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      Mon 11 Jul 2016

      433 Aparna Nancherla, Jeremy Rowley, Ryan Gaul 1h 28m play

      Comedian extraordinaire Aparna Nancherla joins Scott on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! to talk about the last letter she wrote, how would she revise the government if she could change any law, and  so... 9 more words

      Mon 04 Jul 2016

      432 Dana Carvey, John Gemberling, Drew Tarver 1h 38m play

      Comedy legend Dana Carvey (Secret Life of Pets, Saturday Night Live) joins the Comedy Bang! Bang! First Timers Club! Dana takes us through a myriad of micro-impressions before meeting HP-DP-69B (the H... 7 more words

      Thu 30 Jun 2016

      431 Brett Gelman, Mike O'Brien, Tawny Newsome 1h 19m play

      Brett Gelman was previously banned on the show but Scott has since lifted the ban on his old friend in order for him to tell us about his new Adult Swim special "Brett Gelman's Dinner in America." How... 7 more words

      Mon 27 Jun 2016

      430 Kristian Bruun, Jessica McKenna, Zeke Nicholson 1h 20m play

      Orphan Black's Kristian Bruun returns to tell us about what happened on the previous season of the show (without any spoilers), why Canadian money looks so fake, and to play a game of "How Dumb Are Yo... 6 more words

      Mon 20 Jun 2016

      429 Jason Mantzoukas, Thomas Middleditch 1h 38m play

      Jason "Hey Nong" Mantzoukas and Thomas "Middle-earth" Middleditch are back on Comedy Bang! Bang! Jason, Thomas, and Scott talk Smash Mouth, a risqué story overheard at the gym, virtual reality gaming,... 5 more words

      Thu 16 Jun 2016

      428 Rhys Darby, Mary Holland, Londale Theus Jr. 1h 29m play

      Rhys Darby of The Flight of The Conchords enters the CBB 1st Timers Club! Rhys tests his movie trivia, plays a game of "Agree or Disagree?", and acknowledges his immortality. Then, Margie Donk returns... 8 more words

      Mon 13 Jun 2016

      427 Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome, Dan Mangan, Craig Cackowski 1h 21m play

      Another Period creators Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome are back along with singer-songwriter Dan Mangan on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! They join Scott to chat about Dads and Grads season, peeing... 8 more words

      Mon 06 Jun 2016

      426 Ben Schwartz, Horatio Sanz 1h 20m play

      Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S & Horatio Sanz are back baby! Ben, Horatio, and Scott talk about the finale of House of Lies aka House of Pies, chat with Ben's family and sing a montage of Billy Jo... 7 more words

      Thu 02 Jun 2016

      425 Andy Samberg, Claudia O'Doherty, Nick Kroll 1h 20m play

      Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping star Andy Samberg is back with Scott and the co-hostess with the mostess Claudia O'Doherty for a rare Comedy Bang! Bang! After Dark episode. Claudia pitches an incid... 8 more words

      Mon 30 May 2016

      424 Weird Al Yankovic, Kate Berlant, Drew Tarver 1h 36m play

      Superstar musician "Weird Al" Yankovic and co-host/one man band leader of the new season of Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show joins Scott to talk about what it's like to being back on a set in almost 20 ... 6 more words

      Mon 23 May 2016

      423 Bobby Moynihan, Paul F. Tompkins 1h 28m play

      Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Scott reunite to chat about all the songs Lloyd Webber wishes he had written, what it's like to live with him, and his favorite playwright of all time. As they continue th... 8 more words

      Thu 19 May 2016

      422 Chris Gethard, Anthony Atamanuik, Connor Ratliff, Shannon O'Neill 1h 18m play

      Chris Gethard welcomes Scott to the Big Apple on a New York edition of Comedy Bang! Bang! Chris tells us about the evolution of his Earwolf podcast Beautiful Anonymous, the haunted places in New Jerse... 10 more words

      Mon 16 May 2016

      421 Maria Bamford, Will Hines 1h 29m play

      Lady Dynamite star Maria Bamford is back on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Maria and Scott chat about how her new Netflix show Lady Dynamite is loosely based on her having to deal with mental health i... 7 more words

      Mon 09 May 2016

      420 Rogue Wave, Haley Joel Osment, Lauren Lapkus 1h 40m play

      Oakland's own indie rock band Rogue Wave and professional actor Haley Joel Osment join the 1st timers club on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! We'll hear about Haley's acting journey as well as live son... 7 more words

      Mon 02 May 2016

      419 7th Anniversary, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Horatio Sanz, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Tim Baltz, Drew Tarver 2h 14m play

      7 years is a wonderful amount of TIME! Scott celebrates 7 years of Comedy Bang! Bang! with Jason "Heynong Man" Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, and show favorites. We'll hear from one of the original mem... 7 more words

      Thu 28 Apr 2016

      418 Paul Reiser, Brendon Small 1h 22m play

      Comedy legend Paul Reiser of Mad About You and Diner joins the 1st timers club on today's Comedy Bang! Bang! Paul chats with Scott about getting back into stand-up after a very long hiatus, accidental... 10 more words

      Mon 25 Apr 2016

      417 Shane Torres, Tim Baltz, Ryan Gaul 1h 22m play

      Shane Torres, comedian extraordinaire returns now as a New Yorker on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Shane joins Scott to chat about his 5 year plan, moving from Portland to the Big Apple, and the fina... 9 more words

      Mon 18 Apr 2016

      416 Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani 1h 24m play

      Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr of HBO's Silicon Valley are back to give us the inside scoop of what we can look forward to in the 3rd season of their show on this week's Comedy ... 6 more words

      Thu 14 Apr 2016

      415 Rob Corddry, Jon Gabrus, Brian Huskey, Erinn Hayes 1h 24m play

      Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, and Brian Huskey of Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital join Scott and intern Gino Lambardo for a very special episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They look back at their fondest memor... 12 more words

      Mon 11 Apr 2016

      414 Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport 1h 35m play

      Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport from Hollywood Handbook join Scott once again to settle their year long feud and merge the best parts of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Hollywood Handbook. They'll play all t... 7 more words

      Thu 07 Apr 2016

      413 Tom Scharpling, Jon Daly 1h 13m play

      Tom Scharpling of The Best Show finally returns to Comedy Bang! Bang! to join Scott in a chat about funny performers who get muscular, which kind of montage they would like to live their life in, and ... 7 more words

      Mon 04 Apr 2016

      412 Cameron Esposito, Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Gourley 1h 39m play

      Cameron Esposito of Put Your Hands Together is back along with her new dad and vigilante J.W. Stillwater! We'll hear about Cameron shooting her new Seeso stand-up special on the day before her wedding... 7 more words

      Thu 31 Mar 2016

      411 The Thermals, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis 1h 46m play

      The wonderful Portland band The Thermals make their Comedy Bang! Bang! debut! They join Scott and John Lennon to talk about meeting for the first time at a Grateful Dead show, what happened with John ... 9 more words

      Mon 28 Mar 2016

      410 Jerrod Carmichael, Joe Wengert, Neil Campbell 1h 24m play

      Jerrod Carmichael, star of NBC's The Carmichael Show returns on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Jerrod and Scott catch up as they chat about Neighbors 2, the real conversations that The Carmichael Show... 4 more words

      Thu 24 Mar 2016

      Bonus! The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium - Episode 1 32m play

      Scott Aukerman presents the first episode of Jemaine Clement's Howl original series The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium. The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium is an epic,... 4 more words

      Mon 21 Mar 2016

      409 Taran Killam, Paul Brittain 1h 25m play

      Tob Handlez is a pilot and Bryce Cripple is formerly of the coast guard. They are also friends and both grown men who suffer the affliction of sporadically and uncontrollably flipping into becoming li... 9 more words

      Thu 17 Mar 2016

      408 Live at SXSW 2016: Ben Schwartz, Jon Gabrus, Nick Kroll, Paul F. Tompkins 1h 38m play

      Intern Gino Lambardo tags along with Scott for a LIVE Comedy Bang! Bang! recorded at Esther's Follies in Austin, Texas as part of South by Southwest 2016! Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S stops by t... 8 more words

      Mon 14 Mar 2016

      407 Paul F. Tompkins, Dan Ahdoot, Drew Tarver, Mandell Maughan, Ryan Gaul, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz 1h 54m play

      The entire cast of Seeso's Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ joins Scott on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Paul F. Tompkins, Dan Ahdoot, Drew Tarver, Mandell Maughan, Ryan Gaul, Tawny Newsome, and Tim Baltz... 8 more words

      Mon 07 Mar 2016

      406 Thomas Middleditch, Lauren Lapkus 1h 19m play

      JJ and Murphy O’Malaman, the Kid Detectives themselves are back with a whole new case they need to solve on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! With the help of Scott, they're gonna do their darndest to so... 7 more words

      Thu 03 Mar 2016

      405 Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse, Matt Gourley, James Bladon 1h 24m play

      The dynamic duo Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse of Idiotsitter on Comedy Central join Scott on a new Comedy Bang! Bang! Jillian and Charlotte talk space, Hope Floats, having chemistry while at The... 8 more words

      Mon 29 Feb 2016

      404 Neil Campbell, Jessica Jean Jardine, Ronnie Adrian, Betsy Sodaro, Carl Tart, Tim Kalpakis 1h 27m play

      It's February 29th and you know what TIME that is! It's TIME for Maxwell Keeper aka The Time Keeper to join Scott once again on a very special Leap Year Celebration episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! The T... 7 more words

      Mon 22 Feb 2016

      403 Adam Scott, Tim Baltz, Dan Ahdoot 1h 36m play

      Our old friend Adam Scott of Farts and Procreation and U Talkin' U2 To Me? reunites with Scott on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Adam Scott Aukerman catch up and talk about actors being truth tellers,... 8 more words

      Thu 18 Feb 2016

      402 Ben Schwartz 1h 13m play

      The bolo gets trollo'ed once again! Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S of House of Pies reunites with Scott for a SOLO BOLO episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They'll talk Hamilton, sneakers, and most impo... 6 more words

      Mon 15 Feb 2016

      401 Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs, Paul F. Tompkins 1h 49m play

      The co-creator and co-stars of the new Netflix original series LOVE, Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs return on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! They'll talk all about their new show in full detail (includi... 8 more words

      Mon 08 Feb 2016

      400 Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly 1h 46m play

      Heynong Man! Jason Mantzoukas aka J-Dog aka Jeffrey Characterwheaties joins Scott to celebrate the 400th episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! Tune in and turn out to hear Scott & Jason discuss the status of ... 5 more words

      Thu 04 Feb 2016

      399 Gilbert Gottfried, James Adomian, Anthony Atamanuik 1h 35m play

      Legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried shares stories from his early days of doing stand-up at the age of 15 to his days at Saturday Night Live to his stint on Alan Thicke's late night talk show Thicke ... 10 more words