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      Tue 17 Jan 2017

      Louie Anderson 1h 34m play

      Louie Anderson (stand-up,  Life with Louie ) talks with Chris about starting out his career in comedy, the comedy scene in Minnesota and they debate the best place in the line up to perform at a stand... 37 more words

      Wed 11 Jan 2017

      Mark Hamill Returns 1h 47m play

      Mark Hamill ( Star Wars ) returns to the Nerdist Podcast! He and Chris talk about becoming a collector, where he would go to find toys, comic books and more and and what they each like to collect. The... 24 more words

      Wed 04 Jan 2017

      Metallica Returns 1h 9m play

      James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica return to the Nerdist! They talk with Chris about ways to keep pizza warm while playing shows, how their kids feel about them being rock stars and playin... 30 more words

      Tue 27 Dec 2016

      2016: The Year of No Chill 1h 24m play

      It’s some hostful goodness to celebrate the end of the year! Chris, Matt and Jonah choose their favorite Simpsons season, Jonah talks about movies he saw recently and Matt STILL loves The Dave Matthew... 36 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Neil Finn 1h 26m play

      Neil Finn (musician, Crowded House) chats with Chris about starting his career in the late 1970's, how his music has evolved over the years and how his band Crowded House was formed. They also talk ab... 33 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      Ian McShane 1h 9m play

      Ian McShane ( Deadwood ,  Lovejoy ) chats with Chris about his character Al Swearengen on Deadwood, how he got into acting on TV and how he picks new projects. Ian also talks about his dad who was a p... 16 more words

      Tue 13 Dec 2016

      She & Him 1h 3m play

      She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) talk to Chris about their favorite Christmas tree types, what they like about the holidays and how weird raising kids can be. They then talk about what TV shows... 22 more words

      Tue 06 Dec 2016

      Jake Gyllenhaal 1h 24m play

      Jake Gyllenhaal ( Donnie Darko ,  Nightcrawler ,  Zodiac ) chats with Chris about his desires to direct, being mindful in life and his new film  Nocturnal Animals . He also talks about what he likes a... 20 more words

      Tue 29 Nov 2016

      Tracey Ullman 1h 13m play

      Tracey Ullman ( The Tracey Ullman Show ,  Tracey Takes On... ) talks with Chris about coming up in the British comedy scene, how comedy has changed over the years and moving to Hollywood. She also tal... 27 more words

      Thu 24 Nov 2016

      Jeremy Irons 1h 10m play

      Jeremy Irons ( Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Lion King ) chats with Chris about why he wanted to be an actor, how he chooses the roles he does and the importance of learning about different cultures.... 24 more words

      Tue 15 Nov 2016

      Anna Faris and Sim Sarna 1h 43m play

      It's a Nerdist/Anna Faris is Unqualified crossover! Anna Faris and Sim Sarna join Chris to talk about why they both started podcasts, her role on  Mom  and they have a in-depth conversion about pubic ... 31 more words

      Wed 09 Nov 2016

      Anna Kendrick Returns 1h 44m play

      Anna Kendrick ( Pitch Perfect, Up In The Air ) returns to the podcast to talk about killing house plants, what inspired her to write a book Scrappy Little Nobody, and how honesty translates to actors ... 28 more words

      Fri 04 Nov 2016

      Rob Zombie #3 1h 34m play

      Rob Zombie (musician, filmmaker) talks to Chris about preferring tv to movies, how fast technology is growing and how working towards something makes you enjoy it more. They also talk about the effect... 40 more words

      Mon 31 Oct 2016

      Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 1h 12m play

      Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) chats with Chris about weird dreams, the time she went on a date with Elvis and she tells stories about her early days on the road. She also talks abo... 25 more words

      Tue 25 Oct 2016

      Dakota Fanning 1h 16m play

      Dakota Fanning ( I Am Sam, War of the Worlds, Coraline ) talks to Chris about what it was like starting acting at such a young age, how she manages such a busy schedule and what it’s like spending so ... 32 more words

      Thu 20 Oct 2016

      Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett 1h 6m play

      Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett chat with Chris about matte vs shiny iPhones, their new show  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency  and Sam talks about the difference between British and American au... 35 more words

      Tue 18 Oct 2016

      Rick Astley 1h 4m play

      Rick Astley (musician) chats with Chris about returning to music after retiring for a few years, starting out in music at such a young age and he talks about driving across the US. Rick then talks abo... 16 more words

      Wed 12 Oct 2016

      Norm Macdonald 2h 14m play

      Norm Macdonald ( SNL ,  The Norm Show , stand up) talks with Chris about their favorite late night shows, they tell horror stories of network testing and Norm talks about his Larry King impression. No... 29 more words

      Thu 06 Oct 2016

      Gale Anne Hurd 1h 28m play

      Gale Anne Hurd (producer,  The Terminator ,  The Walking Dead ) talks to Chris about getting her start as a producer in the 70s, working for Roger Corman and what exactly a producer does. They then ta... 26 more words

      Wed 05 Oct 2016

      Sarah Jessica Parker 1h 25m play

      Sarah Jessica Parker ( Sex and the City ) chats with Chris about growing up without television, her time on  Square Pegs  and her character in  L.A. Story . Sarah Jessica then talks about how she felt... 46 more words

      Wed 28 Sep 2016

      Live at SDCC with Joel Hodgson and Bruce Campbell 1h 56m play

      It's the second show from SDCC 2016! First, Joel Hodgson chats with Chris, Matt and Jonah about re-booting  Mystery Science Theater , Jonah cries out of joy and Matt talks about his low sperm count. T... 26 more words

      Tue 20 Sep 2016

      Neil deGrasse Tyson #4 1h 30m play

      Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist,  StarTalk ) returns to the Nerdist for a fourth time! He and Chris talk about Chris’ appearances on Star Talk, the relationship through art and science and Chris h... 36 more words

      Wed 14 Sep 2016

      John Stamos 1h 3m play

      John Stamos ( Full House, Grandfathered ) chats with Chris about their love of Disneyland, their mutual friend Bob Saget and his time on  General Hospital . They also talk about Chris recently getting... 17 more words

      Fri 09 Sep 2016

      Colman Domingo 1h 19m play

      Colman Domingo ( Fear the Walking Dead ) chats with Chris about being on  Fear the Walking Dead , the backstory to his character on the show and how he loves to engage with his fans. They also talk ab... 33 more words

      Tue 30 Aug 2016

      Max Brooks 1h 49m play

      Max Brooks (author,  World War Z ) talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about his book  World War Z , growing up in L.A. in the 80s, and what his father Mel’s daily routine is. They then get into a deep con... 41 more words

      Tue 23 Aug 2016

      Summer Ash 1h 32m play

      Summer Ash (astrophysicist) chats with Chris and Matt about the Juno mission to Jupiter, what science is looking to learn about Jupiter and how scientists are portrayed in movies and TV. They then tal... 23 more words

      Fri 19 Aug 2016

      Billy West #3 1h 46m play

      Billy West (voice actor,  Futurama ) returns to the podcast for a third time! He talks to Chris about the time he and Maurice LaMarche improvised as Stimpy and The Brain, how to manipulate your mouth ... 38 more words

      Thu 11 Aug 2016

      Seth Rogen Returns 1h 5m play

      Seth Rogen ( Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Superbad ) returns to the Nerdist to chat with Chris and Matt about doing improv in high school with Nathan Fielder, why Canadians are good with American com... 30 more words

      Tue 09 Aug 2016

      The Marriage Refs 1h 5m play

      It's some Hostful goodness! Matt and Jonah talk about what they did for their birthdays, Jonah talked about trying a sensory deprivation tank and Chris doesn't eat pizza anymore. Chris talks about his... 30 more words

      Fri 05 Aug 2016

      Mike Birbiglia #4 1h 27m play

      Mike Birbiglia (comedian, director,  Sleepwalk with Me ) returns to the Nerdist for a fourth time! He talks to Chris and Jonah about being successful in stand up comedy, how Madison Square Garden suck... 32 more words

      Wed 27 Jul 2016

      Live from SDCC 2016 with Tatiana Maslany, Danny McBride, Walton Goggins and Jody Hill 2h 8m play

      It's the first show from SDCC 2016 at the Balboa Theater! First Tatiana Maslany talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about being on  Orphan Black , what shows she likes and she takes some questions from the... 33 more words

      Sun 24 Jul 2016

      Butch Vig 1h 18m play

      Butch Vig (legendary music producer, Garbage) chats with Chris and Matt about his lifetime in music, growing up in Wisconsin and what is was like working on so many famous albums. He then talks about ... 13 more words

      Fri 15 Jul 2016

      Paul Dini 1h 50m play

      Paul Dini (comic book writer, animator) chats with Chris and Matt about his early days at Filmation, starting his career in animation, and how the '90s were such a renaissance for animation. They then... 46 more words

      Thu 07 Jul 2016

      David Schwimmer 1h 2m play

      David Schwimmer ( Friends, Madagascar ) talks with Chris about working in the theater, being part of such a huge cultural phenomenon and jobs he had before he made it as an actor. He also talked about... 26 more words

      Wed 06 Jul 2016

      Dana Carvey 1h 31m play

      Dana Carvey ( Wayne’s World, Saturday Night Live, The Dana Carvey Show ) chats with Chris and Matt about their ancestral histories; Dana does some impressions and he remembers being on  The Tonight Sh... 32 more words

      Tue 28 Jun 2016

      Hakeem Oluseyi 1h 25m play

      Hakeem Oluseyi (astrophysicist) talks to Chris about how he got his start in science, hosting science shows on TV, and how they are finding ways to travel through space faster. They then talk about ho... 39 more words