories, Jensen Karp's thick skin regarding comments, #AL's feelings about "Halloween... 19 more words

      Mon 24 Oct 2016

      Greg Fitzsimmons #5 1h 43m play

      Greg Fitzsimmons is back and I always have the best time talking with him. This time we talked about branding, whether we're too needy, being Zach Galifianakis versus Dane Cook, anal sex, breastfeedin... 54 more words

      Thu 20 Oct 2016

      Croissantroversy, Jurassic Parked and Jenna's Cheerleading Journal 1h 39m play

      You may be under the impression we put the "how do you pronounce croissant" debate to bed. You're wrong! Plus Alison visits a nutritionist, Jensen Karp gets stuck on the Jurassic Park ride and Jenna r... 48 more words

      Mon 17 Oct 2016

      Jeannette Rizzi 1h 27m play

      Comedian, writer and documentarian Jeannette Rizzi stops by the show to talk about the inspiration behind Blindsided, the one-woman-show she's performing for one night only Oct 20 at the Hollywood Imp... 117 more words

      Thu 13 Oct 2016

      Greg's Whereabouts, Alison's Cirque du Soleil Obsession, Jenna's Nutcrackers 1h 44m play

      Someone was involved in a hit-and-run many, many years ago. Alison's obsessed with Cirque du Soleil and also had a somewhat mortifying experience at the OBGYN. Jenna's mom's dream is for her children ... 45 more words

      Mon 10 Oct 2016

      Kulap Vilaysack Returns 1h 23m play

      Kulap Vilaysack (Who Charted?, Bajillion Dollar Properties) returns to the show to talk about her memorable Podfest entrance (and feeling comfortable taking up space), projecting confidence, the statu... 39 more words

      Thu 06 Oct 2016

      Fancy Burgers, Online Dating Apps and Special Guest Ali Segel 1h 28m play

      Special guest Ali Segel joins us again (Greg is out shooting a pilot) for an episode where we discuss Ali's take on Shake Shack and her preference for fancy burgers, online dating apps that Alison wan... 71 more words

      Mon 03 Oct 2016

      The Sklar Brothers Return 1h 26m play

      Jason and Randy Sklar return to the show for a spirited discussion of parenthood, Colin Kaepernick and the role of political commentary in sports, whether sports in general are behind the times, raisi... 52 more words

      Thu 29 Sep 2016

      Piglets Named Abigail, Fro Yo Hold-Ups and Special Guest Ali Segel 1h 16m play

      Special guest Ali Segel joins us on this episode where we recap our fun day at Podfest and discuss a 6-day-old piglet that Alison fell in love with and wants to protect from assholes at The Grove, wei... 52 more words

      Mon 26 Sep 2016

      Cameron Esposito 1h 41m play

      Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife) stops by the show to talk about not feeling comfortable in her own skin growing up, being cross-eyed as a child and having multiple surgeries to correct her vision, sha... 88 more words

      Thu 22 Sep 2016

      Crystals, Croissants and Special Guest Jensen Karp 1h 42m play

      Jensen Karp stops by for a discussion of UFC fights and how much money we would need to let someone pummel us, money and materialism in general, Alison making the mistake of not asking a million quest... 63 more words