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      Fri 20 Jan 2017

      #902 - Live Underground from The Comedy Store 2h 3m play

      Joe sits down with Jeff Ross, Greg Fitzsimmons & Andrew Santino in the basement of The Comedy Store on January 19, 2017.

      Thu 19 Jan 2017

      #901 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick 3h 6m play

      Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

      #900 - Joseph Valtellini 2h 50m play

      Joseph "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini is a former world kickboxing champion, who currently can be heard doing color commentary for Glory Kickboxing.

      Mon 16 Jan 2017

      Fight Companion - January 15, 2017 3h 8m play

      Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen, to watch the fights on January 15, 2017.

      Thu 12 Jan 2017

      #899 - Bryan Callen 2h 41m play

      Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.

      #898 - Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo 3h 9m play

      Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo are the former announcing team for Pride FC, and can now be heard together on their podcast "Rutten & Ranallo" available on iTunes.

      Wed 11 Jan 2017

      #897 - Hunter Maats 3h 27m play

      Hunter Maats is the co-author of "The Straight-A Conspriacy" and also co-host of The Bryan Callen Show podcast available on iTunes.

      #896 - CES Review with Young Jamie 2h 29m play

      Joe chats with Young Jamie about his recent trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see what's coming out this year.

      Wed 04 Jan 2017

      #895 - #WhoIsFat - Day 2 3h 54m play

      Joe is joined by Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer for Day 2 weigh-in of their weight loss challenge.

      Mon 02 Jan 2017

      #894 - #WhoIsFat - Day 1 2h 30m play

      Joe is joined by Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer for Day 1 weigh-in of their weight loss challenge.

      #893 - Fight Recap 3h 25m play

      Joe sits down with Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to discuss this past weekend's fights in MMA.

      Thu 29 Dec 2016

      #892 - Greg Fitzsimmons 3h 9m play

      Greg Fitzsimmons is a writer and stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast "FitzDog Radio" available on iTunes.

      Wed 28 Dec 2016

      #891 - Zach Leary 2h 17m play

      Zach Leary is a blogger/writer, a futurist, spiritualist, digital branding specialist and self proclaimed social theorist. He also is the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast available on iTunes &... 2 more words

      Tue 27 Dec 2016

      #890 - Fight Breakdown 3h 49m play

      Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights in MMA.

      Sat 24 Dec 2016

      #889 - Brian Redban 3h 22m play

      Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his newest podcast called "What Brian Redban Do" at & on iTunes

      Fri 23 Dec 2016

      #888 - Ron White 3h 24m play

      Ron White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

      Fri 16 Dec 2016

      #887 - James Hetfield 2h 5m play

      James Hetfield is a musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

      #886 - Hank Shaw 2h 15m play

      Hank Shaw is a former restaurant cook and journalist, Hank Shaw is the author of three wild game cookbooks as well as the James Beard Award-winning wild foods website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. His ... 8 more words

      Wed 14 Dec 2016

      #885 - Tom Segura 3h 39m play

      Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom's House. His "No Teeth No Entry" tour starts in 2017, tickets are available at http://to... 2 more words

      Thu 08 Dec 2016

      #884 - Joey Diaz 2h 59m play

      Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Check out his special coming out December 8 on Seeso called "Socially UnAcceptable" using code "JOEY" for a free 2-month trial. Joey ... 17 more words

      Wed 07 Dec 2016

      #883 - Kevin Smith 4h 13m play

      Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie "Yoga Hosers" is now available on Netflix.

      Mon 05 Dec 2016

      #882 -Tom Papa 3h 7m play

      Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his new special "Human Mule" debuts on EPIX on December 9 at 8pm.

      Sun 04 Dec 2016

      Fight Companion - December 3, 2016 3h 29m play

      Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on December 3, 2016.

      Fri 02 Dec 2016

      #881 - Lee Camp 3h 1m play

      Lee Camp is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and activist. He is the host of the weekly comedy news show "Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp" on RT America.

      Thu 01 Dec 2016

      #880 - Jon Jones 2h 2m play

      Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and a two-time former Light Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He will compete against Dan Henderson in a submission grappling ma... 12 more words

      Wed 30 Nov 2016

      #879 - Steven Rinella 3h 1m play

      Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts "MeatEater" on the Sportsman Channel & Netflix, and a podcast also called "MeatEater" available on iTunes & Stitcher.

      #878 - Aubrey Marcus 3h 36m play

      Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Check out his new documentary called "AYAHUASCA... 4 more words

      Mon 28 Nov 2016

      #877 - Jordan Peterson 3h 4m play

      Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. 100% off th... 17 more words

      Mon 21 Nov 2016

      #876 - Chris Bell 1h 28m play

      Chris Bell is a director, producer and writer, known for his documentaries "Bigger, Stronger, Faster*", "Trophy Kids", and "Prescription Thugs" and his latest project is on the controversy surrounding... 3 more words

      #875 - Shannon Briggs 1h 57m play

      Shannon Briggs is an American professional boxer. A twenty-year veteran of the sport, he held the lineal heavyweight title from 1997 to 1998, and the WBO heavyweight title from 2006 to 2007.

      Fri 18 Nov 2016

      #874 - Scott Adams 3h 21m play

      Scott Adams is creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, business, and general speculation.

      Thu 17 Nov 2016

      #873 - Steven Kotler 3h 7m play

      Steven Kotler is a bestselling author, journalist, entrepreneur, and co-founder and Director of Research Flow Genome Project.

      Wed 16 Nov 2016

      #872 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson 3h 52m play

      Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as "Fingerprints Of The Gods" & his latest book "Magicians of the Gods" is available now. Randall Carlson is a master buil... 12 more words

      Tue 15 Nov 2016

      #871 - Brendan Schaub 2h 8m play

      Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. He also hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called "The Fighter & The Kid" available on iTunes.

      Thu 10 Nov 2016

      #870 - Bert Kreischer 3h 37m play

      Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and reality television host. Check out his book "Life of the Party" on Amazon and his podcast "The Bertcast" on Stitcher & iTunes. His comedy special "The ... 7 more words

      End of the World (Live from the Comedy Store) 4h 3m play

      Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, and Bill Burr are joined by a rotating group of comedians on November 8, 2016, as results of the election are coming in.