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      Sun 22 Oct 2017

      OTH: Makes A Helluva Goulash, But He Sucks At Measuring 0m play

      Ray and Stromer talk about hip problems, dealing with rodents, and a cabinet guy who didn't calibrate his digital tape measure properly.

      Sat 21 Oct 2017

      OTH: Somebody Did This Right 0m play

      This week Adam tells Ray about trying to find a quality house in the cheaper part of his neighborhood. They also discuss ripping up tile, fixing a basement window gap, and repairing a cracked concrete... 1 more words

      Sun 15 Oct 2017

      OTH: Kids Say The Darndest Things 0m play

      Ray and Stromer discuss what to look for in a mason, and trying to replace a tile that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Stromer also reviews the new Blade Runner movie, and the guys talk about arguing w... 2 more words

      Sat 14 Oct 2017

      OTH: Am I Taking Crazy Pills? 0m play

      Adam and Ray answer questions about shower knob problems, building a custom cabinet, and water issues in a garage.

      Sun 08 Oct 2017

      OTH: The Transition King 0m play

      Ray and Stromer talk to callers about attic ventilation, pre-wiring your house with speakers, and cutting Kevlar. Also- pray that you never get a Christmas Card from Ray.

      Sat 07 Oct 2017

      OTH: Enacting The Fine 0m play

      Adam gives an update on the lawn furniture his dog destroyed, and rants about having to fine people to motivate them. Ace and Ray also discuss Adam's upcoming modular home.

      Sun 01 Oct 2017

      OTH: I Don't Like To Work 0m play

      This week, Ray and Stromer answer questions about electrical problems, retaining wall issues, and fixing up some kitchen cabinets. They also talk about getting mono, and being struck by lightening.

      Sat 30 Sep 2017

      OTH: Would You Please Go Build Something? 0m play

      Asa Christiana returns for a podcast about basic wood projects for true beginners. They also talk to callers about what projects to complete before putting your house on the market, how to fix a concr... 12 more words