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      Sun 13 Aug 2017

      OTH: Held Hostage By Fear 0m play

      Ray cut his own hair and Stromer went to Mexico! The guys also answer questions about peeling linoleum, repairing baseboards, and inventive uses for caulk.

      Sat 12 Aug 2017

      OTH: Don't Follow Your Dreams, Follow My Dreams 0m play

      Adam and Ray take calls about what to do first when doing a remod, how to fix a wooden gate that has swollen shut, and how to deal with an idiot who takes charge but doesn't know what they're doing.

      Sun 06 Aug 2017

      OTH: I Gotta Warm Up to Warm Up 0m play

      Ray and Stromer discuss how to protect outdoor shelving, and give advice on pool tile installation and improving your curb appeal.

      Sat 05 Aug 2017

      OTH: The Sound of Failure 0m play

      In today's pod, Adam and Ray discuss the positive side of leaf blowers, dealing with a raccoon, and how to get cold water into your house.

      Sun 30 Jul 2017

      OTH: You Cant Kill Happy 0m play

      Ray and Stromer discuss heat escaping from a top floor, finishing up a basement, and fixing a gap beneath a patio window. The guys also look back on Ray's epic trip to Seattle.

      Sat 29 Jul 2017

      OTH: Grout. Grout. Spread It On Out. 0m play

      Adam and Ray chat about grout, and Adam's new thermostatic shower valve. They also help fans with protecting wooden planter boxes, drilling into exterior stucco, and moving rainwater away from your pr... 1 more words

      Sun 23 Jul 2017

      OTH: Be Kind to the Commode 0m play

      Ray and Stromer help fans with bathroom remods, reattaching a metal rail, and dealing with a leaning front porch.

      Sat 22 Jul 2017

      OTH: I'll Cook While You Clean 0m play

      Adam discusses building a bed for Natalia, and the guys respond to questions about shower installations, power rankings for countertop material, and advice on carpet cleaning.