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      Sun 26 Feb 2017

      OTH: You Sound Competent, But You're Not 0m play

      Tons of calls on today's show. Topics include: sewer issues, laying ceramic on subfloor, water heater problems, and installing a cabinet system in your laundry room.

      Sat 25 Feb 2017

      OTH: Power Move, Baby! 0m play

      Adam complains about being surrounded by people who dont care about remodeling his house, and relives the recent foam roller debacle. The guys also answer questions about applying caulk, insulating a ... 7 more words

      Sun 19 Feb 2017

      OTH: Do That, and the Dont Blame Us 0m play

      Ray and Stromer discuss A/C condensation run off, what materials to use for a backsplash, and how to waterproof your crawl space. Plus, the return of Just The Tip!

      Sat 18 Feb 2017

      OTH: Ahead of the Game in the Wrong Direction 0m play

      CJ Wiley lends her finish carpentry expertise in an episode about tiling in a basement bathroom, building a house from scratch, and how to avoid flooding in the crawl space.

      Sun 12 Feb 2017

      OTH: Ill-prepared, But Lucky 0m play

      Ray and Stromer chat about nasty sewage problems, black mold concerns, and how to make the most of your beautiful property.

      Sat 11 Feb 2017

      OTH: Don't Say Everything You're Thinking 0m play

      This week, Ace and Ray discuss matching textures, installing plank ceiling, and whether a divorced former homeowner should just go back to renting. Adam also rants about airline announcements, and yel... 11 more words

      Sun 05 Feb 2017

      OTH: You Deserve Better 0m play

      Ray and Stromer help a caller replace their bathroom vanity. They also respond to video questions about cracked tiles and water collection, and the guys have a heart to heart about porn addiction.

      Sat 04 Feb 2017

      OTH: You Will Never Undo What You Do 0m play

      Adam and Ray spend time discussing the issues that may come up while setting up a 75" TV on an articulating mount. The guys also argue about how to fix a leaking door seal, and Adam describes the new ... 5 more words

      Sun 29 Jan 2017

      OTH: Be Smarter Than The Toilet 0m play

      Ray and Stromer return to discuss battling moths and ants, how to be respectful of your contractors, and finding studs in the wall to install a drop down cabinet.

      Sat 28 Jan 2017

      OTH: Get Out, and Take Your Warm Comfort With You 0m play

      Adam and Ray take tons of calls on today's show, answering questions about Dutch door installations, which tool to use to cut drop-ceiling tiles, and the best way to seal your windows in colder climat... 1 more words