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      Thu 19 Oct 2017

      Episode 856 - Bassem Youssef / Sam Seder 1h 36m play

      Bassem Youssef was a surgeon in Egypt who started doing a YouTube show from his house and eventually became the most popular television personality in his country, doing what people called "The Egypti... 65 more words

      Mon 16 Oct 2017

      Episode 855 - Tracey Ullman 1h 18m play

      On a list of the world's funniest people, Tracey Ullman ranks pretty high. But Tracey tells Marc she doesn't consider herself a comedian or a comic, but rather a character actor. The fact that she sta... 77 more words

      Thu 12 Oct 2017

      Episode 854 - Marilyn Manson 1h 26m play

      Despite being born Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson doesn't separate his stage persona from who he is as a person. That makes for an interesting chat with Marc in the garage. Marilyn talks about his early... 66 more words

      Mon 09 Oct 2017

      Episode 853 - Jeff Bridges / Beau Bridges 2h 5m play

      It just so happens that Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges are both in new movies at the same time (Only the Brave and The Mountain Between Us, respectively). So it's as good a time as any to have the two ... 54 more words

      Sat 07 Oct 2017

      Ralphie May from 2012 1h 7m play

      From Episode 247, Marc talks with comedian Ralphie May about his journey to become one of the most popular headliners in the country. Ralphie passed away on October 6, 2017 at the age of 45.

      Thu 05 Oct 2017

      Episode 852 - Waiting for the Punch 1h 39m play

      Marc presents a special audio version of the first chapter of Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live by from the WTF Podcast. This chapter features thirty WTF guests talking with Marc about growing up. ... 66 more words

      Mon 02 Oct 2017

      Episode 851 - Elliott Gould 1h 21m play

      Elliot Gould was at the vanguard of American New Wave Cinema in the 1970s, but he tells Marc there were two enemies always working to diminish his potential: ego and vanity. On the cusp of launching a... 55 more words

      Sun 01 Oct 2017

      Monty Hall from 2013 1h 5m play

      From Episode 427, this is Marc's conversation with iconic television host Monty Hall. Monty passed away on September 30, 2017 at age 96. 

      Thu 28 Sep 2017

      Episode 850 - Tom Colicchio 1h 17m play

      Top Chef's Tom Colicchio discovered a passion for cooking at a young age, thanks to a book his corrections officer father found in a prison library. Even now as a celebrity chef, with restaurants arou... 56 more words

      Mon 25 Sep 2017

      Episode 849 - Pete Davidson 1h 13m play

      Saturday Night Live's "Resident Young Person" Pete Davidson might be the only member of the SNL cast who knew about the show exclusively through YouTube clips. Pete tells Marc how he landed the show j... 50 more words

      Thu 21 Sep 2017

      Episode 848 - George Schlatter 1h 30m play

      Television comedy impresario George Schlatter created Laugh In at the peak of cultural upheaval in 20th Century America. He tells Marc why he linked the rebellious youth movement of the '60s to a butt... 64 more words

      Mon 18 Sep 2017

      Episode 847 - Lee Daniels 1h 5m play

      Lee Daniels got his start in show business by running a nursing agency. That may seem unusual but the road to success for the producer-writer-director behind Precious, The Butler and Empire has always... 60 more words

      Sun 17 Sep 2017

      Harry Dean Stanton from 2014 1h 2m play

      From Episode 464, this is Marc's conversation with actor Harry Dean Stanton who passed away on September 15, 2017 at age 91. This episode also includes a follow-up conversation with Sophie Huber, dire... 9 more words

      Thu 14 Sep 2017

      Episode 846 - Kathy Bates / Graham Elwood 1h 34m play

      Kathy Bates hammered her way into movie and pop culture history with her Oscar-winning performance in Misery. Kathy tells Marc why acting never seemed like an option when she was younger, what she lea... 71 more words

      Mon 11 Sep 2017

      Episode 845 - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick 1h 29m play

      Ken Burns and his frequent collaborator Lynn Novick have made indelible documentaries about American life, on subjects like jazz, baseball, the Civil War, and World War II. Their latest film is a ten-... 62 more words

      Thu 07 Sep 2017

      Episode 844 - Lorde 1h 15m play

      Not every global pop superstar would feel at home in Marc's garage, but Lorde isn't your average global pop superstar. The singer-songwriter takes some time before kicking off her worldwide Melodrama ... 67 more words

      Mon 04 Sep 2017

      Episode 843 - Warren Hutcherson 1h 35m play

      Warren Hutcherson and Marc were getting their starts in standup around the same time. Then, as Marc recalls it, Warren was suddenly a television writer and wasn't on the standup scene anymore. Warren ... 55 more words

      Fri 01 Sep 2017

      Shelley Berman from 2012 56m play

      From Episode 332, this is Marc's conversation with comedian Shelley Berman. Shelley passed away on September 1, 2017 at age 92. 

      Thu 31 Aug 2017

      Episode 842 - Steve Jordan 1h 32m play

      Steve Jordan is considered one of the greatest rock and roll drummers of all time. He joins Marc in the garage to talk about his years playing in the house bands for David Letterman and Saturday Night... 62 more words

      Mon 28 Aug 2017

      Episode 841 - Jay Baruchel 1h 17m play

      Actor Jay Baruchel takes the trip down from Canada to talk with Marc about life, acting and the Great White North. Jay explains what it was like being raised in a family that was righteously engaged i... 61 more words

      Thu 24 Aug 2017

      Episode 840 - Alice Cooper 1h 35m play

      Marc gets the full story of how Vincent Furnier became Alice Cooper and took rock & roll into dark and unexpected territory. Alice tells Marc about the early formation of his band, how his return to C... 56 more words

      Mon 21 Aug 2017

      Episode 839 - Brent Weinbach / Ms. Pat 1h 45m play

      First things first: Brent Weinbach and Marc need to have a good conversation about crying. Once that's out of the way, the two of them figure out how Brent's performance-based comedy, filled with mult... 64 more words

      Remembering Jerry Lewis 31m play

      Comedy legend Jerry Lewis passed away on August 20, 2017. This is Marc's conversation with Jerry from August 25, 2016.

      Thu 17 Aug 2017

      Episode 838 - Jennifer Jason Leigh 1h 11m play

      To prepare for this conversation, Marc watched one of Jennifer Jason Leigh's earliest films, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, as well as her most recent, the crime thriller Good Time. The details of what... 41 more words

      Mon 14 Aug 2017

      Episode 837 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Phil Stutz 1h 33m play

      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest basketball players ever, but he's happy if you know him as a writer, a cultural critic, an activist, a chronicler of African-American history, an actor, an a... 69 more words

      Thu 10 Aug 2017

      Episode 836 - Mike MacDonald / Jon Ronson 1h 38m play

      Canadian comic Mike MacDonald survived four decades in comedy, drug abuse, Sam Kinison, chronic illness, psych wards, and a liver transplant to make it to the garage. Mike takes Marc through his early... 59 more words

      Mon 07 Aug 2017

      Episode 835 - The Lucas Brothers 1h 31m play

      Keith and Kenny Lucas are identical twins and Marc is freaking out at how similar they are. Well, freaking a little bit anyway, but only at first because once the three of them get talking it's hard n... 56 more words

      Thu 03 Aug 2017

      Episode 834 - Rory Scovel / Maz Jobrani 1h 40m play

      Rory Scovel is from the South, he was born into a legacy of postal workers, and one of his first jobs was in production at a local TV station. It's all great background material for a comedy career, w... 68 more words

      Mon 31 Jul 2017

      Episode 833 - Al Gore 1h 18m play

      Former Vice President Al Gore has been thinking about change his whole life, whether it was the way the changing media shaped our politics or the way a changing climate altered the way we live on this... 62 more words

      Thu 27 Jul 2017

      Episode 832 - David Alan Grier / Joe Mande 1h 43m play

      David Alan Grier studied to become a serious actor at Yale School of Drama, which actually came in handy when he got cast on one of the funniest shows of all time, In Living Color. David talks with Ma... 61 more words

      Mon 24 Jul 2017

      Episode 831 - Randy Newman 1h 37m play

      Marc believes - and many agree with him - that Randy Newman is an American genius. One person who's not so sure is Randy himself who, after half a century as a recording artist, 13 solo albums, 23 sou... 68 more words

      Thu 20 Jul 2017

      Episode 830 - David Remnick 1h 16m play

      David Remnick is a seasoned journalist, an accomplished writer and a proud amateur guitar player. But he's also the gatekeeper of an American institution as editor of The New Yorker. Marc and David ta... 49 more words

      Mon 17 Jul 2017

      Episode 829 - Edie Falco 1h 28m play

      With indelible roles in shows like The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie and Horace and Pete, a lot of people feel like they know Edie Falco very well, even though they only know her characters. Edie helps Marc ... 53 more words

      Thu 13 Jul 2017

      Episode 828 - Keb' Mo' & Taj Mahal 1h 18m play

      Blues legends Keb' Mo' and Taj Mahal are distinctly different individuals. One grew up in Compton, California, the other grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. One was raised on Caribbean music, the o... 57 more words

      Mon 10 Jul 2017

      Episode 827 - GLOW Writers & Creators 1h 25m play

      Give a listen to how the sausage of television gets made as Marc talks with the creative team behind the show GLOW. First, hear about the process of scripting a season of television as a group from th... 61 more words

      Thu 06 Jul 2017

      Episode 826 - Jeff Baena / Dave Anthony 1h 36m play

      Filmmaker Jeff Baena was always into movies that didn't fit into easy categories. He tells Marc about having his mind blown at an early age thanks to directors like Kubrick and Fellini, which helps ex... 69 more words