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      Thu 25 May 2017

      Bill Burr #3 1h 30m play

      Bill Burr returns to the Nerdist for a third time! He and Chris talk about how his baby daughter is super chill, the stresses of going out in public and encountering trolls on the internet. They also ... 24 more words

      Fri 19 May 2017

      Jordan Peele #2 58m play

      Jordan Peele joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about Get Out and more! Make sure to watch  Talking with Chris Hardwick  Sunday nights at 11pm on AMC or on amc.... 1 more words

      Thu 18 May 2017

      Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride 1h 1m play

      Michael Fassbender ( X-Men ,  Inglorious Basterds ) and Danny McBride ( Eastbound and Down ,  Pineapple Express ) talk with Chris about doing jokes on set, adding improv into scenes and how they got i... 24 more words

      Fri 12 May 2017

      Charlie Hunnam 1h 11m play

      Charlie Hunnam joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and more! Make sure to watch  Talking with Chris Hardwick  Sunday night... 8 more words

      Wed 10 May 2017

      Guy Ritchie 1h 11m play

      Guy Ritchie (director,  Snatch ,  Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ) chats with Chris about people's decision to be sober, the importance of being true to yourself and not holding yourself back. The... 24 more words

      Fri 05 May 2017

      James Corden 1h 12m play

      James Corden joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about The Late Late Show and more! Make sure to watch  Talking with Chris Hardwick  Sunday nights at 11pm on AMC... 3 more words

      Sun 30 Apr 2017

      TWCH Michelle Monaghan 1h 7m play

      Michelle Monaghan joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about the new season of The Path and more! Make sure to watch  Talking with Chris Hardwick  Sunday nights a... 7 more words

      Wed 26 Apr 2017

      Dave Gahan 1h 10m play

      Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) talks to Chris and April Richardson about doing early morning radio, when he knew he wanted to be a musician and growing up in England. He also talks about meeting his father... 16 more words

      Fri 21 Apr 2017

      TWCH Silicon Valley 1h 17m play

      Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr and Zach Woods join Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the extended talk about the upcoming season of Silicon Valley  and more! Make sure to watch  Ta... 13 more words

      Tue 18 Apr 2017

      Doree Shafrir 1h 44m play

      Doree Shafrir (author, journalist, Matt’s wife) talks to Chris and Matt about how she and Matt met, how she never skipped school as a kid and getting her job at Buzzfeed. They also talk about the cult... 24 more words

      Fri 14 Apr 2017

      TWCH Elijah Wood 1h 4m play

      Elijah Wood joins Chris on AMC’s  Talking with Chris Hardwick  for the unedited talk about his new movie  I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore  and more! Make sure to watch  Talking with Chris... 10 more words

      Tue 11 Apr 2017

      Steve Carlin 1h 28m play

      Steve Carlin (SoftBank Robotics) talks about the science of advertising and store lay outs, teaching robots emotions and Pepper The Robot. They then talk about the technical issues of building robots,... 11 more words

      Wed 05 Apr 2017

      Allison Williams 1h 28m play

      Allison Williams ( Girls ) talks to Chris and Matt about hating green tea, why people have foot fetishes, and being bullied in middle school. She also talks about adding her own personality to her cha... 17 more words

      Wed 29 Mar 2017

      Brandon Routh 1h 32m play

      Brandon Routh ( Legends of Tomorrow ,  Superman Returns ) talks to Chris about clean coffee, Chris’ inability to have caffeine and how changing your diet can change your life. Brandon also talks about... 13 more words

      Wed 22 Mar 2017

      Dax Shepard Returns 1h 33m play

      Dax Shepard returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris talk about water beds, the time Dax beat up his older brother and collecting old toys from their childhoods. They then talk about earth being a... 12 more words

      Wed 15 Mar 2017

      Danny Boyle 1h 20m play

      Danny Boyle (director,  Slumdog Millionaire ,  Trainspotting ) talks to Chris about avoiding spoilers in movies, the artistic aspect of all his films and making  Trainspotting  when he was younger. He... 20 more words

      Tue 07 Mar 2017

      Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Return 1h 36m play

      Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (writers, Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Writers Panel) talk about being a writing duo, how to be a successful writer in entertainment and Acker makes Chris do some math. They... 26 more words

      Fri 03 Mar 2017

      Sidekick with Matt Mira 1h 17m play

      It’s an extra special hostful episode! Chris and Jonah recently joined Matt on his show Sidekick with Matt Mira on  Alpha , and here it is as a podcast! Jonah talks to Matt about his punk band days pa... 19 more words

      Thu 02 Mar 2017

      Catherine O'Hara 1h 28m play

      Catherine O’Hara ( Home Alone ,  SCTV ,  Best in Show)  talks to Chris about the early days of Second City, being a woman in improv and the time Lucille Ball saw her

      Wed 22 Feb 2017

      Jordan Peele 1h 11m play

      Jordan Peele ( Key and Peele ,  Keanu ) talks with Chris about their mutual love of old horror films, collecting pop culture memorabilia and where the idea for  Get Out  came from. He also talks about... 22 more words

      Sun 19 Feb 2017

      Lena Dunham 1h 23m play

      Lena Dunham ( Girls ,  Tiny Furniture ) talks with Chris about people raising squirrels, her grandmother dying when she was young and her obsession with Singled Out. They also talk about sobriety, the... 11 more words

      Fri 17 Feb 2017

      Pete Holmes Returns 1h 59m play

      Pete Holmes (comedian, You Made It Weird podcast) chats with Chris and Matt about how Pete really wants to believe in ghosts, his new show  Crashing  on HBO and their love of  Shark Tank . Pete also t... 20 more words

      Sat 11 Feb 2017

      Alan Tudyk 1h 23m play

      Alan Tudyk ( Firefly ,  Rogue One ) chats with Chris about a sitcom they did years ago, how his career has grown over the years and he brings Chris some  Star Wars  popcorn. They also talk about his s... 23 more words

      Tue 07 Feb 2017

      Keanu Reeves Returns 1h 12m play

      Keanu Reeves returns to the Nerdist! He and Chris talk about what press days are like, how he got into riding motorcycles and they talk about  John Wick: Chapter 2 . They also talk about the character... 23 more words

      Thu 02 Feb 2017

      Chilly Gonzales 1h 39m play

      Chilly Gonzales (musician) chats with Chris about how music is abstract, how he chooses what to play and they get deep into music theory. He also talks about the history of the piano, his dream to cha... 8 more words

      Thu 26 Jan 2017

      SF Sketchfest with Nathan Fillion 1h 25m play

      It's the Nerdist Podcast live from SF Sketchfest at the Curran Theatre! Nathan Fillion joins Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about  people recognizing him from Firefly, Matt talks about what he wants to... 24 more words

      Tue 17 Jan 2017

      Louie Anderson 1h 34m play

      Louie Anderson (stand-up,  Life with Louie ) talks with Chris about starting out his career in comedy, the comedy scene in Minnesota and they debate the best place in the line up to perform at a stand... 37 more words

      Wed 11 Jan 2017

      Mark Hamill Returns 1h 47m play

      Mark Hamill ( Star Wars ) returns to the Nerdist Podcast! He and Chris talk about becoming a collector, where he would go to find toys, comic books and more and and what they each like to collect. The... 24 more words

      Wed 04 Jan 2017

      Metallica Returns 1h 9m play

      James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica return to the Nerdist! They talk with Chris about ways to keep pizza warm while playing shows, how their kids feel about them being rock stars and playin... 30 more words

      Tue 27 Dec 2016

      2016: The Year of No Chill 1h 24m play

      It’s some hostful goodness to celebrate the end of the year! Chris, Matt and Jonah choose their favorite Simpsons season, Jonah talks about movies he saw recently and Matt STILL loves The Dave Matthew... 36 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Neil Finn 1h 26m play

      Neil Finn (musician, Crowded House) chats with Chris about starting his career in the late 1970's, how his music has evolved over the years and how his band Crowded House was formed. They also talk ab... 33 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      Ian McShane 1h 9m play

      Ian McShane ( Deadwood ,  Lovejoy ) chats with Chris about his character Al Swearengen on Deadwood, how he got into acting on TV and how he picks new projects. Ian also talks about his dad who was a p... 16 more words

      Tue 13 Dec 2016

      She & Him 1h 3m play

      She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) talk to Chris about their favorite Christmas tree types, what they like about the holidays and how weird raising kids can be. They then talk about what TV shows... 22 more words

      Tue 06 Dec 2016

      Jake Gyllenhaal 1h 24m play

      Jake Gyllenhaal ( Donnie Darko ,  Nightcrawler ,  Zodiac ) chats with Chris about his desires to direct, being mindful in life and his new film  Nocturnal Animals . He also talks about what he likes a... 20 more words

      Tue 29 Nov 2016

      Tracey Ullman 1h 13m play

      Tracey Ullman ( The Tracey Ullman Show ,  Tracey Takes On... ) talks with Chris about coming up in the British comedy scene, how comedy has changed over the years and moving to Hollywood. She also tal... 27 more words

      Thu 24 Nov 2016

      Jeremy Irons 1h 10m play

      Jeremy Irons ( Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Lion King ) chats with Chris about why he wanted to be an actor, how he chooses the roles he does and the importance of learning about different cultures.... 24 more words