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      Thu 22 Jun 2017

      Episode 822 - Sofia Coppola 1h 11m play

      Despite a surname that is practically synonymous with modern American cinema, Sofia Coppola didn't want to be a film director. She tells Marc about her early career ambitions and how they inevitably l... 57 more words

      Wed 21 Jun 2017

      NEW SERIES! Classic Showbiz with Kliph Nesteroff 27m play

      Marc presents a new podcast mini-series chronicling the seedy underbelly, forgotten heroes, and subversive oddballs of comedy history.   Today's episode: The Hood, The Schmuck & Miss New Jersey Le... 93 more words

      Mon 19 Jun 2017

      Episode 821 - Alison Brie & Betty Gilpin 1h 9m play

      Marc sits down with his coworkers Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin to take stock of the time they spent shooting the first season of the new Netflix series GLOW and to learn a bit more about each other no... 48 more words

      Thu 15 Jun 2017

      Episode 820 - Kumail Nanjiani & Emily Gordon / Jim Florentine 1h 27m play

      Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon are married. They also wrote the movie The Big Sick, which is based on their lives and in which Kumail plays himself. Marc also wrote an episode of television that was... 55 more words

      Mon 12 Jun 2017

      Episode 819 - Ariel Leve / Wheeler Walker, Jr. 1h 35m play

      When Marc crossed paths with writer Ariel Leve back in the '90s, she was working at MTV and on the verge of making a splash as a print journalist. Ariel didn't know she would soon uncover the trauma i... 83 more words

      Thu 08 Jun 2017

      Episode 818 - Mark Mulcahy / Phil Elverum 1h 49m play

      It's a doubleheader of singer-songwriters who are separated by several years but tied together by similar tragedies that reshaped their lives and their art. First, Phil Elverum of The Microphones and ... 77 more words

      Mon 05 Jun 2017

      Episode 817 - Lesley Stahl / Demetri Martin 1h 43m play

      Marc interviews an interviewer when Lesley Stahl spends 60 minutes in the garage. The veteran journalist tells Marc what it was like to cover Watergate, interview U.S. Presidents, report on the strugg... 51 more words

      Thu 01 Jun 2017

      Episode 816 - Senator Al Franken 1h 31m play

      Marc travels to Washington, DC for a conversation with his old radio co-worker who now happens to be a United States Senator. Al Franken takes Marc through his start in comedy with Tom Davis, his fift... 67 more words

      Mon 29 May 2017

      Episode 815 - Jake Fogelnest / Ron Funches 1h 38m play

      Jake Fogelnest was a teenager with a public access show who was thrust into a high-profile MTV gig and before too long was in rehab for drug addiction. Now Jake's a successful writer and show runner b... 80 more words

      Thu 25 May 2017

      Episode 814 - Danny Fields / J Mascis 1h 39m play

      Danny Fields is a music manager, a publicist, a magazine editor, a writer, and a conduit to some of the greatest artists ever, including Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground, the Doors, the Ramones, an... 61 more words

      Mon 22 May 2017

      Episode 813 - Griffin Dunne / Bill Burr 1h 32m play

      Griffin Dunne caught the acting bug at a young age and had early success with movies like American Werewolf in London and After Hours. But tragedy struck when his career was ascendant and his whole fa... 62 more words

      Thu 18 May 2017

      Chris Cornell from June 2014 1h 3m play

      From Episode 502, this is Marc's conversation with Chris Cornell, musician, singer and songwriter from the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. Chris Cornell passed away on May 17, 2017.

      Episode 812 - AJ Mendez Brooks / Fred Stoller 1h 39m play

      As AJ Lee, she was a larger than life superhero who won the WWE women's wrestling championship three times. But as AJ Mendez Brooks, she spent most of her life coping with mental illness. AJ tells Mar... 55 more words

      Mon 15 May 2017

      Episode 811 - Joel Hodgson / Jonah Ray 1h 47m play

      Joel Hodgson took his Midwestern sensibility, his interest in theater of the absurd, his standup comedy experience, and his robot assembly skills, put them together and created the beloved comedy inst... 72 more words

      Thu 11 May 2017

      Episode 810 - Kevin Bacon 1h 40m play

      Kevin Bacon started his career with an awkward experience on the set of Animal House. Then his fear of becoming a major star after Footloose led him to self-sabotage. It wasn't until he rejected Holly... 72 more words

      Mon 08 May 2017

      Episode 809 - John Michael Higgins / Maria Bamford 1h 41m play

      John Michael Higgins is instantly familiar to audiences after seeing him in the Christopher Guest movies and Pitch Perfect and so many other films and TV shows. But he and Marc discover in the middle ... 61 more words

      Thu 04 May 2017

      Episode 808 - Wendi McLendon-Covey / Al Madrigal 1h 38m play

      Wendi McLendon-Covey may have found success with The Goldbergs and Bridesmaids but the Hollywood lifestyle was never her thing. As she tells Marc, Wendi lived at home with her parents until she was 26... 74 more words

      Mon 01 May 2017

      Episode 807 - Mark Mothersbaugh 1h 31m play

      Although Mark Mothersbaugh co-founded Devo, he didn't think it was a band at first. To Mark and his bandmates, Devo was an art movement. Mark sits down in the garage to talk about his upbringing in Ak... 52 more words

      Thu 27 Apr 2017

      Episode 806 - Mark Lanegan / Mac DeMarco 1h 35m play

      Mark Lanegan is the soft-spoken elder statesman of the '90s Seattle grunge scene. Marc Maron talks with the former frontman of Screaming Trees and finds out how Mark went on to collaborate with a wide... 63 more words

      Mon 24 Apr 2017

      Episode 805 - Walter Hill 1h 45m play

      Poor health kept Walter Hill out of the Army in the '60s, but that twist of fate led him into filmmaking during the tumultuous end of that decade. Walter tells Marc about being there for the major shi... 67 more words

      Thu 20 Apr 2017

      Episode 804 - Amanda Peet / W. Kamau Bell 1h 40m play

      Marc is a fan of Amanda Peet when she's playing funny, quirky characters, like in Togetherness or Brockmire, and when she's cold-hearted and mean, like in Changing Lanes or Syriana. He finds out in pe... 52 more words

      Mon 17 Apr 2017

      Episode 803 - Baron Vaughn / Moshe Kasher 1h 38m play

      Baron Vaughn knows that growing up without a father and sharing a bunk bed with grandma can ignite the comedy spark. He tells Marc about being a latchkey kid watching cable TV and drawing inspiration ... 67 more words

      Thu 13 Apr 2017

      Episode 802 - Michael Chiklis / Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook 1h 31m play

      It turns out Michael Chiklis and Marc went to Boston University at the same time, but soon after school Michael got cast as John Belushi in the movie Wired, which almost ended his career on the spot. ... 75 more words

      Mon 10 Apr 2017

      Episode 801 - Anne Hathaway / Aimee Mann 1h 40m play

      Marc tries not to fanboy out too much with Anne Hathaway in the garage. While he attempts to keep it together, they talk about her path from party girl to motherhood, the lessons gleaned from messed u... 66 more words

      Thu 06 Apr 2017

      Episode 800 - Jeff Ross 1h 42m play

      For the 800th episode of WTF, Marc welcomes back the show's very first guest, Jeff Ross. Just as WTF evolved since that first episode in 2009, Jeff evolved from the Roastmaster General to a comedian u... 64 more words

      Mon 03 Apr 2017

      Episode 799 - Jason Zinoman / Hank Azaria 1h 41m play

      New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman is the one person analyzing comedy from the most prominent journalistic platform in the world. So naturally Jason and Marc would want to talk about the nuts ... 53 more words

      Thu 30 Mar 2017

      Episode 798 - Paul Beatty / Jackie Kashian 1h 35m play

      Marc was blown away by author Paul Beatty's celebrated novel The Sellout and wanted to know how a writer can turn a stew of ideas about identity, race, pride, language and representation into a provoc... 50 more words

      Mon 27 Mar 2017

      Episode 797 - Paul Shaffer 1h 28m play

      Paul Shaffer takes Marc down the path that turned a piano-playing kid from Canada into a keyboard-for-hire who became the bandleader for the famous Toronto production of Godspell. And from there, the ... 58 more words

      Thu 23 Mar 2017

      Episode 796 - Reza Aslan 1h 24m play

      Religious scholar Reza Aslan has spent his life studying the facts and misconceptions about belief and the evolutionary reasons people need to believe in something larger than themselves. Beginning wi... 61 more words

      Mon 20 Mar 2017

      Episode 795 - Paul Rust / Dax Shepard 1h 48m play

      Actor and writer Paul Rust knew how to be funny as a kid growing up in Iowa and struggling with OCD. But he tells Marc it was his knack for taking intense, borderline-unspeakable risks on stage when h... 60 more words

      Thu 16 Mar 2017

      Episode 794 - Louis Theroux 1h 17m play

      Filmmaker Louis Theroux once tried to make a documentary featuring Marc but he never used the footage. Marc's been puzzled by that ever since, but when you look at the subjects of many Louis docs - ad... 53 more words

      Mon 13 Mar 2017

      Episode 793 - Kevin Nealon 1h 31m play

      Kevin Nealon is trying a new approach to life in order to be less of a people pleaser and to allow himself some anger from time to time. But Kevin is able to keep that anger at bay while he tells Marc... 57 more words

      Thu 09 Mar 2017

      Episode 792 - Fred Melamed / Andy Kindler 1h 44m play

      Fred Melamed is instantly familiar, not only because of his scene-stealing performances in the Coen Brothers' A Serious Man and Maria Bamford's Lady Dynamite, but because he is an indelible New York c... 62 more words

      Mon 06 Mar 2017

      Episode 791 - Eugene Levy 1h 27m play

      Eugene Levy brings more than five decades of comedy history from north of the border into the garage. He tells Marc about his early days as a college student in Canada hanging out with Martin Short, I... 65 more words

      Thu 02 Mar 2017

      Episode 790 - Jennifer Coolidge 1h 26m play

      Whether you see her in Christopher Guest's movies or on 2 Broke Girls or as Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge is always a unique comic presence. She tells Marc how she put her wild New York City cocain... 46 more words

      Mon 27 Feb 2017

      Episode 789 - Raoul Peck 1h 29m play

      Filmmaker Raoul Peck spent more than a decade putting together the documentary I Am Not Your Negro, a powerful film illuminating the words and life of writer and social critic James Baldwin. But as Ma... 44 more words