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      Wed 20 Sep 2017

      For Table Hopping, You Don't Want Real Frogs. 1h 8m play

      Penn announces he is involved in an upcoming Bob Dylan project. Matt updates his Psychic HillBilly Show. Heavily restrained poetry, typewriters, The Beat Museum, & defending The Beatles' The End.

      Sun 17 Sep 2017

      Recreational Colonoscopy 1h 11m play

      Penn gets a taste of Jackson Juice, conducts a wedding, & performs as Pop The Magic Dragon for the first time.

      Wed 13 Sep 2017

      What's The Fastest A Sports Thing Goes? 1h 2m play

      Penn defends Joel Osteen & invents baseball. Notes on Fool Us! Episode 408, Jeff Ross at the Jerry Lewis memorial, & jai alai.

      Sun 10 Sep 2017

      White Socks, A Monkees Hat, & No Fly 56m play

      Contrasting the hurricane strategies of Randi & Kramer. Vacation day clothes, a Rare & Inappropriate meal, Pop the Magic Dragon's night out, alliteration confusion, & ball cradling.

      Wed 06 Sep 2017

      That's A Good Idea. Now Smell My Hanky 1h 12m play

      Matt learns magic. Everybody hates PowerPoint. Asi Wind's thoughts on David Blaine's bullet catch. Salmon can't run, Jackie Vernon, unicorns of the sea, & bears on berries.

      Sun 03 Sep 2017

      Life is Crazy; They Renamed A Fish 1h 7m play

      Questions about a new digital clock in Show Creators Studios, Trump's charity pledge & Day of Prayer, Matt's political career, showering clowns, & people falling.

      Wed 30 Aug 2017

      ...& My Dog. 1h play

      More fudge, gators, Jason Aldean, the man who invented protein, & a mid-season review of Fool Us!

      Sun 27 Aug 2017

      Necklace Of Hungadee, Or Baily Beads 59m play

      Fudge at school, "Resist", & the 2017 eclipse, featuring Lawrence Krauss, a glowing mountain, & yoga.

      Wed 23 Aug 2017

      I've Always Relied On The Kindness Of Scientists 1h 2m play

      Matt apologizes for setting up Penn & Teller to fail. Goudeau sees a cow made of butter. We don't know anything, except for fair food.

      Sun 20 Aug 2017

      I Love Jerry Lewis & Newfoundland 1h 19m play

      Penn's tribute to Jerry Lewis, & a sincere apology to the people of Newfoundland.

      Wed 16 Aug 2017

      Holly & Anne Tell Us Where Babies Come From. 53m play

      Anne Buchanan (author of The Mermaid's Tale: Four Billion Years of Cooperation in the Making of Living Things) & Holly Dunsworth (Sociology & Anthropology department chair for the University of Rhode ... 22 more words

      Sun 13 Aug 2017

      Pistachios, Jack, & a Pixelated Pic of Roger Daltrey 1h play

      One man attempts to ruin The Who concert at Caesar's Palace for Penn. The trouble with Troublewit & Chapeaugraphy. Penn & Teller put the trick that doesn't work back in the show just in time for the... 3 more words

      Wed 09 Aug 2017

      Trump Is Not Big Brother, He's Little Dope 1h 1m play

      A behind-the-scenes look into an upcoming episode of Crashing, another behind-the-scenes look into a possible episode of Archer, and a "literally shocking" in-front-of-the-scenes review of 1984 on Bro... 1 more words

      Sun 06 Aug 2017

      Pop, The Magic Neglectful Father 59m play

      Penn is fitted for his new favorite roll. Happy 110,000th Birthday to Reddi-Rich. Teller is a meme, episode 4 of Fool Us! season 4, & Penn learns he is performing for Grocers, not Groshers.

      Wed 02 Aug 2017

      Trump (Not The Smartest Guy In A Foot Locker) 1h 7m play

      The U.S government is doing great. Jo De Rijck corrects us about Chicken Curry. Season 4, episode 3 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us!, & this one time at tech camp....

      Sun 30 Jul 2017

      Separate But Equal Crab Dances 1h 11m play

      Penn plays Roger Ailes in a musical. Backstage at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Starbucks, cold brew, & wineries.

      Wed 26 Jul 2017

      Flush Your Money Down A Rat Hole 1h 2m play

      Penn is fooled by medicine & a chicken, a defense of Richard Dawkins, & Chop and Steele (Joe Pickett & Nick Prueher) Skype in to discuss their legal troubles over pranking TV stations.

      Sun 23 Jul 2017

      Brutal Possum Gene 1h 7m play

      Penn's tribute to George Romero & Dawn of the Dead. James Lovell, Goudeau's whale shark encounter, & Matt's racist moment.

      Wed 19 Jul 2017

      The Last Ringling Clown 1h 2m play

      A letter from the Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth's last clown, Matthew Lish. Details on ScoopFest 2017, Peter Pitofsky, Ask a Magic Libertarian, & Klaus the cross-country c... 1 more words

      Sun 16 Jul 2017

      Sleep Is An Opinion 1h 1m play

      Season 4 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us! premieres on the CW network. Richard Turner, Dai Vernon, consent in magic, & changing how game show contestants are treated.

      Wed 12 Jul 2017

      Gone Fishin' With Roger Stone 55m play

      The full Roger Stone experience at Mensa. Penn goes fishing with Shimmy Disc founder Kramer. Cool clocks & Colgate.

      Sun 09 Jul 2017

      Five Percent Behind The Beat 1h 4m play

      Penn & Teller are mistaken for another act. Goudeau disappoints Quiet Riot. Reddi has an offbeat encounter.

      Wed 05 Jul 2017

      We Must Each Try To Be Our Own Giant Monkey 1h 6m play

      Big Star Little Star, fish & chips, Viet Kong, & Manchester.

      Sun 02 Jul 2017

      To Barrel Or Not To Barrel 57m play

      Penn returns from the UK tour with tales of pain & misery, giant chocolate bars, & God's conspiracy against the Penn & Teller show.

      Wed 28 Jun 2017

      Father Time with Jamie Kaler II 55m play

      The second half of Penn's conversation with Jamie Kaler & Andy Lerner from the Father Time podcast. Mike Nesmith, video games, privacy, tee-totaling, & how celebrity atheist parents affects children... 1 more words

      Sun 25 Jun 2017

      Rich Little II 1h 6m play

      Showbiz icon Rich Little shares more impersonations in stories about Paul Lynde, Tony Randall, Ed Sullivan, Jimmy Durante, Dean Martin, & Frank Sinatra.

      Wed 21 Jun 2017

      Father Time with Jamie Kaler 53m play

      Penn visits Jamie Kaler's laundry room for the Father Time podcast. Bally broads, bringing up babies, bands without drums, being on the road, & jazz bullshit.

      Sun 18 Jun 2017

      Rich Little 47m play

      Rich Little weaves his characters into stories about old Las Vegas, classic talk shows, former presidents, & people not recognizing themselves in impersonations.

      Wed 14 Jun 2017

      Martin Mull II 55m play

      Penn continues his conversation about art with mentor Martin Mull. Tony Fitzpatrick, Steve Martin, finding your artistic voice, & fountains.

      Sun 11 Jun 2017

      Tim Jenison at MONA II 58m play

      Penn continues his visit with Newtek founder Tim Jenison at The Museum of Old & New Art in Tasmania. James Turrell's light experiments, skinny dipping in the Jurassic Park Experience at Marion Bay, &... 2 more words

      Wed 07 Jun 2017

      Martin Mull 1h play

      Penn visits Martin Mull at Adam Carolla's studio. Martin's comedy act, television career, & albums. Features Jesus Is Easy, Honor Roll, A Girl Your Size (How Could I Not Miss), & Partly Marion.

      Sun 04 Jun 2017

      Tim Jenison at MONA I 1h 6m play

      Penn visits Newtek founder Tim Jenison at The Museum of Old & New Art in Tasmania, where Tim's exhibit & experiments are currently on display. Tim's Vermeer, MONA's unique collection & its patron Dav... 2 more words

      Wed 31 May 2017

      Penn Is Off To England 48m play

      Details on Penn & Teller's UK tour, malt vinegar, the Railroad Crossing Detective, & how to properly call 911.

      Sun 28 May 2017

      Feces, Ring, Grunt, Jack 52m play

      Vegas gets a hockey team. Movie Night & Roger Moore, lost wedding rings, & how to cheat at chess.

      Wed 24 May 2017

      Ask The Magic Atheist (Volume 1) 51m play

      Z's zombie party, Pascal's Wager, atheist values, religion at funerals, the Fine-Tuning Problem, & old white guys talking about pie.

      Sun 21 May 2017

      You Can Go Topless On Supreme Court Yelp 49m play

      Stealing first class, defending Lou Reed, 5-star charging, the Zanti Misfits, & acting sexy.