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      Wed 11 Jan 2017

      The Tariq Nasheed Episode 1h 45m play

      We have the good brother @TariqNasheed in the studio discussing politics, white supremacy and the art of mackin. Also make sure you go and support 1804:The Hidden History of Haiti https://www.indiegog... 1 more words

      Wed 04 Jan 2017

      The Year Of The Draco 1h 18m play

      We kick off 2017 with some real jewels from a jeweler because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail beloved. We share our thoughts on our year and give a prediction for what 2017 has in store for us. ... 23 more words

      Wed 28 Dec 2016

      The Year End Episode feat Wayno, Rel Carter and BK Tidal Wave 1h 46m play

      As 2016 comes to a close we bring together Wayno, Rel Carter and BK Tidal Wave to discuss what exactly happened this year and what we all have to look forward to in 2017. You can get your first month... 27 more words

      Wed 21 Dec 2016

      The Gillie Da Kid Episode 2h 8m play

      It's only right we bring the Philly legend Gillie Da Kid up to New York to discuss who really is the king of Philly, how some Chicago rappers need guidance and why sometimes your OG is just and old G.... 56 more words

      Wed 14 Dec 2016

      The LOX Episode 1h 29m play

      In today's episode we are living off experience and also copious amounts of Dusse. Never let anyone tell you we don't do this for the culture. You can get your first month's subscription of Bevel for... 22 more words

      Wed 07 Dec 2016

      The Black Thought Episode 1h 42m play

      We have the living legend Black Thought on the studio today. What's more to say than press play beloved. You can get your first month's subscription of Bevel for free by going to 18 more words

      Wed 30 Nov 2016

      The Nick Cannon Episode 1h 11m play

      We have the young legend Nick Cannon in the studio today dropping real gems. What more can I say but press play and enjoy. To get your first month of your Bevel subscription for free go to www.GetBev... 13 more words

      Wed 23 Nov 2016

      The G Herbo Episode 1h 22m play

      In today's episode we have the young spitter G Herbo in the studio discussing Chicago, drill music and why you should never trust men who join gangs in their 40s. Press play and enjoy responsibly but ... 44 more words

      Wed 16 Nov 2016

      The Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson Episode 53m play

      I say that to say this we got Chad Ocho Cinco (@ochocinco) on the show today. We talk NFL, concussions and what type of women have the best snacks in the crib. Also joining Tax and Chad is the educate... 23 more words

      Thu 10 Nov 2016

      The Donald Trump Episode 1h 28m play

      A wise man once said there's a war going on outside no man is safe from. I had to get Combat Jack and Kenneth Montgomery in the studio to discuss the election. Press play and BESAFETHO.

      Mon 31 Oct 2016

      The Meek Mill Episode 1h 32m play

      Riding in the Wraith, stars in the roof. You asked for it so we delivered. Pour some Dusse, roll your finest in an Optimo and press play.

      Wed 26 Oct 2016

      The Casanova, DJ Miss Milan And Manolo Rose Episode 1h 19m play

      Sometimes the culture demands a certain type of episode in order to put things in perspective and guarantee that the future is in good hands. However, I say that to say this we have Casanova, DJ Miss ... 17 more words

      Wed 19 Oct 2016

      The Naturi Naughton Episode 2h 25m play

      Today we drop a special double episode. We start with the beautiful Nubian Queen Naturi Naughton who drops by to discuss growing up in East Orange, acting and what's next for Power. Joining Naturi and... 71 more words

      Wed 12 Oct 2016

      The Rico Love Episode 1h 17m play

      We have the young legend Rico Love live from Miami. The audio starts off a bit rough but eventually gets better. Be respectful, I have a family. Also make sure you subscribe on iTunes and follow us o... 26 more words

      Wed 05 Oct 2016

      The Jeezy Episode 1h 6m play

      In this episode we have Atlanta's own Jeezy in the building dropping gems about his life and career. This is the episode everyone has been asking for and we finally did it. Also in the studio we have ... 54 more words

      Wed 28 Sep 2016

      The Return of Beanie Sigel feat DJ Self 2h 10m play

      We originally planned on just having DJ Self in the studio but earlier in the day Beans called and said he had something to get off his chest. The Broad Street Bully (24:30 Start of Beanie Sigel Inter... 53 more words

      Wed 21 Sep 2016

      The Race Episode feat. Kenneth J. Montgomery 1h 26m play

      In this episode we have attorney and professor Kenneth J. Montgomery (@EsqMontgomery) give us a lecture on race, history, police brutality and white supremacy. This is a very insightful episode. Pleas... 13 more words

      Wed 14 Sep 2016

      The @MysticxLipstick Episode 2h 2m play

      In this episode we have the educated sister Danielle Ayoka aka @MysticxLipstick discussing astrology, metaphysics and we even get her to do a reading on the bad guy. So sit back, be safe tho and press... 1 more words

      Wed 07 Sep 2016

      The Oschino Episode 1h 18m play

      Philly spitter and former State Property member Oschino stops by to discuss coming home, the Philly rap scene and his issues with Beanie Sigel. BESAFETHO

      Wed 31 Aug 2016

      The Dusse & Wings Episode 1h 20m play

      We ordered Dusse and wings and recorded an episode. For culturural purposes of course. Also in the studio is the Jamaican empress @Alexa_Leighton Press play and enjoy Go to and use... 14 more words

      Wed 24 Aug 2016

      The Star Episode 1h 23m play

      We have the legend Star in the studio dropping jewel after jewel. This man is a legend and this interview has been long over due. Press play and thank us later.

      Wed 17 Aug 2016

      The Beanie Siegel Episode 2h 54m play

      Every time I step in the booth, I speak the truth. Today we bring you the Broad Street Bully himself, Beanie Siegel. In the co-host seat we have the educated sister @KyraChaos. Sit back, pour yourself... 10 more words

      Wed 10 Aug 2016

      The No Jumper Episode 1h 14m play

      In this episode we have Adam22 (@OnSomeShit) from the @NoJumper podcast discussing growing up in New Hampshire, being a professional BMX rider and why he is an advocate for anallingus. We also have th... 39 more words

      Wed 03 Aug 2016

      The Sex Therapy Episode 1h 48m play

      In this episode we have sexologist Michelle Hope (@MHSexpert) discussing sex, squirting, STDs and why being baptized may or may not be a great form of safe sex. Also in the studio we have the beautifu... 18 more words

      Wed 27 Jul 2016

      The Friend Zone Episode 1h 26m play

      In this episode we have the cast of The Friend Zone @LookAtDustin @HeyFranHey and @HeyAssante stopping by to discuss life, love and why we must always strive to overcome negative energy. For tickets... 12 more words

      Wed 20 Jul 2016

      The Black Jesus Episode 50m play

      Actor and comedian Slink Johnson who plays Black Jesus stops by to share his story on how he started acting, what character he should play in a Tyler Perry movie and even spits a few bars. Also in the... 26 more words

      Wed 13 Jul 2016

      The Black Lives Matter Episode 1h 38m play

      We are living in some troubling times and I had to speak on what's been going on across the country. We originally had another episode planned for today but I had to get this off my chest. In the stud... 20 more words

      Wed 06 Jul 2016

      The T. Rodgers Episode 1h 6m play

      Humanitarian, actor and founder of the Black P Stones, T. Rodgers talks with Taxstone about race, the culture and his deep history in the game. Also in the building we have TK Kirkland and Kenny B. Th... 13 more words

      Wed 29 Jun 2016

      The Too Short Episode 1h 25m play

      The west coast legend Too Short stops by to discuss coming up in Oakland, the pimp game, being one of the first platnium rappers and why Dr. Dre is such a perfectionist. Also in the building is the be... 32 more words

      Wed 22 Jun 2016

      The Wesley Pipes Episode 1h 3m play

      As we continue our West Coast run we bring to young the legend Wesley Pipes. Sit back and press play. Get merch at

      Wed 15 Jun 2016

      The Ben Baller Episode feat Miko Grimes 1h 42m play

      As we continue our West Coast run we bring to you the Ben Baller episode. You may know Ben for being a celebrity jeweler but his history runs deep. From running with Dr. Dre and Pac, to being a label ... 30 more words

      Wed 08 Jun 2016

      The West Coast Episode starring Xzibit, YG & Problem 1h 35m play

      You said we weren't showing the West no love so we went and got Xzibit, YG and Problem all on the same episode. Sit back and push play beloved.

      Wed 01 Jun 2016

      The Junior Galette Episode 1h 40m play

      Junior Galette from the Washington Redskins stops by to discuss playing ball professionally, getting money and what really happened on that Miami beach. Also in the building is the beautiful educated ... 7 more words

      Wed 25 May 2016

      The Mistah Fab Episode 52m play

      We got the Bay area legend Mistah F.A.B in the building discussing battle rap, the Bay area sound and knocking people out. Also Serius Jones and DJ Miss Milan stop by to join the discussion. You've be... 36 more words

      Wed 18 May 2016

      The Fame School X STASHED Episode 1h 22m play

      This week the STASHED crew join us in the studio to discuss their new project the STASHED Print Volume 1. It's a fly book so make sure you're respectful and cop several copies https://print.thestashed... 37 more words

      Wed 11 May 2016

      The TK Kirkland Episode 1h 19m play

      We've been trying to put this episode together for a long time but finally we have Tax and comedian TK Kirkland in the studio together. Stop reading this, push play and thank me later. You're welcome ... 1 more words