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      Wed 20 Sep 2017

      Emin Pasha, I Presume? (Part 2) 35m play

      When we left off in part one, Emin Pasha had become governor of Equatoria in what's now South Sudan. But things took a dramatic turn in the 1880s.

      Mon 18 Sep 2017

      Emin Pasha, né Eduard Schnitzer (Part 1) 37m play

      Emin Pasha's story connects to so many other historical things, particularly in the context of both the Ottoman Empire and African history.

      Sat 16 Sep 2017

      SYMHC Classics: Voynich Manuscript Update 30m play

      New theories have emerged that make it the right time to once again go back to an old favorite, the Voynich Manuscript.

      Wed 13 Sep 2017

      Marchesa Luisa Casati 40m play

      While many have admired heiress Casati over the years for her life led entirely based on her aesthetics, she was also entirely self-serving.

      Mon 11 Sep 2017

      Five First Flights 41m play

      When people say the Wrights were first to fly, they're talking about a very particular set of circumstances. There are other contenders to the title.

      Sat 09 Sep 2017

      SYMHC Classics: Albert J. Tirrell, the First Sleepwalking Killer 30m play

      We're revisiting the murder of Mary Ann Bickford on Oct. 27, 1845. Albert J. Tirrell was charged with murder, and his defense was somnambulism.

      Wed 06 Sep 2017

      Léonard Autié: Hair, Grandeur and Revolution, Pt. 2 31m play

      As Louis XVI's time as king grew less stable, Léonard stepped away from the royal family and into his own business ventures.

      Mon 04 Sep 2017

      Léonard Autié: Hair, Grandeur and Revolution, Pt. 1 28m play

      Marie Antoinette's hairdresser set the styles of France during King Louis XVI's reign. But when he first arrived in Paris, he had almost nothing.

      Sat 02 Sep 2017

      SYMHC Classics: Emu War of 1932 28m play

      We're revisiting the story of large numbers of emus making their way through Australia, severely damaging wheat farms.

      Wed 30 Aug 2017

      The Sinking of the H.L. Hunley 36m play

      The story of the H.L. Hunley really begins with the Union blockade of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

      Mon 28 Aug 2017

      The Motherhood of Mamie Till-Mobley 40m play

      For more than 45 years after Emmett Till's murder, his mother continually worked to make sure he did not die in vain.

      Sat 26 Aug 2017

      SYMHC Classics: Wreck of the Ten Sail 29m play

      This episode revisits the biggest shipping disaster in Cayman Islands history, in which 10 ships went down together one night in 1794.

      Wed 23 Aug 2017

      John von Neumann 37m play

      One man and his incredible intellect affected so many different disciplines from game theory to computers to the Manhattan Project.

      Mon 21 Aug 2017

      A Handful of Eclipses in History 31m play

      Today, we're walking through some of the famous eclipses in history, all while wearing proper eye shielding.

      Sat 19 Aug 2017

      SYMHC Classics: The Contentious Invention of the Sewing Machine 42m play

      We're revisiting our 2013 episode on the invention of the sewing machine and the epic patent battle associated with it.

      Wed 16 Aug 2017

      Frederic Tudor, the Ice King 44m play

      Tudor hatched a clever plan: In cold weather, he would harvest ice for cheap, and then sell it all around the world when it was hot.

      Mon 14 Aug 2017

      Charles VI of France: The Mad King 33m play

      France’s mad king Charles VI reigned in the middle of the Hundred Years War between England and France.

      Sat 12 Aug 2017

      SYMHC Classics: The Origin of Cheeses 38m play

      We're revisiting a classic episode, about cheese! It's been around for more than 9,000 years. But how did humans learn to make it?

      Wed 09 Aug 2017

      The Kallikaks and the Eugenicists 42m play

      The eugenics movement in the U.S. focused on identifying, sequestering and even sterilizing people who were deemed to be 'unfit.'

      Mon 07 Aug 2017

      The Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 34m play

      The Sepoy Rebellion was the result of many, many influences and stressors on the cultures of India living under British rule.

      Sat 05 Aug 2017

      SYMHC Classics: The Count of St. Germain 37m play

      We're revisiting a classic episode, all about the Count of Saint Germain. His story features teleportation, alchemy and even rumors of immortality.

      Wed 02 Aug 2017

      Ibn Battuta, the Traveler of Islam 35m play

      Ibn Battuta's 14th-century travels were extensive. He traveled through virtually every Muslim nation and territory, becoming the traveler of the age.

      Mon 31 Jul 2017

      Frederick Douglass 40m play

      Frederick Douglass was an orator, writer, statesman and social reformer who campaigned for the abolition of slavery and women's suffrage.

      Sat 29 Jul 2017

      SYMHC Classics: Jane Austen 40m play

      We're revisiting a classic episode, all about Jane Austen. She was not a shy spinster nor a real-life version of any of her heroines.

      Wed 26 Jul 2017

      Carry A. Nation, Part 2 35m play

      After her initial bar smashings, Carry A. Nation became a full-time activist, traveling from town to town to destroy saloons and preach temperance.

      Mon 24 Jul 2017

      Carry A. Nation, Part 1 31m play

      Several events in Carry Nation's early life catalyzed her temperance activism.

      Wed 19 Jul 2017

      The Evacuation of Dunkirk 31m play

      With a huge number of British Expeditionary Force troops stranded in one location, a massive evacuation operation was undertaken.

      Mon 17 Jul 2017

      The Battle of France and the Flight to Dunkirk 32m play

      Retellings of the Dunkirk rescue often leave out how a huge part of the British Expeditionary Force ended up stranded.

      Wed 12 Jul 2017

      NASA History: Chief Historian Bill Barry on Hugh Dryden 41m play

      The NASA space program likely wouldn't be what it is today without the work Hugh Dryden did before NASA even existed.

      Mon 10 Jul 2017

      Catalina de Erauso, the Lieutenant Nun 34m play

      Despite growing up in a convent and coming very close to taking religious vows as a nun, Catalina de Erauso wound up living a life of danger and adventure.

      Wed 05 Jul 2017

      William Hogarth 39m play

      In the early 18th century, an engraver-turned-artist made his mark on the art world by producing satirical prints in series that commented on morality and society. And some of his work is used today a... 4 more words

      Mon 03 Jul 2017

      Unearthed! in July 2017! 36m play

      It's time for another mid-year edition of Unearthed! The show covers new information about the Lions of Tsavo, H.H. Holmes and Ötzi.

      Wed 28 Jun 2017

      The Eastland Disaster 33m play

      The Eastland disaster was one of the deadliest maritime disasters in American history. In this case, safety regulations actually made things worse.

      Mon 26 Jun 2017

      Roses Through Time 40m play

      This much-beloved flower predates mankind, and it's a little difficult to track our early relationship with cultivating it.

      Wed 21 Jun 2017

      A Brief History of Veterinary Medicine 39m play

      Animals and humans have been living together for centuries, but standardized veterinary care developed over a long period of time.

      Mon 19 Jun 2017

      The Cuyahoga River's Last Fires 33m play

      In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio caught fire, not for the first time, but for the last time.