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      Sun 21 May 2017

      OTH: My Drive With Javier 0m play

      Stromer has a flat tire- but that wont stop the guys from answering your home improvement questions! Hear Ray and Stromer's thoughts on Tesla roof tiles, popcorn ceilings, and living in a trailer.

      Sat 20 May 2017

      OTH: Fence Gate 0m play

      Adam interrogates Ray and several employees over who used the chop saw over the weekend. The guys also answer questions about measuring baseboard, finishing a brick garden, and the best type of insula... 3 more words

      Sun 14 May 2017

      OTH: The Old Tight Wire 0m play

      Ray and Stromer talk with a caller who fell through an attic while installing insulation. The guys also discuss rattling single pane windows, getting the right bids for your projects, and why Stromer ... 5 more words

      Sat 13 May 2017

      OTH: Top 10 Keys To Non-Success 0m play

      Adam opens the show talking to Ray about the Terrazzo project finally coming together. The guys also help callers with door placement in a half-bathroom, making a room with a vaulted ceiling look good... 11 more words

      Sun 07 May 2017

      OTH: The Short Bus 0m play

      Ray and Stromer chat with callers about cracked grout, painting pool tiles, and replacing your water meter. They also discuss the time Ray almost worked for Chris Brown.

      Sat 06 May 2017

      OTH: Freeloaders 0m play

      Adam and Ray talk about his ongoing Terrazzo project, his time spent working at McDonalds, and how to make a great looking custom threshold.

      Sun 30 Apr 2017

      OTH: High on Sharpie Juice 0m play

      Ray and Stromer respond to questions about window coverings, damaged cabinets, and dealing with an uneven floor.

      Sat 29 Apr 2017

      OTH: The Shame Gear 0m play

      Ace and Ray help fans with removing latex paint off of tile and grout, the best way to re-texture, and customizing a couch support. Along the way, Adam complains about Sonny not be able to ride a bike... 1 more words