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      Mon 23 Apr 2018

      Jimmy Pardo Owes Me $20 1h 25m play

      I'm experimenting with making the title of the one-on-one interview shows a full sentence or phrase like the above instead of just the guest's name. What do you think? Make your mind up after you list... 165 more words

      Thu 19 Apr 2018

      The Alison Quiz V.2, Tropical Attire Encouraged, Problematic Peanut Butter 1h 24m play

      Who knows Alison best? Is it her husband? Her producer? Her pals? The listeners? Play along at home. Also the backstory of Alison's book Tropical Attire Encouraged (and Other Phrases That Scare Me), ... 103 more words

      Mon 16 Apr 2018

      Moshe Kasher 1h 23m play

      Moshe Kasher stops by to talk about The Honeymoon Stand Up Special —the three-part comedy special he shot with his wife Natasha Leggero which is available on Netflix April 17. We also talked about h... 119 more words

      Thu 12 Apr 2018

      Number One Tooth Podcast, Disappearing Butts, Renee Colvert Quiz 1h 36m play

      Alison was the guest monologist at Theme Park Improv at Dynasty Typewriter and she shares about her experience. (She can't stop talking about teeth, basically.) Daniel is experiencing a pants problem.... 84 more words

      Mon 09 Apr 2018

      Ali Rosen 1h 25m play

      Ali Rosen — cookbook author , food journalist and host of the Emmy-nominated food-and-wine show Potluck with Ali —stops by the show and she's easily one of my new favorite people and I would say that... 102 more words

      Thu 05 Apr 2018

      Burrito Butts, Piss Vixens, The Alie Ward Quiz 1h 43m play

      You know how when you have a crush on someone you're willing to travel great lengths to see them? Alison wants to feel that way but applied to being willing to deal with annoying parking situations. D... 105 more words

      Mon 02 Apr 2018

      Adam Conover 1h 24m play

      Adam Conover ( Adam Ruins Everything , Bojack Horseman) stops by to talk about growing up with ADHD, choosing comedy over philosophy (and what they have in common), cooking and umami, why MSG isn't b... 79 more words

      Thu 29 Mar 2018

      Alison's Kuato, Jordan's Xplicit Vapes, The David Huntsberger Quiz 1h 40m play

      The quizzes are back! This week we find out who knows ol' Honey Huntsberger the best. Alison learns who Kuato is. Jordan may have been looking to buy his cat a sweater. Plus an epiphany that almost ha... 59 more words

      Mon 26 Mar 2018

      Alice Wetterlund 1h 17m play

      Comedian Alice Wetterlund of television ( Silicon Valley , People of Earth , Glow), film ( Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates ) and podcast ( Treks and the City , Mrs. Maisel Goys ) fame is on the ... 123 more words

      Thu 22 Mar 2018

      Serums, Scones, Dave's Night Nurse Service 1h 40m play

      Alie Ward is back and she's been using a serum. Alison went on a sister's trip over the weekend and didn't order the scones. David Huntsberger is offering to put Elliot to sleep. Alison is tapering of... 91 more words

      Mon 19 Mar 2018

      Ken Reid 1h 21m play

      Ken Reid hosts the TV Guidance Counselor podcast where a guest picks an issue of the TV Guide from his vast collection and they discuss what the guest used to watch in primetime. He's also a comedi... 93 more words

      Thu 15 Mar 2018

      Alison's Nitrous Epiphany, Dave's Rancid Cheesecake, Jordan AKA Stassi 1h 29m play

      I had nitrous at the dentist's office and it led to an epiphany that wasn't nearly as profound as it felt at the time. Dave loves cheesecake and won't hear any cheesecake guff. Jordan's going on a dat... 88 more words

      Mon 12 Mar 2018

      Alison Answers Your Questions 1h 12m play

      I answered your questions on this episode and also talked about a horrendous bit of Dr. Laura advice. Would I clone my dog like Barbra Streisand? Most awkward on air moment? Was I ever pressured to be... 84 more words

      Thu 08 Mar 2018

      Fair Warnings, Alison's Airbag Anxiety, Jordan's Mean Dentist 1h 35m play

      We get more detail about Wendy Molyneux's straight-from-college San Francisco sojourn. Jordan's here to discuss tantric dentistry. Alison's freaking out over the airbag recall and also other stuff in ... 101 more words

      Mon 05 Mar 2018

      Stephanie Wittels Wachs 1h 34m play

      Stephanie Wittels Wachs, sister of beloved comedy writer Harris Wittels (Parks and Recreation, Humblebrag ) stops by the show to talk about Everything is Horrible and Wonderful: A Tragicomic Memoir ... 120 more words

      Thu 01 Mar 2018

      Alison's Wicker Basket, Alie's NoPoo, The Semiotics of Emma Gonzalez 1h 43m play

      I'm recovering from surgery (the surgery discussed on the podcast) and a little too out of it to write a good summary but there was #GalChat involving Alie Ward's cleansing conditioner, a discussion o... 100 more words

      Mon 26 Feb 2018

      John Roderick and Benjamin Harrison 1h 43m play

      John Roderick ( The Long Winters , Roderick on the Line , Omnibus ) and Benjamin Harrison ( The Greatest Generation ) stop by to talk about Friendly Fire —the podcast on which they discuss war ... 93 more words

      Thu 22 Feb 2018

      Circus Circus, Alie's Quiz, The Silverlake Roasters 1h 36m play

      Inspired by Alie Ward's reunion talk on the last episode, Alison shares her own very recent reunion of a Sklar and his computer. This prompts a discussion of computer bags versus backpacks versus brie... 112 more words

      Mon 19 Feb 2018

      Jason and Randy Sklar 1h 26m play

      The Sklar Brothers return to the show to talk about their new documentary Poop Talk for which they interviewed a number of comedians and experts. They did not interview Alison even though she has so... 102 more words

      Thu 15 Feb 2018

      Alie Ward's Drone Reunion, Daniel's Wine Pint, It's Alison's Show 1h 38m play

      Alie Ward successfully reunited a drone with its owner which turns out to be just one of many reunions she's orchestrated. Daniel is drinking a tall pint of wine and puts his foot in his mouth. Alison... 92 more words

      Mon 12 Feb 2018

      Phil Rosenthal Returns 1h 22m play

      Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal ( Somebody Feed Phil, I'll Have What Phil's Having) stops by to talk about the new season of his food and travel show, great theme songs, working wit... 89 more words

      Thu 08 Feb 2018

      Alison's Mean Segue, Wendy's Grudge, Philly Sports Chants 1h 31m play

      Daniel watched the Superbowl and Daniel yelled things at the screen and Alison wants to know how he knew what to yell. Good thing Wendy with her extensive knowledge of sports and specifically Philly s... 114 more words

      Mon 05 Feb 2018

      Ray Oldhafer 1h 30m play

      Ray Oldhafer returns to the show to talk about construction, being fired from Ace on the House, therapy, his love of baths, Bill Pullman's oranges, sloshing sounds, his new podcast Do Tell Ray , Ji... 48 more words

      Thu 01 Feb 2018

      House Hunting, Curly Hair Probs, Daniel's Apology 1h 54m play

      Alison and Daniel put an offer on a house and now Alison is second guessing everything. Alie Ward is here and her hair is causing green screen problems so she allowed the patriarchy to straighten her ... 85 more words

      Mon 29 Jan 2018

      Jess Rona 1h 30m play

      Comedian, director, and dog-groomer-to-the-stars Jess Rona joins the show to talk about her new book Jess Rona's Groomed , how she got into dog grooming, the instagram account that started it all , ... 74 more words

      Thu 25 Jan 2018

      Event Anxiety, Celeb Snubs, Lizzie's Crime Spree 1h 42m play

      Throwing a party feels like a minefield for Alison. David Huntsberger was snubbed by a well known celeb and Jeff Fox guessed who it was! Lizzie Molyneux ( Bob's Burgers ) is here to talk about lunch a... 81 more words

      Mon 22 Jan 2018

      Janeane Garofalo and Matt Nathanson (Live from Sketchfest!) 1h 42m play

      Special STEREO release! Janeane Garofalo and Matt Nathanson join me onstage live from the Gateway Theatre in San Francisco! Chatting! Tap Dancing! Music! AND MORE!   Check us out on Patreon: ht... 28 more words

      Thu 18 Jan 2018

      Sketchfest Recap, Jeff's Hair Routine, Wendy's Afterlife Plans 1h 37m play

      We're back from Sketchfest and Alison can't stop talking about it. Jeff packed light to accommodate audio equipment so he had to perform his previously-unknown-to-us hair routine on the fly. Wendy Mol... 76 more words

      Mon 15 Jan 2018

      Natalie Coughlin 1h 24m play

      Twelve-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin stops by the show to talk about the life of a competitive swimmer, headless chickens, vacuuming a vacuum, falling asleep in class, her upcoming cookbook... 80 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      Low Cal Baby Sunscreen, Sleep Disorders, Cosmic Vertigo 1h 43m play

      Alie Ward is back! Alison's making a snack in the middle of the night but don't worry, it's "approved." Daniel invented cowboy shirts. Alie Ward has a name for the feeling you get when you try to ima... 93 more words

      Mon 08 Jan 2018

      Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook 1h 27m play

      Married couple Kurt Braunohler  ( The Big Sick , Lady Dynamite) and Lauren Cook  (Floaters, Radio Picture Show) stop by to talk about Wedlock (the podcast and live show they host exploring various... 89 more words

      Thu 04 Jan 2018

      Demi's Semis, Dave's Falcons, Alison's New Year's Teeth 1h 42m play

      It's the first Thursday show of 2018 and Alison has news about Sketchfest and her teeth. Also her eyelids. Demi's joined the fledgling business that is Dave's Dives and Dan's Vans. Daniel is trying to... 69 more words

      Mon 01 Jan 2018

      Jake Weisman 1h 38m play

      Jake Weisman stops by to talk about his new Comedy Central show Corporate which he describes as a cross between American Psycho and Office Space . We also talk about existence, death, apologies,... 80 more words

      Thu 28 Dec 2017

      Mike Lawrence, Hutch Harris, Rachel Ratner Live from Bumbershoot 57m play

      This "lost," never-previously-aired episode was recorded live at Bumbershoot in late 2015 and features Mike Lawrence , Hutch Harris (The Thermals) and Rachel Ratner (Wimps). Trapp Dog flew out ... 41 more words

      Mon 25 Dec 2017

      Tiffany Haddish (orig air date 4/24/16) 1h 31m play

      Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy this replay of my Tiffany Haddish episode with a brand new beginning.  Come see me at Sketch Fest!   And buy Tiffany's book! I first met comedian and a... 192 more words

      Thu 21 Dec 2017

      Lizard People Probing Alison, Beth and David's Street Team, A Defense of Keanu 1h 46m play

      Alison discovers a disturbing mark on her hand. Special guest Beth Hoyt joins us but leaves her poison oak at home. Beth and David have possibly formed a business together. Daniel is now Philip. Plu... 90 more words