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      Sun 23 Apr 2017

      Peter Boghossian at the Center for Science & Wonder (part 1) 1h 21m play

      Penn talks with philosophy professor Peter Boghossian - the author of A Manual for Creating Atheists - about morality, atheism, & PC culture in American universities.

      Wed 19 Apr 2017

      The Packaging Of Outrage 1h 6m play

      Penn is outraged by United outrage. Goudeau has a run-in with the law, & bids a juggling act to the Penn & Teller show. P&T do motion capture for a new virtual reality project.

      Sun 16 Apr 2017

      First Liar Doesn't Stand A Chance 1h 14m play

      Matt & Penn each have unruly audience members. Zolten baits a sea lion. Easter stories & punching deer.

      Wed 12 Apr 2017

      Singing Songs to Fish 1h 17m play

      Chemical weapons; modern fruit, cookies, & olives; Matt's weight, & Penn versus Teller.

      Sun 09 Apr 2017

      I'll Stuff Your Olive By Hand 1h 12m play

      Our tribute to Don Rickles. Ira Glass asks Penn to tell the truth. Matt is in a music video near an alien brothel, & magic questions from an 8th grader.

      Wed 05 Apr 2017

      Starbucks As Currency 1h 1m play

      The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam review, for real this time. Penn considers hearing aids, Zolten's acting coaching, pancakes with dirtballs, & defunding Planned Parenthood/the NEA/Sesame Street.

      Sun 02 Apr 2017

      Mark Wahlburg Craftily Tricks Penn Into Eating A Hamburger 1h 11m play

      Penn reviews Dean Cameron's Nigerian Spam Scam Scam. Writing jokes, practicing juggling, & Mark Wahlburg helps Penn & Teller - but especially Penn - at Wahlburgers.

      Wed 29 Mar 2017

      Sorry About The Pain au Chocolat, Ryan Gosling. 1h 16m play

      Penn meets Peyton Manning & Ryan Gosling. Matt is Sean Spicer at 50 Shades: The Parody. Songs that define you in your twenties, & a Pig Latin poem.

      Sun 26 Mar 2017

      Relentless Midges 1h 7m play

      Getting the car to the driveway on empty. The Penn & Teller show is interrupted for a lozenge. Season Four of Fool Us! wraps, Heimlich, & Penn's codeine addiction.

      Wed 22 Mar 2017

      We're All On Alert For Mass Murderers. 55m play

      Part Two from @Nerdvana in Frisco, Texas, with the Pitchfords. How to open a restaurant, how to be one of those adults with plans, & how to get recognized at peep shows, or not.

      Sun 19 Mar 2017

      If You're Going to Swallow A Live Mouse, Cut Its Nails 1h 5m play

      Brett Loudermilk joins us at the Pitchfords' @Nerdvana Coffee in Frisco, Texas, to talk sword swallowing, David Blaine, & frogs.

      Wed 15 Mar 2017

      Prison in Ensenada 1h 15m play

      The texts of breaking up, Get Out, unique names, & all of Penn's dreams are coming true.

      Sun 12 Mar 2017

      The World's Most Expensive Card Trick 1h 7m play

      Penn & Teller almost shut down NBC. Penn unwittingly pays for Sarah's vacation. Hay fever & Matt's magic trick.

      Wed 08 Mar 2017

      I Like Sweet Things From The World 1h 21m play

      Matt has an alcohol adventure as stage manager at 50 Shades! The Musical, Goudeau has kiteboarding adventure in Mexico, plus allergies & beekeeping.

      Sun 05 Mar 2017

      Happy Birthday, Dean Stockwell 1h 4m play

      Penn's birthday, Penn & Teller's best TV bit, Donny Osmond is a nice guy, & Gilbert Gottfried calls in by accident, twice.

      Wed 01 Mar 2017

      Living Wage: A Well Needed Some Sprant for his Bedit 1h 12m play

      Living wage, 300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso, Penn wonders if he is a rat dreaming about being human, & Matt's psychic bear necklace days.

      Sun 26 Feb 2017

      Negging The Queen With Honey Brick Toast 1h 14m play

      Penn lets down an audience member with the breath of a chicken. He also discusses the possible true tragic expectations for Donny Jingles. Penn & Teller meet over Korean coffee.

      Wed 22 Feb 2017

      Penn's Hypocrisy 1h 5m play

      Penn & Emily star in Love Letters. Matt steals a ham. Operation Avalanche, A Thief In The Night, & breast awareness survey results.

      Sun 19 Feb 2017

      Bareback Conversation 1h 18m play

      Penn has a run in with TSA. The trick that doesn't work, "Indian" names, & Uber stories.

      Wed 15 Feb 2017

      Do You Know Where Your Breasts Are? 59m play

      Penn has a Valentine's Day date with Moxie. The Great Tomsoni's act is now in the show. Plus, breast & Brut sensitivity.

      Sun 12 Feb 2017

      Almost No One Wants a Talking Pig 45m play

      The Harlem Globetrotters, chimeras, sentences from the New York Times, & Penn stops swearing.

      Wed 08 Feb 2017

      Jay Mohr (Part 2) 44m play

      The theology half of Penn's visit to Jay Mohr's garage.

      Sun 05 Feb 2017

      Jay Mohr (Part 1) 1h 11m play

      Penn visits Jay Mohr's garage to share his thoughts on psychics & the performance of magic, & his dream that one day David Copperfield will portray Otto & George.

      Wed 01 Feb 2017

      Piff's Mom's Mince Pies - Now With Aquarium! 1h 6m play

      Piff The Magic Dragon flew his mother over from Merry Ol' England with 11 mince pies. Here's what happened.

      Sun 29 Jan 2017

      There's No Such Thing As Evil 0m play

      Penn ruins Elvis' guitar, tackles the problem of evil, & accepts corrections from the congregation.

      Wed 25 Jan 2017

      Guilt Round Up Spank Bank 1h 10m play

      Penn insults an audience member, Matt is almost famous, & Goudeau saves Sunday morning. Plus, perfumed performance art.

      Sun 22 Jan 2017

      Windshield Wipers 1h 10m play

      Women's marches, over-drumming, & trying to reconcile front & rear windshield wiper rhythms.

      Wed 18 Jan 2017

      London Titty Spy 1h 9m play

      Penn's oft-requested Year in Review: the list of art he enjoyed in 2016.

      Sun 15 Jan 2017

      Goudeau and (&) Penn Lose Their Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Greatest Show on Earth Clown College Accreditation 1h 33m play

      How alumni from Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Greatest Show on Earth's Clown College feel about the demise of the shows.

      Wed 11 Jan 2017

      Parti Poodle Penn Becomes a Kiwi 1h 22m play

      Penn's travels to New Zealand, a new poodle-dog, & the Jillette family/Goudeau family escape room experience.

      Sun 08 Jan 2017

      The Guam Part of My Brain, & Racquetball 1h 18m play

      Penn picks up Moxie from school. The Grand Canyon in the dark, racquetball in the movies, & a cool thing you might try after sex.

      Sun 01 Jan 2017

      Episode 253: New Year's Day 2017 1h 2m play

      Our first New Year's Day celebration. Some of Penn's bad ideas: Electric Boy, Broken Arm Magic, & standing outside in the sleeting snow of Times Square wearing nothing but underwear.

      Sun 25 Dec 2016

      The Christmas Episode 1h 11m play

      Christmas traditions, Cajun comfort food, & that rat bastard Andy Williams.

      Sun 18 Dec 2016

      Johnny Kats: Las Vegas Man-About-Town 1h 56m play

      Reporter John Katsilometes gives a Las Vegas backstage tour, with Jerry Lewis, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, photo opportunities, & zombie showgirls.

      Sun 11 Dec 2016

      Piff Presents Resenting Day 1h 31m play

      UK vs US food, holidays, & branding, plus time travel, with Piff the Magic Dragon.

      Sun 04 Dec 2016

      Pluto's Moon Is Full Of Antifreeze 1h 33m play

      Penn defends his flag burning. The World's Greatest bass player plays at Penn's home. A Moxie mic drop.