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      Wed 20 Jun 2018

      Penn Is Going To Psychedelicize His Soul 1h 9m play

      Matt joins the CIA, Penn's laparoscopic magic trick & nuttiest fast yet, & Goudeau's TV terrors trip.

      Sun 17 Jun 2018

      Eating Potatoes & Smelling Vanilla 45m play

      Penn & Teller take a medical leave, Goudeau's inventions, travel advice from Bonnie Raitt, & Penn's suicide story.

      Wed 13 Jun 2018

      Kevin Smith (part II) 1h 8m play

      The second half of Penn's Smodcast from Dogma director Kevin Smith’s L.A. home. Diet, diet, health, & diet.

      Sun 10 Jun 2018

      Kevin Smith (part I) 1h 24m play

      Penn goes to Red State director Kevin Smith's home to do his Smodcast. Penn & Teller vs. Jay & Silent Bob, Kevin vs. vegetables, & the Wonderful World of Pinker.

      Wed 06 Jun 2018

      Kostya Kimlat (part II) 44m play

      Kostya Kimlat returns to Think Like A Magician with his wife, Amy. Women in magic, getting really close with an audience, & what to do in Florida.

      Sun 03 Jun 2018

      Kostya Kimlat (part I) 43m play

      Fool Us! fooler Kostya Kimlat & his wife Amy join Penn with tales of Soviet communism, Elvis impersonators, diaries, & revisiting art.

      Wed 30 May 2018

      Paid People Applauding For Imaginary Cakes 58m play

      Penn lends reality to a reality show about cakes. He also takes his daughter out on the road for the first time. The Cake vs. Pie battle rages on.

      Sun 27 May 2018

      We Are Goats Who Make Cheese. 54m play

      Penn cracks his head three times in three days. Reddi-Rich was kicked in the kidney & saw people die. How to get out of a fight, Ringo's drum set, & a new opening for the Penn & Teller show.

      Wed 23 May 2018

      Sitting On Up High 1h 1m play

      2001: A Space Odyssey , Hill Bill in Calgary & Dominican Republic, pies, & a tweeker story.

      Sun 20 May 2018

      The Monkeys Were Right! 50m play

      Stephen Fry, Ray Comfort, traditional comedy props, & how hard it is to be God.

      Wed 16 May 2018

      Donald Trump, Tom Arnold, & Penn Jillette: A Whole Lot Of Crazy 57m play

      Tom Arnold's quest for Trump videos, Penn & Teller slot machine stories, the Jerry Lewis estate auction, The Happiness Curve , & 36 Arguments For The Existence Of God .

      Sun 13 May 2018

      Mother's Day At Grauman's Chinese Restaurant 54m play

      The Director's Cut premiere with Ron Jeremy; Mother's Day; & we're gonna be phlebotomists.

      Wed 09 May 2018

      I Hope Captain Marvel Has Real Topiary & Fountains 57m play

      Avengers: Infinity War , saying goodbye to Bob Dorough, & things Penn likes.

      Sun 06 May 2018

      Unlike Nothing You've Never Seen Before 1h 5m play

      Goudeau's rocket science adventure, Teller's Macbeth , & what to do during emergency landings.

      Wed 02 May 2018

      If I Pretend I'm A Woman, Will You Pretend It's A Strap On? 1h 3m play

      Penn fails his carny talking idols. Matt's gets put in his place by an audience member. Red Alert: Bob Dylan makes whiskey now. Good-bye, sober Penn?

      Sun 29 Apr 2018

      Germans Hate Traffic Cones 1h 3m play

      Penn's addresses hypocrisy... again. A non-violent Penn took down a tour crew member years ago. Matt has an issue with a neighbor.

      Wed 25 Apr 2018

      Penn Is Not James Bond 55m play

      Annie Baker's The Flick , the CW's Black Lighting , & empathy in art.

      Sun 22 Apr 2018

      David Byrne Ripped Off Penn Jillette! 49m play

      Steven Banks, Johnny Thompson's new book & documentary, & Penn sees David Byrne's current tour.

      Wed 18 Apr 2018

      Tony & Max Fitzpatrick (part II) 54m play

      Tony & Max Fitzpatrick return with stories from the sets of their movies & television projects, Houdini, & the best advice from the best directors.

      Sun 15 Apr 2018

      Tony & Max Fitzpatrick (part I) 51m play

      Artist Tony Fitzpatrick ( Patriot 's Jack Birdbath) & his son Max join Penn in Chicago. Casino scams, lie detectors, & doing drugs on your death bed.

      Wed 11 Apr 2018

      The Dog Whiner 1h 6m play

      More mantids, Matt's new show Opium , & a gallon of Tobasco.

      Sun 08 Apr 2018

      Mike Jones: The Show Before The Show 1h 7m play

      Jonesy stops by with a copy of his new bebop duet with Penn, The Show Before The Show . Being bitter, supporting Aerosmith, breaking Moxie's bike, & Jonesy's version of the Green Mill story.

      Wed 04 Apr 2018

      Penn Doesn't Vomit At The Green Mill 1h 17m play

      Watching buskers at the Fremont Street Experience, playing at the jazz club, another Google-translated review of The Show Before The Show , & a funky pigeon.

      Sun 01 Apr 2018

      Conjecture Farm 50m play

      Farming octopuses, vasectomies as vacations, & Penn's sales techniques.

      Wed 28 Mar 2018

      David Wain (part II) 53m play

      A Futile & Stupid Gesture director David Wain returns. Creating pilots, The State & Childrens Hospital , National Lampoon's Lemmings , & Martin Mull.

      Sun 25 Mar 2018

      David Wain (part I) 43m play

      Memory isn't real, A Futile & Stupid Gesture , breaking the fourth wall, & calling Michael O'Donoghue with Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain.

      Wed 21 Mar 2018

      We Spinning Dick, Swinging Play 51m play

      Penn & Jonesy's album The Show Before The Show is released on Learning new skills late in life, improving intonation after 40, & Matt discloses nothing about some new shows in Vegas.

      Sun 18 Mar 2018

      Annette Has Soft Mouth 59m play

      Goudeau tours Taipei & Idaho. Vocal coach John Henny ( spends the day with Penn. College hoops & how to catch a bat.

      Wed 14 Mar 2018

      David Kwong (part II) 49m play

      More on ABC's Deception , prized crosswords, Scrabble, A.I. vs ai, escape rooms, & secret yets.

      Sun 11 Mar 2018

      David Kwong (part I) 46m play

      Deception producer David Kwong calls in to talk TV, magic, & cryptic crosswords.

      Wed 07 Mar 2018

      Windshield Confessional 1h 8m play

      Penn discovers violence is sexy, saves Jewel's life, & changes his mind about Cirque du Soleil.

      Sun 04 Mar 2018

      An Easy Rider 48m play

      Piff fills in as guest host while Penn & Teller's Fool Us! production begins. Replacing Mr. Piffles, being paid in cash, solving apartheid, & we finally figure out the problem with Hitler.

      Wed 28 Feb 2018

      McDracula's 47m play

      The exciting conclusion of Goudeau's Romania story.

      Sun 25 Feb 2018

      I Can't Lift My Arms 48m play

      Goudeau has TSA trouble, Jason Garfield's customized 14 minute workout, & Psychic Hill Bill sees the Penn & Teller show for the first time.

      Wed 21 Feb 2018

      Penn is in Cirque du Soleil's Otter Bar. 1h 17m play

      Annie Baker, hot air balloons, Mike Nesmith's band, Goudeau makes the list, & Penn guests on Scorpion & Cirque du Soleil's One Drop .

      Sun 18 Feb 2018

      Who Can I Blame? 1h 6m play

      Averting disaster on The Steve Harvey Show , Goudeau leaves for Romania, & propaganda testing our limits of free speech.