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      Sun 10 Dec 2017

      OTH: Whatever Needs To Be Done 0m play

      Ray gives Stromer a recap of the Carolla Cruise, and the guys help fans with issues relating to water damage, bathroom renovation, and building a retaining wall.

      Sat 09 Dec 2017

      OTH: Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy 0m play

      Adam and Ray respond to calls about sagging floors, ripping up and replacing carpet, and installing barn doors in a hallway between the dinning room and kitchen.

      Sun 03 Dec 2017

      OTH: A Nation To Cradle 0m play

      Ray and Stromer chat about the upcoming Carolla Cruise, and answer questions about vent pipe repair, a kitchen/living room renovation, and leveling your subfloor before putting down new flooring.

      Sat 02 Dec 2017

      OTH: Give Me A Crouton, I'll Eat Like A King 0m play

      Adam and Ray talk to a dry wall contractor who wants to work on Adam's envelope house. The guys also thank an emailer who was inspired to build something after listening to the podcast.

      Sun 26 Nov 2017

      OTH: The Gift of Fresh Undercooked Turkey 0m play

      Stromer shows pics of his ceiling which caved in during the night-and just days before Thanksgiving. Ray and Stromer then answer calls about septic problems, building a wedding arc, and how to adverti... 6 more words

      Sat 25 Nov 2017

      OTH: Zero Meets Zero 0m play

      Adam and Ray talk about their Thanksgiving plans, and rank the Oldhafer brothers. They also help a fan with securing mattresses to an unfinished basement ceiling.

      Sun 19 Nov 2017

      OTH: Cortisol and Fear 0m play

      Ray and Stromer complain about early Christmas displays at the Home Depot, and then take calls about the roofing business, plumbing problems, and stucco that's falling apart.

      Sat 18 Nov 2017

      OTH: Dumpster Memories 0m play

      Ray gives Adam a wonderful gift, and the guys take calls about removing mirrors, dripping A/C units, and the best way to insulate your ceiling.