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      Thu 26 Apr 2018

      5. Milwaukee & Texas 36m play

      Guests: Chavo Guerrero, Jesse Jane, Eugene, Silas Young, Chelsea Greene, DJZ & more. Follow Colt as he travels doing two shows in Milwaukee and two more shows in Texas. As always #AskCabanaMom Spons... 17 more words

      Thu 19 Apr 2018

      4. One Show In China 36m play

      Guests: Nick Aldis, Dave Marquez, Dave Lagana, Reno Scum and more. Colt travels to China for one show. It's the first time the NWA title has been defended there. Listen to the story behind this fun... 13 more words

      Thu 12 Apr 2018

      3. Welcome To Wrestlecon 53m play

      Guests: Mick Foley, One Man Gang, Grado, Jeff Cobb, Marty DeRosa, Hangman Page and many many more. It's 'Mania weekend in New Orleans and it's a long long week of conventions, matches, comedy, wrestl... 12 more words

      Thu 05 Apr 2018

      2. Korakuen Hall 36m play

      Guests: Joey Ryan, Ethan Page, Mike Bailey, Rekka, Haku, American Balloon. While still in Japan, Colt and the rest of the tour will be wrestling at the world famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Listen to... 30 more words

      Thu 29 Mar 2018

      1. Back In Japan 41m play

      Guests: Joey Ryan, Ethan Page, Speedball Mike Bailey, Rekka Colt is on a tour of DDT pro wrestling in Japan. This week's show is in front of a packed Sumo Hall in Tokyo. Hear talks with fellow wrest... 22 more words

      Thu 15 Mar 2018

      AOW: Wrestlers Are People - Owens, Neville, Ciampa 52m play

      [r] Kevin Owens, Neville (pac) & Tomasso Ciampa open up about the how their life is effected by the pro wrestling industry. These are clips from past episodes put together. Sponsor: http://www.Squa... 3 more words

      Thu 08 Mar 2018

      AOW 174 Stone Cold Steve Austin (11-19-2013) 1h 12m play

      [r] I take ya back almost five years to a talk I had with arguably pro wrestling's biggest star of all time. I also give current updates on a fun week in Denver & NYC. Sponsor: 1 more words

      Thu 01 Mar 2018

      AOW 245 Roddy Piper 4-7-2015 55m play

      [r] An old talk with Roddy Piper reminds the world of his generosity and kindness. Colt and Piper share a similar way of thinking and talk about Piper's views on his life and wrestling. Colt also ha... 17 more words

      Thu 22 Feb 2018

      AOW 231 Gallows & Anderson 12-31-14 1h 2m play

      [r] The Bullet Club is what it said when this dropped in 2014, now Gallow & Anderson just go by their names in WWE. Just a really fun popular episode of AOW past, plus new updates from Colt Sponsor: ... 3 more words

      Thu 15 Feb 2018

      AOW 214 Ariya Daivari 9-1-14 1h 3m play

      [r] Now a WWE 205Live superstar, back in 2014, Ariya Daivari was a local Minnesota wrestler trying to get any kind of break in wrestling. Hear his struggle to try and break the scene plus a new updat... 7 more words

      Thu 08 Feb 2018

      AOW 167 The Genius Lanny Poffo 10-3-2013 59m play

      [r] Lanny Poffo's positivity is something all of the wrestling world can be warmed by. From Oct 2013, Colt and Lanny talk about a lot of subjects including his brother Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, WWF a... 6 more words

      Thu 01 Feb 2018

      AOW 132 Johnny Gargano 1-31-2013 1h 4m play

      [r] Johnny Wrestling and Colt sat down in Cleveland back in early 2013. At that time, Johnny was starting to catch on for EVOLVE and was becoming an independent star. Also, listen to a crazy story f... 18 more words

      Thu 25 Jan 2018

      AOW 111 William Regal 9-6-2012 59m play

      [r] Recorded back in 2012, William Regal and Colt have an extensive chat about the great British Wrestling scene of yesteryear. Sponsor:

      Thu 18 Jan 2018

      AOW 67 Kenny Omega 11-3-2011 57m play

      [r] The conversation with Colt and Kenny occurred in late 2011. Kenny was a regular for DDT and wasn't the NJPW star that he is today. Hear his thoughts on wrestling from that time in his life. Plu... 18 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      AOW 59 Domino (NIGERIA) 9-8-2011 59m play

      [r] Cliff Compton tells the story of going to Nigeria and wrestling the Great Power Uti. Colt does a new intro, but the original podcast aired on Sept 8, 2011

      Thu 04 Jan 2018

      AOW AMA 2018 1h play

      You ask the questions....I answer them. A lot of fun questions asked by a lot of fun listeners! Sponsors: (CODE: COLT)

      Thu 28 Dec 2017

      AOW 2017 Year In Review 40m play

      Colt takes you through how/why each episode was produced this year. Plus, a special announcement about the future of the Art of Wrestling Podcast. Sponsor: (CODE: CABANA30)

      Thu 21 Dec 2017

      AOW 379 Alex Shelley 1h 12m play

      From Detroit, Alex Shelley is one half of the Motor City Machine Guns. Colt and Shelley talk about tag team wrestling, faults in wrestling, PWI's & Dirt Sheets and more. SPONSORS: http://www.BUYoch.c... 4 more words

      Thu 14 Dec 2017

      AOW 378 Road Warrior Animal 1h 4m play

      Legendary tag team wrestler Animal is on the show today. From Road Warriors and Legion of Doom, Colt and Animal talk about Japan, Tag Teams, Zubaz, Marketing and more. Sponors: 5 more words

      Thu 07 Dec 2017

      AOW 377 Gainesville LIVE: Cannon, Dustin, Cross, Gethard 1h 2m play

      Live from FEST in Gainesville, FL Guests include: Chris Gethard, Chuck Taylor, Matt Cross & Arik Cannon Sponsors: (CODE: CABANA30)

      Thu 30 Nov 2017

      AOW 376 Stu Grayson (Player Dos) 56m play

      Player Dos aka Stu Grayson, one half of the Super Smash Brothers is a Canadian mainstay. Colt and Stu talk about Canadian wrestling, jobs, wrestling and training and much more. Sponsors: www.BuyOCH.c... 7 more words

      Thu 23 Nov 2017

      AOW 375 Nick Mondo 1h play

      From weed-whackers to rooftops, Nick Mondo abused his body and mind in CZW and beyond. Colt and Nick discuss the culmination of it all with his movie, The Trade, among many other subjects. Sponsors: ... 6 more words

      Thu 16 Nov 2017

      AOW 374 Jay White 1h 7m play

      New Zealand born, Jay White has gone from a young boy to a star in the New Japan Wrestling System. Colt and Jay talk about pressures of wrestling, traveling from country to country, adjusting and mor... 9 more words

      Thu 09 Nov 2017

      AOW 373 The Elite - Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks 1h 2m play

      Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson comprise the original 'The Elite'. Colt sits down with the crew to talk about how a little YouTube Vlog has effected their whole careers. Sponsors: www.BuyO... 5 more words

      Thu 02 Nov 2017

      AOW 372 Hangman Page 1h 1m play

      Adam Page joined the Bullet Club and became Hangman Page. Colt and Page podcast about what's happening in his career and how he got there. Sponsor: (Code: CABANA30)

      Thu 26 Oct 2017

      AOW 371 NY Live: Ryback, Bobby Lashley, Sam Roberts 1h 6m play

      Ryback, Bobby Lashley & Sam Roberts guest on this Live podcast from the Now Hear This Festival in NYC. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT)

      Thu 19 Oct 2017

      Pro Wrestling Fringe: DogLegs 21m play

      It’s a world where handicapped pro wrestlers enter the ring, put on a show, defy stereotypes and make you ask yourself many questions. Colt and Heath Cozens explore this amazing subculture that’s chan... 22 more words

      Thu 12 Oct 2017

      AOW 370 Frankie The Mobster 1h 3m play

      Frankie the Mobster is Canada's most vulgar wrestler. From spitting on children to swearing at everyone, Colt gets Frankie to open up about what's going on in his mind. They cover Kevin Owens, Acting... 9 more words

      Thu 05 Oct 2017

      AOW 369: Todd Sinclair 1h 11m play

      Ring of Honor's senior referee Todd Sinclair is podcasting today. Todd and Colt talk about how a referee factors into the story of a wrestling match along with Todd's fun journey into wrestling. Spon... 2 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Pro Wrestling Fringe: Black & White 23m play

      In the 1950s, in racially segregated Memphis, Tennessee, Sputnik Monroe was a wrestling superstar. Colt and David Bixenspan discuss how Sputnik’s support of desegregation resonated throughout professi... 10 more words

      Thu 23 Jun 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' - Laugh 'Til It Hurts 21m play

      Season 2 of Pro Wrestling Fringe is now up. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for one free month. Sponsor... 8 more words

      Thu 11 Feb 2016

      AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' 21m play

      A preview of Colt's newest podcast venture, Pro Wrestling Fringe. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for o... 3 more words

      Tue 21 Jan 2014

      AOW 183: Dean Ambrose 1h 7m play

      WWE Superstar and one third of the Shield. Ambrose and Colt both are Midwest, indie rooted wrestlers. Sit down for a talk with these two as they discuss a widespread of topics including The Grinch.

      Tue 31 Dec 2013

      AOW 180: Bruno Sammartino 1h 13m play

      WWE Hall of Famer and living legend Bruno Sammartino sits down with Colt to share stories of the past. Bruno is the king of Madison Square Garden and the heart of New York. A true legend on this weeks... 1 more words

      Tue 11 Jun 2013

      AOW 151: Dave Meltzer 1h 7m play

      Wrestling Observers Dave Meltzer comes to talk with Colt. Dave is the guy who popularized the telllings of insider wrestling information to a generation of fans. Hear how he went from a journalist stu... 10 more words

      Sat 01 Jun 2013

      AOW 150 Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen Returns) 1h 10m play

      The Zoo Enthusiast himself goes to the Zoo with Colt...In Australia! The second time around for Kevin and Colt gets very real, but still fun. They go in depth into the idea of the business of wrestlin... 6 more words