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      Mon 23 Jan 2017

      Episode 779 - Martin Landau 1h 27m play

      Martin Landau is an Oscar-winning actor with a lifetime of work on film, TV and stage. But he's also one of the foremost educators on his craft. Martin takes Marc through his early days in New York Ci... 38 more words

      Thu 19 Jan 2017

      Episode 778 - Martha Kelly / Bruce Talk with Pashman 1h 33m play

      Comedian Martha Kelly told Zach Galifianakis she cannot act. That didn't stop Zach from casting her as one of the leads on his show Baskets, but Martha's insecurity plagued her throughout life and, as... 51 more words

      Mon 16 Jan 2017

      Episode 777 - John Larroquette 1h 25m play

      John Larroquette knows that people still identify him most strongly with Night Court, and he's okay with that. John believes things would have been different if he hadn't made his character, Dan Field... 65 more words

      Thu 12 Jan 2017

      Ep 776 - Roger Corman / G.J. Echternkamp 1h 49m play

      Roger Corman made hundreds of films and gave huge opportunities to filmmakers who became the best Hollywood has to offer. Now, at 90 years old, Roger joins Marc to look back at his career of high conc... 46 more words

      Mon 09 Jan 2017

      Episode 775 - James Hetfield 1h 25m play

      Before James Hetfield formed Metallica, his musical awareness was shaped in equal parts by classical music, Aerosmith and the desire to kill disco. James talks with Marc about the band's continued gro... 45 more words

      Thu 05 Jan 2017

      Episode 774 - Martha Plimpton / Laurie Kilmartin 1h 29m play

      Martha Plimpton says she learned how to act on the job. She talks with Marc about her childhood roles in movies like The Goonies, how those paved the way for her work on Broadway, and what she does to... 46 more words

      Mon 02 Jan 2017

      Episode 773 - Bruce Springsteen 1h 15m play

      Marc leaves the cozy confines of the garage and heads to New Jersey (where else?) to talk with The Boss. Just two Jersey guys hanging out, talking about dads, depression, fear, fulfillment and the fut... 43 more words

      Thu 29 Dec 2016

      Episode 772 - David Bromberg 1h 16m play

      Singer-songwriter David Bromberg is a human bridge between at least a half-dozen different styles of music. David and Marc talk about the pivotal evolution of modern music, as folk transitioned into r... 54 more words

      Mon 26 Dec 2016

      Episode 771 - Sammy Shore 1h 14m play

      Marc makes a pilgrimage to Las Vegas for a sit-down with Sammy Shore, a comic with a long show business life that doesn't quite have the ending he planned on. Sammy tells Marc about starting his caree... 40 more words

      Fri 23 Dec 2016

      WTF Uncovered #5 - Live at Now Hear This 42m play

      It's not entirely accurate to say this episode has never been heard by anyone before. About 700 people were in the room at the Now Hear This podcast festival in Anaheim this past October to hear Marc ... 37 more words

      Thu 22 Dec 2016

      Episode 770 - Derek Trucks 1h 19m play

      A lot of former child stars have been in the garage, but Derek Trucks wasn't so much a child star as he was a prodigy. At the age of nine, Derek was a guitar wizard. He talks with Marc about avoiding ... 42 more words

      Mon 19 Dec 2016

      Episode 769 - Annette Bening 1h 26m play

      Annette Bening attributes her longevity in acting to stopping when she wanted. She talks with Marc about being able to put the brakes on her career when dealing with the responsibilities of parenting.... 47 more words

      Fri 16 Dec 2016

      WTF Uncovered #4 - The Lost Marc and Tom Show 45m play

      Every so often Marc gets together with Tom Scharpling of The Best Show to figure out life's big questions. They record these conversations and release them as The Marc and Tom Show. This one was recor... 54 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      Episode 768 - Billy West 1h 33m play

      Comedian Billy West is a master of voices and one of the preeminent voiceover artists working today. Billy tells Marc about his need to escape into characters while growing up in a chaotic home. It wa... 50 more words

      Mon 12 Dec 2016

      Episode 767 - Casey Affleck 1h 25m play

      Casey Affleck says he doesn't want fame or stardom. So how's he handling it now that the spotlight keeps getting hotter? Casey talks with Marc about growing up in Massachusetts, maturing as an actor, ... 39 more words

      Fri 09 Dec 2016

      WTF Uncovered #3 - Jerry Lewis 32m play

      In September 2016, Marc recorded a conversation with the legendary Jerry Lewis. Until now, no one has heard it other than those in the room. This was supposed to be a full-length episode of WTF, but t... 35 more words

      Thu 08 Dec 2016

      Episode 766 Shane Mauss 1h 29m play

      Comedian Shane Mauss saw his career gathering steam only to stall out and make him feel like opportunities were passing him by. Then an accident that left him with two broken feet coincided with anoth... 33 more words

      Mon 05 Dec 2016

      Episode 765 - Dana Carvey 1h 47m play

      As Dana Carvey puts it, he gave a Heisman to fame, essentially putting himself on the sidelines of showbiz for 15 years. Dana and Marc talk about the string of events that happened after SNL and Wayne... 38 more words

      Fri 02 Dec 2016

      WTF Uncovered - Maria Bamford 27m play

      We go back into the WTF Shoebox Vault to find another unaired pilot for The Marc Maron Show in Los Angeles from 2006. This time the guest was comedian Maria Bamford, the sidekick was still Jim Earl, a... 51 more words

      Thu 01 Dec 2016

      Episode 764 - The Handsome Family / Sam Pollard 1h 32m play

      Gothic folk duo The Handsome Family meet up with Marc while he's in Albuquerque to talk about American roots music, carnival sideshows, meeting your heroes, and dealing with bipolarity. But first, doc... 52 more words

      Mon 28 Nov 2016

      Episode 763 - Joe Matarese 1h 21m play

      Comedian Joe Matarese has struggled with bouts of rage, anxiety and paralyzing indecisiveness. As he tells Marc, Joe is correcting these problems through medication, therapy, help from his wife, and i... 47 more words

      Fri 25 Nov 2016

      WTF Uncovered - Patton Oswalt 28m play

      This limited series dives deep into the WTF Vault (aka a shoebox under producer Brendan McDonald's bed) to present lost Marc Maron material that has never been heard by anyone else. In this episode, h... 44 more words

      Thu 24 Nov 2016

      Episode 762 - Scott Fagan 1h 31m play

      Singer-songwriter Scott Fagan created a beautiful album in 1968, called South Atlantic Blues. But things didn't go the way they were supposed to. Scott talks with Marc about why the album and his care... 53 more words

      Mon 21 Nov 2016

      Episode 761 - Michael Shannon 1h 18m play

      Michael Shannon cuts a pretty intimidating figure on stage and screen. The combination of his Southern upbringing and his early-career immersion into the Chicago theater scene probably accounts for mu... 51 more words

      Thu 17 Nov 2016

      Episode 760 - Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain / Andre Royo 1h 28m play

      Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain wrote a book that changed Marc's life. On the 20-year anniversary of 'Please Kill Me: An Uncensored Oral History of Punk,' Legs and Gillian tell Marc why they wrote it i... 54 more words

      Mon 14 Nov 2016

      Episode 759 - Lin-Manuel Miranda 1h 40m play

      Lin-Manuel Miranda is not only the creator of Hamilton and In The Heights, he's also a long-time WTFer. So he's well prepared to get into everything with Marc during a visit to the garage, including h... 44 more words

      Fri 11 Nov 2016

      Lorne Stories - A WTF Special Presentation 2h play

      Marc Maron presents a definitive collection of  stories  about Saturday Night Live's  Lorne  Michaels, as told by past WTF guests. Hear  Lorne   Stories  from Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poelher, Rob Riggle, Ja... 58 more words

      Thu 10 Nov 2016

      Episode 758 - Shep Gordon 1h 45m play

      Talent manager Shep Gordon had no real interest in pop music. He was a young hippie making money dealing drugs to rock stars. Shep tells Marc how he transitioned into a life of management and producti... 45 more words

      Mon 07 Nov 2016

      Episode 757 - Sam Quinones 1h 38m play

      On the eve of the U.S. Presidential Election, you owe it to yourself to hear this conversation between Marc and journalist Sam Quinones. Sam's travels in Mexico and his curiosity about the epidemic of... 45 more words

      Thu 03 Nov 2016

      Episode 756 - Paul Major & Jesper Eklow (Endless Boogie) 1h 13m play

      Endless Boogie was never supposed to become a band. It was made up of some guys who worked at Matador Records, one in particular who loved to collect old vinyl. Frontman Paul Major and guitarist Jespe... 48 more words

      Mon 31 Oct 2016

      Episode 755 - Roger Waters 1h 34m play

      Roger Waters wrote songs that changed rock and roll, organized them in ways that changed how albums were made, and performed them in ways that changed how concerts were staged. The Pink Floyd frontman... 49 more words

      Thu 27 Oct 2016

      Episode 754 - Ron Howard 1h 55m play

      Ron Howard knows the key to longevity in show business. He should, considering his evolution from child actor to sitcom star to award-winning director to highly respected producer. Ron divulges that k... 53 more words

      Mon 24 Oct 2016

      Episode 753 - Sarah Jessica Parker 1h 24m play

      Sarah Jessica Parker started her acting career at age 11 working with Harold Pinter on Broadway. That would be enough for most people, but it only got better from there. With a new show on HBO called ... 55 more words

      Thu 20 Oct 2016

      Episode 752 - Ritch Shydner / Anthony Bourdain 1h 41m play

      Comedian Ritch Shydner is a true road warrior who made his reputation during the comedy club boom of the 1980s. Ritch talks with Marc about diving into the deep end of stand-up comedy, getting out ent... 53 more words

      Wed 19 Oct 2016

      The Marc and Tom Show #4 1h 5m play

      It's been almost four years since the last Marc and Tom Show. After countless hours helping each other figure out what's going on, they're now facing something different: What happens when you might b... 42 more words

      Mon 17 Oct 2016

      Episode 751 - David Crosby 1h 41m play

      David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism and health issues have taken their toll but have not knocked David out. He's still making music and going ou... 43 more words