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      Thu 21 Sep 2017

      AOW 367 Player Uno 57m play

      EVIL UNO! Player Uno is now Evil Uno. He's one half of the Super Smash Brothers and he's podcasting with Colt. Hear them talk about creeps in wrestling, training young, wrestling molding their minds... 10 more words

      Thu 14 Sep 2017

      AOW 366 Ken Anderson & Daivari 1h 2m play

      Minnesota has a state of the art training facility and it's ran by Mr Anderson and Shawn Daivari. Join this fun rountable talk between friends and hear about WWE & TNA culture along with the business... 10 more words

      Thu 07 Sep 2017

      AOW 365 Dalton Castle 1h 5m play

      Dalton Castle and his boys have been on fire with in ROH. Hear Colt and Dalton sit down and discuss a past life in Radio, TNA opportunities, growing as a performer and more. Sponsors: 6 more words

      Thu 31 Aug 2017

      AOW 364 Glasgow LIVE: Jody Fleisch, Lionheart, Billy Kirkwood 58m play

      LIVE from the Garage in Glasgow, Scotland. Guests include Billy Kirkwood, Jody Fleisch and Lionheart. Sponsors: (Code: CABANA) & (Code: COLT)

      Thu 24 Aug 2017

      AOW 363 Australia LIVE: Jack Swagger, Tommy Dreamer, Hornswoggle, Matt Cross 1h 8m play

      Live from Melbourne Australia! Guests include: Hornswoggle, Matt Cross, Jack Swagger, Tommy Dreamer. Sponsor: (Code: CABANA)

      Thu 17 Aug 2017

      AOW 362 Cleveland LIVE: Adam Cole, Joey Janela, Britt Baker & Tom Lawlor 1h 2m play

      LIVE from Cleveland, Ohio at AIW. Guests include: Adam Cole, Joey Janela, Britt Baker, Tom Lawlor, Little Guido & introducing WORLDWIDE Sponsor:

      Thu 10 Aug 2017

      AOW 361 Chicago LIVE: Fish, Taylor, Kingston, DeRosa & Shockey 1h 10m play

      Live from Chicago, IL. Guests include: Bobby Fish, Chuck Taylor, Eddie Kingston, Marty DeRosa and Sarah Shockey. Sponsors: & (Code: COLT30)

      Thu 03 Aug 2017

      AOW: Edinburgh Preview w/ Brendon Burns 55m play

      Comedian & Pro Wrestling joke maker, Brendon Burns joins Colt to help Preview their upcoming month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Aug 4-27. Sit with them as they break down wrestling clips and find... 15 more words

      Thu 27 Jul 2017

      AOW: Edinburgh Preview w/ Marty DeRosa 49m play

      Comedian & Pro Wrestling joke maker, Marty DeRosa joins Colt to help Preview Colt's upcoming month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Aug 4-27. Sit with them as they break down wrestling clips and find... 13 more words

      Thu 20 Jul 2017

      AOW 360 Keith Lee 1h 1m play

      Big Man, Keith Lee has burst onto the indie scene in a big way. Colt and Keith talk about getting to a high place in the independents, along with coming up in Texas, matches with Dijak and more. Spon... 4 more words

      Thu 13 Jul 2017

      AOW 359 DJZ 1h 8m play

      Filipino standout, DJZ almost lost his life after a Lucha Libre show in Mexico. He and Colt talk about it, along with Japan adventures, wrestling and money, Impact Wrestling and more. SPONSORS: http:... 5 more words

      Thu 06 Jul 2017

      AOW 358 Matt Cross 1h 5m play

      Lucha Underground and Independent Renaissance Man, Matt Cross comes back after over 6 years. Matt and Colt talk about what the life of an independent wrestler really consists of, ups - downs - inbetw... 5 more words

      Thu 29 Jun 2017

      AOW 357 Kevin Thorn 1h 3m play

      Whether it's Mordecai or the Vampire, Kevin Thorn made his way into the WWE. Colt and Kevin talk about what was supposed to be with Mordecai along with breaking into wrestling with Sid, Paul Bearer, ... 10 more words

      Thu 22 Jun 2017

      AOW 356 Trevor Lee 57m play

      From North Carolina to PWG to Impact, Trevor Lee is one of the shining young talents on the indie scene. Colt and Trevor talk DJZ, being homeless, The Hardys, his father in wrestling and more. Sponso... 6 more words

      Thu 15 Jun 2017

      AOW 355 Jeff Cobb 1h 9m play

      Former Olympian and Hawaiian Jeff Cobb has burst onto the Independent scene. Colt and Jeff talk growing up hard and trying to make a name for yourself on scene when you live far from everything. Spon... 4 more words

      Thu 08 Jun 2017

      AOW 354 Tyson Dux 59m play

      Canadian veteran of the wrestling scene, Tyson Dux was the oldest perfomer in the WWE's CWC. Colt & Tyson talk his journey from Canada, Sunday Night Heat, Japan & getting kicked out of America. Spons... 2 more words

      Thu 01 Jun 2017

      AOW 353 Larry Zbyszko 1h 9m play

      WWE HOFer Larry Zbyszko is the Living Legend. Colt and Larry do a fun podcast infront of an intimate audience in Orlando, Fl. Sponsor: & 1 more words

      Thu 25 May 2017

      AOW 352 Orlando LIVE (Day 2): Crime Time, EC3, Jannetty, Mr Anderson, Pete Gas, Mr Hughes, DeRosa 1h 3m play

      Day 2 of Wrestlecon in Orlando, Florida Guests include: Pete Gas, Mr Hughes, Marty Jannetty, Mr Anderson, EC3, Cryme Tyme & Marty DeRosa Sponsors: (Code: COLT) & 1 more words

      Thu 18 May 2017

      AOW 351 Orlando Live (Day 1): D'Lo, Konnan, Jack Evans, Borash, DeRosa, Meanie 1h 5m play

      Day 1 of Wrestlecon in Orlando Florida. Guests include: Marty DeRosa, D'Lo Brown, Jeremy Borash, Konnan w/ LAX, Blue Meanie & Jack Evans. Sponsors: (Code: COLT) & 1 more words

      Thu 11 May 2017

      AOW 350 John Morrison 1h 6m play

      Boone The Bounty Hunter is now available on iTunes & Amazon. John Morrison IS Boone the Bounty Hunter. Join John and Colt as they not only talk about the movie, but also WWE, Lucha Underground, Inde... 9 more words

      Thu 04 May 2017

      AOW 349 Alex 'Pug' Pourteau 1h play

      Before Kurt Angle, Alex "The Pug" Pourteau was pegged to be the amateur wrestler of the WWF. Alex has been in wrestling over 20 years wrestling in WWF, Global, WCW, Japan and more. Colt and Alex tal... 11 more words

      Thu 27 Apr 2017

      AOW 348 Kenny Dykstra 1h 9m play

      Spirit Squad member Ken Doane is on this week. Colt and Kenny talk about being on WWE in HS, hustling, Kowalski, wrestling and more. Sponsor:

      Thu 20 Apr 2017

      AOW 347 Caprice Coleman 59m play

      Caprice has been wrestling over 20 years. He has a long track recording dating back to the NWA Wildside syndicated show to being on ROH TV. Colt and Caprice chat it up talking about stereotypes, bei... 7 more words

      Thu 13 Apr 2017

      AOW 346 Jeff Hardy 1h 9m play

      Brother Nero joins the podcasts this week. Jeff is a legend in the wrestling world starting out in his backyard with his brother Matt. Colt and Jeff talk about young dreams, motocross, adrenaline, a... 14 more words

      Thu 06 Apr 2017

      AOW 345 Christian 1h 1m play

      Awesomeness! Christian is a former many time WWE champion. Colt and Christian talk about his new podcast, WWE series, growing up in Canada, relationship with Edge, the Indies, Impact and so much mor... 5 more words

      Wed 29 Mar 2017

      AOW 344 Frankie Kazarian 1h 7m play

      Frankie has been wrestling since the late 90s. He's toured all over the world including a long stint with TNA and now with ROH. Colt and Frankie talk about early struggles, longevity in wrestling, h... 10 more words

      Wed 22 Mar 2017

      AOW 343 SXSW LIVE: Jeff Cobb, Doug Benson, Chris Cubas, Blue Pants, Mike Eagle 1h 6m play

      Live from Austin, TX at SXSW on the Brazzo's Podcast Stage. Guests include Pro Wrestlers: Jeff Cobb & Leva Bates Comedians: Doug Benson & Chris Cubas Rapper: Open Mike Eagle Sponsors: (Cod... 4 more words

      Thu 16 Mar 2017

      AOW 342 Dean Allmark 1h 1m play

      Wrestler You Should Know! Dean Allmark is a UK wrestler with thousands of matches. Learn about a totally different wrestling scene with Dean and Colt. Sponsors: & www.ZipRecrui... 1 more words

      Thu 09 Mar 2017

      AOW 341 Christina Von Eerie 57m play

      CVE joins Colt to talk punk rock, mexico, Impact Wrestling, traveling, Canada and more. Sponsor:

      Thu 02 Mar 2017

      AOW 340 Eli Drake 1h 4m play

      Loud mouthed and full of opinions, Impact's Eli Drake has been a real bright spot on their TV show. Colt and Eli connect about their years in California, moving for wrestling, women, WWE and more. Sp... 4 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Pro Wrestling Fringe: Black & White 23m play

      In the 1950s, in racially segregated Memphis, Tennessee, Sputnik Monroe was a wrestling superstar. Colt and David Bixenspan discuss how Sputnik’s support of desegregation resonated throughout professi... 10 more words

      Thu 23 Jun 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' - Laugh 'Til It Hurts 21m play

      Season 2 of Pro Wrestling Fringe is now up. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for one free month. Sponsor... 8 more words

      Thu 11 Feb 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' 21m play

      A preview of Colt's newest podcast venture, Pro Wrestling Fringe. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for o... 3 more words

      Tue 21 Jan 2014

      AOW 183: Dean Ambrose 1h 7m play

      WWE Superstar and one third of the Shield. Ambrose and Colt both are Midwest, indie rooted wrestlers. Sit down for a talk with these two as they discuss a widespread of topics including The Grinch.

      Tue 31 Dec 2013

      AOW 180: Bruno Sammartino 1h 13m play

      WWE Hall of Famer and living legend Bruno Sammartino sits down with Colt to share stories of the past. Bruno is the king of Madison Square Garden and the heart of New York. A true legend on this weeks... 1 more words

      Tue 11 Jun 2013

      AOW 151: Dave Meltzer 1h 7m play

      Wrestling Observers Dave Meltzer comes to talk with Colt. Dave is the guy who popularized the telllings of insider wrestling information to a generation of fans. Hear how he went from a journalist stu... 10 more words