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      Thu 21 Jun 2018

      Episode 926 - Dave Itzkoff / Robin Williams from 2010 2h 6m play

      New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff came into Robin Williams's life right around the same time Marc talked to Robin for WTF. Dave and Marc share notes on what they learned about this one-of-a... 61 more words

      Mon 18 Jun 2018

      Episode 925 - Billy Bob Thornton 1h 35m play

      Billy Bob Thornton sees himself in a certain way and feels as though the world sees him differently. That's why he feels uncomfortable at parties, uneasy about being a celebrity, and most relaxed when... 76 more words

      Thu 14 Jun 2018

      Episode 924 - Holly Hunter / Amber Tamblyn 1h 38m play

      Holly Hunter left the family farm in Georgia to become an actor. She talks with Marc about her early days in New York, catching the attention of the Coen Brothers as they were on the verge of making t... 61 more words

      Mon 11 Jun 2018

      Episode 923 - Bob Balaban 1h 24m play

      Bob Balaban was born into show business and he didn't even know it until he was 10. The ubiquitous actor tells Marc how his immigrant family came to Chicago at the turn of the century and broke into t... 60 more words

      Fri 08 Jun 2018

      Anthony Bourdain from 2011 1h 10m play

      From Episode 233, this is Marc's conversation with Anthony Bourdain, conducted in 2011. Anthony died on June 8, 2018, at age 61.

      Thu 07 Jun 2018

      Episode 233 - Anthony Bourdain 1h 26m play

      Marc talks with Anthony Bourdain about food, drugs, truth and travel. What's the most soulful food Anthony's ever eaten? Why did smoking crack lead to an obsession with surveillance material? How are ... 34 more words

      Episode 922 - Vanessa Hollingshead 1h 40m play

      Vanessa Hollingshead can honestly say that a cruise ship saved her life. She tells Marc what led to a comedy career in the first place after a childhood spent in communes, foster homes, and around lot... 63 more words

      Mon 04 Jun 2018

      Episode 921 - David Harbour 1h 45m play

      David Harbour became pretty cynical about the acting profession before landing the star-making role of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. But he and Marc are in agreement that it was probably better for D... 59 more words

      Thu 31 May 2018

      Episode 920 - Rachel Brosnahan 1h 23m play

      Rachel Brosnahan related to the pressures and insecurities of standup comics when she got the lead role of a 1950s standup in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. That's because she feels constant dread as an a... 69 more words

      Mon 28 May 2018

      Episode 919 - Tom Papa 1h 34m play

      Tom Papa got the comedy bug early in life but his unconventional path went from football to live theater to standup. Once Tom started writing jokes while working as a security guard, there was no turn... 65 more words

      Thu 24 May 2018

      Episode 918 - Paul Rodriguez 1h 15m play

      Paul Rodriguez has always been paying his dues. Even before he paid his dues doing open mics and parking cars at The Comedy Store, he paid his dues growing up in Compton, serving in the Air Force, and... 69 more words

      Mon 21 May 2018

      Episode 917 - Neal Brennan 1h 34m play

      Nearly seven years after doing an episode of WTF that never aired, Neal Brennan sits down with Marc for a conversation that is probably the one they should have had all those years ago. Neal and Marc ... 72 more words

      Thu 17 May 2018

      Episode 916 - Mary Steenburgen 1h 38m play

      Mary Steenburgen started out pretty far away from Hollywood, as a young girl in Little Rock, Arkansas, growing up during the era of school desegregation. She fortified herself in that environment befo... 72 more words

      Mon 14 May 2018

      Episode 915 - Josh Brolin 1h 45m play

      Josh Brolin knows that time and maturity saved his life. Going back to his rebellious youth, Josh can point to many times where he could have been done in, even after he was already a successful actor... 68 more words

      Thu 10 May 2018

      Episode 914 - Melissa McCarthy 1h 31m play

      Before comedy and acting were ever on Melissa McCarthy's radar, she was like a lot midwestern teens trying to find herself. She tells Marc how her cheerleading years were followed by a partially-shave... 86 more words

      Mon 07 May 2018

      Episode 913 - Rachel Bloom 1h 27m play

      Rachel Bloom is a self-described show pony, a people-pleaser with a lifelong desire to perform as a means of keeping her anxieties at bay. She tells Marc how those impulses pushed her toward musical t... 64 more words

      Thu 03 May 2018

      Episode 912 - Drew Carey 1h 37m play

      Drew Carey was in a bad place. After losing his dad at a young age, suffering through anxiety and depression in high school, confused by the pressures of religion, Drew made a rash decision when he wa... 64 more words

      Mon 30 Apr 2018

      Episode 911 - Scott Thomson / Tom Rhodes 1h 26m play

      Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall isn't too worried about the way of the world these days, mostly because he's been through so much that it all seems like gravy from here out. Scott tells Marc ... 57 more words

      Thu 26 Apr 2018

      Episode 910 - Mandy Stadtmiller 1h 33m play

      Writer Mandy Stadtmiller's career as a dating columnist was taking off as her post-divorce social life was filled with late-night excitement and famous hookups. But she also couldn't get off the hamst... 53 more words

      Mon 23 Apr 2018

      Episode 909 - Bradley Whitford 1h 27m play

      Bradley Whitford was a huge Key and Peele fanboy who was desperate to work with them. But he didn't know what to think when Jordan Peele asked him if he liked horror movies. It turns out Bradley wound... 67 more words

      Thu 19 Apr 2018

      Episode 908 - Sam Tripoli 1h 23m play

      Sam Tripoli never doubted he would become a comic, so his decision to study psychology was not an attempt to craft a backup plan. Instead he used his psych background to wage mental warfare with his d... 63 more words

      Mon 16 Apr 2018

      Episode 907 - Aisha Tyler / Louie Anderson 1h 42m play

      Aisha Tyler's directorial debut is a film called Axis about a guy who has hit the wall. That's appropriate for Aisha, following several years of big changes in her life. She ended a long marriage, wal... 78 more words

      Thu 12 Apr 2018

      Episode 906 - Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite / E of Eels 1h 20m play

      Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper are musicians with wildly different backgrounds but a unifying love of the blues. Charlie was there at the birth of rock and roll. Ben grew up immersed in music whil... 73 more words

      Mon 09 Apr 2018

      Episode 905 - Bill Simmons 1h 47m play

      Writer, producer and podcast pioneer Bill Simmons is a man whose life, career and worldview have changed in real time with the evolution of Internet. Bill talks with Marc about some of the checkpoints... 69 more words

      Thu 05 Apr 2018

      Episode 904 - Jason Alexander 1h 22m play

      Jason Alexander was one of countless New Jersey kids who couldn't resist the lights of Broadway on the other side of the river. When he became a steady working actor on the New York stage, Jason was t... 60 more words

      Mon 02 Apr 2018

      Episode 903 - Neil Patrick Harris / Michael Imperioli 1h 33m play

      Neil Patrick Harris credits his New Mexico upbringing with helping him weather the ups and downs of being a child star. It's also something he has in common with Marc. In addition to their memories of... 58 more words

      Thu 29 Mar 2018

      Episode 902 - They Might Be Giants 1h 34m play

      John Flansburgh and John Linnell tell Marc the unlikely story of how a couple high school friends became a two-man band at the height of the New Wave performance art era in crime-ridden New York City ... 50 more words

      Mon 26 Mar 2018

      Episode 901 - Sean Penn / Lynn Shelton 1h 32m play

      Sean Penn wrote a novel to slow things down. He fell out of love with making movies, he is disillusioned by the culture, and he finds it hard to draw hope from current events. Sean explains to Marc ho... 75 more words

      Thu 22 Mar 2018

      Episode 900 - Nick Nolte 1h 35m play

      Nick Nolte makes an appropriate guest for the 900th episode of WTF because he clearly has about 900 episodes worth of stories to tell. They can't get to all of them, so Nick tells Marc the ones about ... 64 more words

      Mon 19 Mar 2018

      Episode 899 - Nell Scovell / Bill Hader 1h 53m play

      Nell Scovell has written for a Murderers' Row of television comedies - including The Simpsons, It's Garry Shandling's Show, Murphy Brown, and Newhart - created Sabrina the Teenage Witch, wrote for Van... 78 more words

      Thu 15 Mar 2018

      Episode 898 - David Mamet 1h 25m play

      David Mamet's love for Chicago shows up all the time in his works, including his new novel which is called, yup, Chicago. The prolific playwright-director-novelist-screenwriter talks with Marc about h... 85 more words

      Mon 12 Mar 2018

      Episode 897 - Ted Danson 1h 30m play

      Ted Danson is one of the most visible and familiar actors of the past four decades, and yet he still describes himself to Marc as "a phony," "a fraud," "an outsider," someone with "no real talent," an... 74 more words

      Thu 08 Mar 2018

      Episode 896 - David Oyelowo 1h 19m play

      David Oyelowo got America’s attention with his instantly-iconic portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the film Selma. But this classically trained actor was making history on stage years prior, b... 70 more words

      Mon 05 Mar 2018

      Episode 895 - Sharon Stone 1h 18m play

      Sharon Stone made a decision after she achieved fame with Basic Instinct. She wanted to build a way forward in Hollywood without being typecast. Sharon tells Marc how she navigated that part of her ca... 68 more words

      Fri 02 Mar 2018

      Remembering Barry Crimmins 1h 30m play

      Comedian and activist Barry Crimmins passed away on February 28, 2018 at age 64. Here are Marc's conversations with Barry on WTF. First, from Episode 443, a one-on-one talk with Barry in June 2013. Th... 25 more words

      Thu 01 Mar 2018

      Episode 894 - Bill Janovitz / Danny Lobell 1h 29m play

      When Marc was a young comic living in Boston, Buffalo Tom was one of his favorite bands. Buffalo Tom frontman Bill Janovitz joins Marc in the garage to talk about the band's rise from the pre-Nirvana ... 67 more words