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      Thu 27 Jul 2017

      Alison's Awkward Joke, Wendy Molyneux's College Heist, Japanese Game Shows 1h 46m play

      Alison feels weird and off-kilter. David's getting ready to head to Scotland and needs a montage. Special guest Wendy Molyneux is still upset with Alison over something that happened in college. P... 88 more words

      Mon 24 Jul 2017

      Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi Are Back! 1h 2m play

      Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi ( Throwing Shade ) return to talk about recently moving their podcast from the Maximum Fun network to Earwolf, the juicy behind-the-scenes story of their tour doc (it wa... 49 more words

      Thu 20 Jul 2017

      Dating Styles, Book Lice, Artisanal Light Bulbs 1h 29m play

      Some confusion about energy and electricity leads to David Huntsberger's lightbulb revelation. Plus everyone's dating styles, a possibly insulting metaphor involving dogs and coyotes, Renee Colvert'... 92 more words

      Mon 17 Jul 2017

      Demi Adejuyigbe 1h 20m play

      Demi Adejuyigbe ( The Good Place, Gilmore Guys , The New Yorker) stops by the show to talk about having achieved so much at such a young age, his new secret job, anxiety, otherness, whether Gilmore... 60 more words

      Thu 13 Jul 2017

      Alison's Meltdown, Daniel's Rage, Cemetery Bunnies 1h 41m play

      Alison had a long protracted meltdown and Daniel got REAL and Renee and David and Jeff were their usual hilarious lovable selves. Also hustling, messages from Jenna and Al, Renee's spot-on fruit meta... 75 more words

      Mon 10 Jul 2017

      Jennifer Romolini 1h 11m play

      Badass media boss Jennifer Romolini (Chief Content Officer of , former HelloGiggles editor-in-chief/VP of Content, former Yahoo EIC/Editorial Director) stops by the show to talk abou... 142 more words

      Thu 06 Jul 2017

      Understudies, Talk Therapy, Eight Cans of Spam 1h 28m play

      What's the different between an understudy and a standby? Alison went to Book of Mormon ALONE and wants to know. Also, her therapist paid her a huge compliment that Daniel points out isn't really a ... 74 more words

      Mon 03 Jul 2017

      Harley Morenstein 1h 35m play

      Harley Morenstein ( Epic Meal Time ) stops by the show to talk about creating the number one online cooking show, having over seven millions subscribers, feeling conspicuous,  clickbait, "YouTube voi... 85 more words

      Thu 29 Jun 2017

      Alison's High Five Hate, Renee's Puppetry, Giving a Horse a Nerd 1h 29m play

      Alison isn't the high fiving kind, Renee dabbles in puppetry, David tried to time a fart and it went horribly, Jeff got the dogs barking, Daniel has secrets, David doesn't like to be surprised b... 80 more words

      Mon 26 Jun 2017

      Caissie St. Onge 1h 33m play

      Comedy writer Caissie St. Onge stops by to talk about working with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live , writing for Joan Rivers , getting her start as David Letterman's assistant, working wit... 78 more words

      Thu 22 Jun 2017

      Jenna and Al's Farewell Show, Alison's Fart Crutch, Otters Who Bring It 1h 44m play

      You guys, this is Jenna and Al's last show before they move to Atlanta! Also, David Huntsberger is back and has some harsh words for Pocatello, Iowa. Plus Alison realizes she has a bad attitude, Dan... 80 more words

      Mon 19 Jun 2017

      Greg Fitzsimmons #8 1h 8m play

      Greg is back to talk about whether he should have told his wife about his history with a woman they ran into, writing on Crashing and his living situation in New York, the launch date for Loinfrui... 38 more words

      Thu 15 Jun 2017

      Alison's Urgent Care Evening, Renee's Half Marathon, Jenna's Lost Tape Gun 1h 44m play

      Alison visited a very Los Angeles Urgent Care, Renee's running til the numbness sets in , Jenna and Al are still intending to move , Alison may have some postpartum depression and more. Plus a rou... 68 more words

      Mon 12 Jun 2017

      Laurie Kilmartin 1h 33m play

      Laurie Kilmartin  (Conan, The Jackie and Laurie Show ) stops by the show to talk about her just-released comedy album 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad , the Seeso special it was taken from , her competit... 70 more words

      Thu 08 Jun 2017

      Alison's Hill Phobia, Al and Jenna's Yard Sale, Greg's Fashion Jacket 1h 34m play

      Alison's been having dark intrusive thoughts and giving into compulsive googling. Greg is back and he once drank his own pee. Also he has a fashion jacket. Jenna and Al had a successful yard sale. Ali... 85 more words

      Mon 05 Jun 2017

      Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux 1h 35m play

      Bob's Burgers writers Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux stop by to talk about working with siblings, their path to Bob's Burgers , Wendy having gone to college with Alison, the experience of writing for... 92 more words

      Thu 01 Jun 2017

      Jenna and Al's Big News, Alison's Head of Lies, John Henson's New Gigs 1h 55m play

      Al and Jenna have big news about their upcoming whereabouts. John Henson is back and just filmed a bunch of episodes of a game show created by Judge Judy! Alison is still indecisive. Maybe. Daniel's... 78 more words

      Mon 29 May 2017

      Monique Powell 1h 20m play

      Monique Powell stops by to talk about performing again as Save Ferris, the unfortunate battle with her former bandmates for the name, receiving an upsetting diagnosis and being told she had to choose... 68 more words

      Thu 25 May 2017

      Wallet Notes, Bad Boy Houses, Everyone's Favorite Musical 1h 47m play

      Alison won't shut up about a house that just came back into her life. Special guest Renee Colvert from Can I Pet Your Dog? has a life changing tip that's currently in her wallet. Also she's a form... 77 more words

      Mon 22 May 2017

      Matt Mira and Doree Shafrir 1h 37m play

      Matt Mira (Nerdist, The Goldbergs ) and his wife Doree Shafrir (Buzzfeed) stop by to talk about the choice to document their IVF journey on Matt And Doree's Eggcellent Adventure , the many podcas... 58 more words

      Thu 18 May 2017

      Alison's Pursuit, Jordan's Rage Deletes, Jenna's Stinky Flamingos 1h 43m play

      Where's the line career-wise between healthy ambition and wanting more just for the sake of more? Plus Jenna's baby's gender reveal, Jordan's mummy summer, Jersey doctors, Daniel's rope tricks, "going... 40 more words

      Mon 15 May 2017

      Andy Kindler Returns! 1h 39m play

      Andy Kindler is back to talk about dropping acid, being judgmental, therapy and anti-depressants, OCD, "checking," why he goes after certain public targets, new atheists, the recent release of his v... 84 more words

      Thu 11 May 2017

      Voiceovers, Go-To Jokes, Being Too "Eager" 1h 25m play

      Is it bad to be referred to as "eager" and if not, why does it feel somewhat mortifying? David Huntsberger reveals his voiceover voice. Alison and Daniel had a busy and social weekend which is so un... 89 more words

      Mon 08 May 2017

      Elizabeth Laime Returns! 1h 12m play

      Podcaster, writer and mother Elizabeth Laime ( Totally Married ) is back to talk about writing a network pilot , not taking it personally when a very personal pilot doesn't go, the podcast about p... 99 more words

      Thu 04 May 2017

      The Umbrage, Scary Sounds, Alison's New Schedule 1h 45m play

      Alison's not a morning person but she's determined to become one. #AL is very literal and once peed in the garage. David Huntsberger is helping to measure outrage. Also why have we all signed off ... 95 more words

      Mon 01 May 2017

      Mark Normand 1h 13m play

      Mark Normand stops by to talk about his new special Don't Be Yourself (produced by Amy Schumer), touring with Amy Schumer as her longtime opener, growing up in New Orleans, cheating on his girlfr... 93 more words

      Thu 27 Apr 2017

      Dental Rebellion, Cheeky Lullabies, Rogue Steak Knives 1h 33m play

      Al's tired of being a slave to his electric toothbrush. David's shoed horses and a lot more. Daniel was secretly filmed singing a very sweet lullaby to Elliot. Alison went crazy the first time she t... 115 more words

      Mon 24 Apr 2017

      Guy Branum 1h 23m play

      Guy Branum stops by the show to talk about Talk Show the Game Show, prune festivals, coming out, Feud , Berkeley, his favorite cracker , gay men being obsessed with the structure of social intera... 109 more words

      Thu 20 Apr 2017

      Alison's Cavalry, Al's Pillow Habits, John Henson's Hotel Sex 1h 34m play

      Alison's feeling guilty and conflicted about appreciating time away from the baby. John Henson's having hotel sex. Jenna and #AL are loving Atlanta. Jeff's fixing tractor tires, handling guns and ea... 99 more words

      Mon 17 Apr 2017

      Greg Fitzsimmons #7 1h 30m play

      Greg Fitzsimmons is back to talk about how to get special treatment, the new podcast he and Alison will be starting and how listeners can be involved, writing on Crashing , Greg's physique, Alison'... 73 more words

      Thu 13 Apr 2017

      Alison Got Mommy Shamed, #AL on Film, Crocodile Mouths 1h 29m play

      Alison had an anxiety-provoking encounter at a baby-wearing meetup, Daniel's feeling edgy, Al's describing movies, Jenna's making videos and David Hunstsberger knows everything about Elliott Smith ... 113 more words

      Mon 10 Apr 2017

      Josh Wolf Returns 1h 31m play

      Josh Wolf returns to talk about the meaning of the word "elite," how we got into this political mess, the Poddy Awards, education, his new podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr ., authenticity, mushrooms, ... 71 more words

      Thu 06 Apr 2017

      Alison's New Intro, John Henson's Twitter Battle, Daniel's Wine Rage 1h 41m play

      Alison might be over carboloading the intro. John Henson got into it on Twitter. Daniel hates your certainty. Jenna and Al need you to go down for a nap. Alison's song is creeping everyone out. Also... 87 more words

      Mon 03 Apr 2017

      Doug Benson Returns! 2h play

      Doug Benson is back to talk about his new show The High Court , why Judge Wapner might have preferred him to Judge Judy , his process for deciding cases, the pitch for the show, the TSA, dog owners... 108 more words

      Thu 30 Mar 2017

      Alison's C&B Meltdown, Daniel's D&D Past, Jenna's Big News 1h 36m play

      Alison's ears have a great personality. Also Alison had a meltdown at Crate and Barrel. Daniel's past includes D&D and harmonizing. Jenna and #AL have exciting news. Special guest Sean Jordan isn't ... 71 more words

      Mon 27 Mar 2017

      Louis Peitzman 1h 25m play

      Louis Peitzman ( Buzzfeed ) stops by the show to talk about meeting on Twitter, body image issues, dating, The Lady and Tramp , the current state of journalism, coming out to his parents via email,... 97 more words