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      Tue 06 Feb 2018

      Tim Robbins 1h 20m play

      Tim Robbins ( The Shawshank Redemption , The Player ) chats with Chris and Jonah about his first roles as an actor, how he started The Actors’ Gang and how he works as both an actor and a director. T... 29 more words

      Fri 02 Feb 2018

      BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THING 1h 15m play

      Times they are a-changing! But also a-staying the same. A-listen, won't you??

      Fri 26 Jan 2018

      Cress Williams 1h 1m play

      Cress Williams ( Black Lightning , Grey's Anatomy , Friday Night Lights ) talks to Chris and Jonah about growing up in Orange County, deciding to get in better physical shape and how he got the role... 34 more words

      Fri 19 Jan 2018

      Riki Lindhome 1h 13m play

      Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel and Oates, Another Period ) talks with Chris about when she and Kate were on the podcast, how Garfunkel and Oates found fame with YouTube and how she and Kate have changed si... 34 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      Paul Thomas Anderson 1h 17m play

      Paul Thomas Anderson (director, There Will Be Blood , Boogie Nights ) chats with Chris and Jonah about working with Daniel Day Lewis, getting involved with the Largo theater and how starting a famil... 22 more words

      Fri 05 Jan 2018

      Michael Rosenbaum 1h 36m play

      Michael Rosenbaum ( Smallville , Guardians of the Galaxy II ) chats with Chris about how he got into acting, where he and Chris met and recently starting a podcast. They also talk about being comfort... 21 more words

      Fri 29 Dec 2017

      Hostful 2017: Peaks and Valleys 1h 41m play

      It’s the end of the year hostful! Chris, Matt and Jonah talk about Matt's insanely busy schedule, Jonah talks about the MST3K tour he did this past year and Jonah talks about his dad’s passing. They a... 22 more words

      Thu 14 Dec 2017

      Bill Skarsgård 1h 39m play

      Bill Skarsgård ( IT , Atomic Blond ) talks about Sweden in the winter, being part of a family of actors and getting the role of Pennywise in IT . They also talk about how Swedish culture differs fro... 15 more words

      Tue 05 Dec 2017

      Joe Kenda Returns 1h 23m play

      Joe Kenda ( Homicide Hunter ) returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris talk about how would break the news to someone that a family member had passed away, statistics of murders and Joe talks abou... 34 more words

      Tue 28 Nov 2017

      Seth Rogen #3 52m play

      Seth Rogen returns to the Nerdist Podcast! He chats with Chris and Jonah about working into old age, the upcoming season 3 of Preacher and what projects Seth wants to do that he hasn’t done yet. Seth ... 24 more words

      Fri 24 Nov 2017

      Dana Gould and Janet Varney 1h 34m play

      Dana Gould and Janet Varney chat with Chris about how dolphins and whales would talk to each other, getting trick or treaters on Halloween and how Janet is a good singer but never sings. They also tal... 19 more words

      Wed 22 Nov 2017

      Brian Regan Returns 1h 12m play

      Brian Regan returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris talk about doing a first stand up show after a break, telling strangers you are a comedian and doing the same jokes too many times. They also t... 23 more words

      Sat 18 Nov 2017

      Hari Kondabolu 1h 21m play

      Hari Kondabolu (comedian, The Problem with Apu) chats with Chris and Jonah about the importance of diversity in entertainment, how stereotypical characters impact viewers lives and what it was like fo... 42 more words

      Wed 15 Nov 2017

      Keith Morrison 1h 18m play

      Keith Morrison ( Dateline ) talks to Chris about how he became a journalist, how they research and report stories and how it really is true that Canadians are all nice. Keith then tells stories about ... 30 more words

      Fri 10 Nov 2017

      Jon Bernthal 1h 5m play

      Jon Bernthal ( The Walking Dead , Wolf of Wall Street ) and Chris talk about why Jon chose to take the part on The Walking Dead , how Rick’s character has changed from season 1 and how he relates sp... 19 more words

      Fri 03 Nov 2017

      Laurence Fishburne 1h 5m play

      Laurence Fishburne ( The Matrix , Blackish ) talks to Chris about doing comedic and dramatic acting, his time on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and his love of sci-fi movies. They also talk about the state of... 14 more words

      Tue 31 Oct 2017

      Bruce Campbell Returns 1h 15m play

      Bruce Campbell returns to the Nerdist podcast! He, Chris and Jonah talk about the recent fires, joke about their friend Jenkins and Bruce’s dream to own land in every state. Bruce also shares his theo... 25 more words

      Fri 27 Oct 2017

      Greg Kinnear 1h 11m play

      Greg Kinnear ( Little Miss Sunshine , As Good As It Gets ) talks to Chris about his days on Talk Soup, how Greg went from cable to movies and spending his high school years abroad on a military base.... 32 more words

      Wed 25 Oct 2017

      Duffer Brothers 1h 19m play

      Matt and Ross Duffer ( Stranger Things ) talk to Chris about how marketing for season 1 has changed for season 2, not knowing if Stranger Things would be a hit and the making of Wayward Pines . The... 24 more words

      Thu 19 Oct 2017

      Taran Killam Returns 1h 7m play

      Taran Killam ( SNL ) returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris come up with a reboot with Red Asphalt, they talk about their love of Disneyland and they compare which Hogwarts houses they are in. T... 23 more words

      Tue 17 Oct 2017

      Russell Brand 50m play

      Russell Brand (comedian, actor) talks with Chris about being sober for so many years, getting married and how now having a family has changed his outlook on life. They also talk about political life i... 21 more words

      Wed 11 Oct 2017

      Jason Blum 1h 22m play

      Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions) talks to Chris and Jonah about growing up in LA, how they were bullied as kids and reconnecting with their bullies as adults. Jason also talks about the politics of ... 16 more words

      Fri 06 Oct 2017

      Whitney Cummings 1h 19m play

      Whitney Cummings chats with Chris about how they both come up with jokes, how Whitney organized her home and how Marilyn Monroe compares to celebrities today. Whitney also asks Chris about married lif... 13 more words

      Wed 04 Oct 2017

      Ron Perlman #3 1h 11m play

      Ron Perlman returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris talk about nicknames, the movie he worked on with Brando and knowing people who are close to death. Ron then tells the story of being roasted b... 23 more words

      Fri 29 Sep 2017

      Deon Cole 1h 1m play

      Deon Cole ( Blackish , Conan , comedian) talks to Chris about how he got into stand up, how they come up with joke ideas and how comedy has changed over the years. They also talk about the current tr... 31 more words

      Wed 27 Sep 2017

      David X. Cohen 1h 19m play

      David X. Cohen ( Futurama , Simpsons ) talks about the roller coaster of working on Futurama , all the changes it has gone through during the years and some of the amazing voice actors he has worked... 43 more words

      Thu 21 Sep 2017

      Paula Poundstone 1h 52m play

      Paula Poundstone talks to Chris about decluttering your home, playing board games and their favorite comedic actors. She also talks about her early days in comedy, volunteering at a retirement home an... 13 more words

      Thu 14 Sep 2017

      Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Presents, RADIORAMA! 47m play

      Jam City, TinyCo and Nerdist present: RADIORAMA, a brand new double-length podcast episode of Futurama! Created by the show's original creator and writers, this 42-minute long episode is bringing you ... 32 more words

      Max Brooks Returns 1h 32m play

      Max Brooks returns to the Nerdist podcast! They talk about how Max’s dad likes to exchange dirty jokes with his Max's son, listening to manual audio books and Chris teaches him how to use Twitter. The... 25 more words

      Fri 08 Sep 2017

      Tatiana Maslany (TWCH) 1h 3m play

      Tatiana Maslany joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about Orphan Black , her new movie Stronger  and more!

      Tue 05 Sep 2017

      ID10T Hostful 1h 7m play

      It's a nerdist hostful live from ID10T festival! Chris, Matt and Jonah are back to talk about what everyone has been up to, Matt talks about drinking too much caffeine and Jonah talks about MST3K . C... 20 more words

      Sat 02 Sep 2017

      Dominic Monaghan (TWCH) 1h 11m play

      Dominic Monaghan joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about LOST , Lord of the Rings  more!

      Wed 30 Aug 2017

      Andrea Savage Returns 1h 17m play

      Andrea Savage returns to the Nerdist podcast! She and Chris talk about kids asking where babies come from, destination weddings and her daughter starting third grade. They also talk about her show I'... 21 more words

      Sun 27 Aug 2017

      Neil deGrasse Tyson (TWCH) 1h 10m play

      Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about space, planet, his book  Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and more!

      Fri 25 Aug 2017

      Michael Cudlitz 1h 38m play

      Michael Cudlitz ( The Walking Dead , Southland ) talks to Chris about being married for over 30 years, raising kids and how he got into acting. He also talks about working on 90210 , his time on So... 18 more words

      Sat 19 Aug 2017

      Jaimie Alexander (TWCH) 1h 8m play

      Jaime Alexander joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about Kyle XY , Blindspot  and more!