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      Mon 24 Apr 2017

      #583: It’ll Make Sense When You’re Older 59m play

      At first, it’s super annoying, getting told it’ll make sense when you’re older. Then, when you’re a teenager, hard lessons are learned, despite your best efforts to be too cool to care. By the time yo... 37 more words

      Mon 17 Apr 2017

      #614: The Other Mr. President 1h 6m play

      Since Russia meddled in our election, there's been concern that the fake news and disinformation that's so prevalent there could be taking hold in this country. But is that hyperbole? This week we loo... 17 more words

      Mon 10 Apr 2017

      #585: In Defense of Ignorance 1h 4m play

      Exactly how incompetent you are. What your ex’s best friend really thinks of you. The approximate time that you will die. Some things in life are better not to know about. And sometimes there can be a... 18 more words

      Mon 03 Apr 2017

      #613: OK, I’ll Do It 1h 3m play

      Stories of people who decide that they are the best person for the job, no matter how dangerous. Including a story about a stay-at-home mom with a history of gun running for a guerilla organization, a... 7 more words