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      Wed 21 Mar 2018

      Unlocked Episode 338 56m play

      Xbox's Chris Charla sits in with us to talk about the ever-growing success that is Xbox's ID@Xbox indie game program. We discuss Cuphead, Inside, and the slate of upcoming ID@Xbox games including The ... 21 more words

      Thu 15 Mar 2018

      Unlocked Episode 337 1h 35m play

      Rumors of Splinter Cell's return in 2018 have our Xbox crew's hearts aflutter. We discuss what we'd want to see in a potential new game. Plus: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 runs from Red Dead Redemption 2... 31 more words

      Thu 08 Mar 2018

      Unlocked Episode 336 1h 12m play

      Inside returns with a mystery $375 collector's edition that we can't make sense of. Plus: our impressions from playing State of Decay 2, Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 appear to both be r... 4 more words

      Thu 01 Mar 2018

      Unlocked Episode 335 1h 22m play

      Four beloved Xbox 360 games get Xbox One X enhancements, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be coming out from behind the shadows, Sea of Thieves is getting a console bundle, and some stuff that's making us mad ... 13 more words

      Thu 22 Feb 2018

      Unlocked Episode 334 1h 2m play

      Our Xbox crew discusses what may be going on behind the scenes with the Burnout Paradise remaster. Plus: mapping out Xbox's first-party release dates for 2018, gushing about Ys's long-awaited (by Ryan... 6 more words

      Fri 16 Feb 2018

      Unlocked Episode 333 1h 12m play

      Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan joins our Xbox crew for an hour of Sea of Thieves talk. We discuss beta weirdness, Easter eggs, beta lessons, what post-launch might look like, and much more!

      Thu 08 Feb 2018

      Unlocked Episode 332 1h 16m play

      Our Xbox crew discusses Red Dead Redemption 2's new concrete release date, its effect on other fall games, and why Rockstar earns gamers' respect. Plus: more rumor reactions, PUBG's new console bundle... 3 more words

      Thu 01 Feb 2018

      Unlocked Episode 331 1h 11m play

      We share high-seas adventure stories from our time in the Sea of Thieves beta plus where a datamine reveals the game might go next. Plus: Monster Hunter World impressions, discussion of Anthem's not-u... 4 more words

      Fri 26 Jan 2018

      Unlocked Live Special Edition (2018) 1h 58m play

      In a special episode of Unlocked that featured a live studio audience of IGN fans, we worked with the crowd – and special guest Gary Whitta – to unofficially rank the best Xbox 360 games of all-time. ... 11 more words

      Thu 25 Jan 2018

      Unlocked Episode 330 1h 7m play

      Now that Xbox Game Pass will include day-one first-party releases starting with Sea of Thieves, we discuss whether or not Game Pass is the future of gaming. Plus: what a potential Duke Nukem movie sta... 15 more words

      Thu 18 Jan 2018

      Unlocked Episode 329 55m play

      With Playground's second team now all but confirmed to be on a Fable revival, we discuss what the news means for Forza Horizon, for gamers, and for Fable itself. Plus: rumors of a new Xbox One Elite C... 21 more words

      Thu 11 Jan 2018

      Unlocked Episode 328 59m play

      Rumors are swirling about Fable, Perfect Dark, and a new IP. We do our best to make sense of them. Plus: details on Xbox's new Achievement system, Dashboard update details, and more!

      Thu 04 Jan 2018

      Unlocked Episode 327 1h 15m play

      On this week's Xbox show, our Xbox crew rings in the New Year by making a dozen Xbox predictions for 2018. Plus: Microsoft's apparent PUBG marketing mistake, the last tie to Kinect is severed, and mor... 1 more words

      Mon 25 Dec 2017

      Unlocked: 2017 Xbox Year in Review 1h 3m play

      On this special year-end episode of our Xbox show, we reflect back on the Xbox's year in 2017: the good, the bad, and everything in-between. Plus: a look ahead to Xbox's exciting prospects for 2018!

      Thu 14 Dec 2017

      Unlocked Episode 326 1h 10m play

      We debate whether or not you should play PUBG on Xbox in its current state. Plus: reacting to Xbox at The Game Awards, Predator in Ghost Recon, when you can play Metal Gear Survive, and much more!

      Thu 07 Dec 2017

      Unlocked Episode 325 55m play

      Our Xbox crew predicts what we might see and learn at this week's Game Awards. Plus: our reactions to Mega Man 11, a new tennis game announcement, Destiny 2 getting Amazon Alexa integration, and more!

      Thu 30 Nov 2017

      Unlocked Episode 324 1h 9m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we discuss a bunch of stories we'd rather not have to report, including the Fortnite lawsuit involving a 14-year-old boy, the "sunsetting" of Marvel Heroes Omega, and the com... 72 more words

      Mon 27 Nov 2017

      Are Loot Boxes Illegal Gambling? - Unlocked 323 1h 3m play

      This week, the crew talks about Black Friday deals, the Xbox One X, and more on the ongoing loot box drama. 

      Thu 16 Nov 2017

      Unlocked Episode 322 1h 6m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we discuss just what the heck went wrong with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Plus: we go over all of the Xbox-specific nominees for this year's Game Awards, what original Xbox game... 13 more words

      Thu 09 Nov 2017

      Phil Spencer on Xbox's First-Party Future – Unlocked 321 1h 17m play

      We discuss Phil Spencer's recent comments about Xbox's first-party situation, Call of Duty: WW2 reviewer Miranda Sanchez joins us to dive into the new FPS, more Xbox One X-enhanced 360 games, and much... 1 more words

      Thu 02 Nov 2017

      Unlocked Episode 320 1h 5m play

      Xbox One X marketing head Albert Penello joins us to discuss the interesting origins of Microsoft's new turbocharged console. Plus: PUBG finally gets an Xbox One release date, gifting digital games on... 3 more words

      Thu 26 Oct 2017

      Unlocked Episode 319 1h 19m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we mourn the Kinect after its official discontinuation, discuss this week's original Xbox backward compatibility news, give impressions of Assassin's Creed Origins and Wolfen... 4 more words

      Wed 18 Oct 2017

      Unlocked Episode 318 51m play

      Our Xbox show dissects the radical shift at EA that's resulted in the closure of Visceral Games, a change in direction for their Star Wars game, and an uncertain future at EA for Amy Hennig. Plus: Mas... 7 more words

      Thu 12 Oct 2017

      Unlocked Episode 317 57m play

      We give our impressions of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta, and The Evil Within 2. Plus: four new Xbox One bundles, the hidden Master Chief inside every Xbox ... 7 more words

      Thu 05 Oct 2017

      Unlocked Episode 316 1h 9m play

      We celebrate Xbox's biggest week of 2017, including our extended impressions of the glorious Cuphead, our reactions to the Red Dead Redemption 2 story trailer, and our thoughts on Forza Motorsport 7. ... 12 more words

      Thu 28 Sep 2017

      Unlocked Episode 315 1h 3m play

      Halo 3 celebrates its 10th anniversary, so we reminisce with our memories of the campaign, the multiplayer, and the cultural impact it had. Plus: Square Enix doubles down on "games as a service," Xbox... 13 more words

      Thu 21 Sep 2017

      Unlocked 314: Destiny 2 Has Us Hooked and Tomb Raider Movie Reactions 1h 2m play

      This week, the crew talks about their Guardians, thoughts on the Tomb Raider trailer, and Fortnite (momentarily) ending the console war.

      Wed 13 Sep 2017

      Unlocked 313: Destiny 2's Player Count, PUBG's Sea of Thieves Water + More! 54m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we discuss our Destiny 2 opinions after more time with it -- as well as its impressive first-week player count -- plus PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting Sea of Thieves... 5 more words

      Thu 07 Sep 2017

      Unlocked Episode 312 1h 6m play

      Our Xbox crew discusses Rockstar's just-announced remaster of LA Noire, plus Destiny 2 first impressions, where Crystal Dynamics's Avengers game may be headed, Call of Duty's future possibly being in ... 4 more words

      Wed 30 Aug 2017

      Unlocked Episode 311 1h 8m play

      On this week's Xbox show, the Xbox One X gets off to a flying start. Could Microsoft be hitting the wave at the perfect time? Plus: a dramatic reading of South Park: The Fractured But Whole's ESRB des... 10 more words

      Mon 21 Aug 2017

      Unlocked Episode 310: Recapping Xbox's Gamescom Briefing 53m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we recap and analyze Microsoft's Gamescom announcements, including a new Jurassic World game that probably isn't what you're expecting, some family-friendly Kinect remasters ... 13 more words

      Tue 15 Aug 2017

      Unlocked Episode 309 48m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we discuss Microsoft's desire to revamp Achievements. Plus: Ubisoft's new studio and their first game, PayDay developer Starbreeze announces a new game out very soon, a class... 10 more words

      Tue 08 Aug 2017

      Unlocked Episode 308 53m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we answer your Xbox questions, including our feelings on Shadow of War and other games implementing "loot box" microtransactions. Plus: Titanfall's future, Rainbow Six Siege'... 4 more words

      Fri 04 Aug 2017

      Unlocked Episode 307: More Wolfenstein, BioWare News and More! 55m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we detail the new adventures to come in Wolfenstein 2, discuss EA's internal merger, lament the loss of BioWare designer Corey Gaspur, and more.

      Thu 27 Jul 2017

      Unlocked Episode 306 56m play

      On this week's Xbox show, we examine the latest in the ongoing drama that is Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Plus: Xbox One X preorders approach, Crackdown 3 concerns, the best-selling games of June, and ... 1 more words

      Wed 19 Jul 2017

      Unlocked Episode 305 54m play

      Ex-BioWare designer Casey Hudson returns to the RPG developer. We analyze what it means for the future of the studio. Plus: new Xbox Live features and Kingdom Hearts gets a release window...but do we ... 2 more words