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      Sat 17 Mar 2018

      19.10 – MU Podcast 53m play

      Conundrums and confrontations are abound in this episode as Aaron delves into the obscure world of dream premonitions before unravelling unusual interactions with the Hug and Fylgje. Road Trolls then ... 29 more words

      Sat 10 Mar 2018

      19.09 – MU Podcast 1h 48m play

      We review the story of 64 year-old lawyer and former assistant attorney general Terry Lovelace who’s traumatic memories of ‘The Devil’s Den’ in Arkansas were suddenly brought back into his life after ... 26 more words

      Sat 03 Mar 2018

      19.08 – MU Podcast 1h 16m play

      We start with CIA lie detection techniques and make our way to the weird paradox of the “Tortoise Mind” and how our intelligence increases when we think less. This takes us down the Wu Wei path to the... 20 more words

      Sat 24 Feb 2018

      19.07 – MU Podcast 1h 37m play

      Mike Clelland’s follow up to ‘The Messengers’ is our feature this week as we delve back into the strange synchronistic connections between owls, UFOs, and a deeper reality. The high strangeness contin... 27 more words

      Sat 17 Feb 2018

      19.06 – MU Podcast 1h 21m play

      After discussing the strange phenomenon of “Phantom Social Workers” in the UK it seems the pattern may have emerged here in Australia this week. We investigate the latest reports of strange men and wo... 25 more words

      Sat 10 Feb 2018

      19.05 – MU Podcast 1h 46m play

      This week we return to the infamous Welsh Triangle where the investigator is now making claims he was actually working for British Intelligence during the region’s 1977 UFO flap. We examine his new re... 25 more words

      Sat 03 Feb 2018

      19.04 – MU Podcast 1h 28m play

      Cryptobotany and Cryptozoology are featured this week with mystical plants, murderous trees and the mystery creatures of China. We then ambitiously try and connect ‘The Secret Fish Man from Guangdong’... 28 more words

      Sat 27 Jan 2018

      19.03 – MU Podcast 1h 26m play

      This week examine the work of Ohkado Masayuki, his investigations into reincarnation in Japan and children that remember ‘lives between lives’. After some bizarre musical synchronicities we then head ... 29 more words

      Fri 19 Jan 2018

      19.02 – MU Podcast 1h 22m play

      This week we unravel the cosmic serpent to find the origins of life and the link between DNA and Ayahuasca visions. Could the building blocks of all life also be a conscious force that is capable of d... 21 more words

      Sat 13 Jan 2018

      19.01 – MU Podcast 1h 23m play

      We kick off our 2018 season with the worst of CES and the future of smart toilets before Aaron unravels the controversial “Dear David” saga that has sparked controversy. We then look at state sponsore... 25 more words

      Fri 22 Dec 2017

      18.25 – MU Podcast 1h play

      For our ‘walk it over the line’ end of year special we look at the cryptocurrency dominatrix, S.Rob’s Santa Claus tulpa magic and the evolution of the deadly Nukkake bomb. We then discuss more reports... 23 more words

      Fri 15 Dec 2017

      18.24 – MU Podcast 1h 19m play

      After strange links between full moons and motorcycles, roadways and headless horsemen, and phantom self driving vehicles, we cover the latest news on the man who cemented his head into a microwave. I... 26 more words