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      Sat 21 Oct 2017

      Mohr Stories Mini Episode 10-21-17 18m play

      A little extra episode for you guys. I want to tell you where my poems come I rip them out of my heart and write them. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 16 Oct 2017

      Mohr Stories 413: Lukas Nelson 1h 7m play

      Lukas Nelson, a new old friend. Hands down one of the best new artists I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 09 Oct 2017

      Mohr Stories 412: Adam Carolla 46m play

      Adam Carolla drives me to the Irvine Improv. We break down the why's of Rocks best nautical songs. Put Your Name On It!

      Mohr Stories Tribute to Ralphie May 24m play

      Ralphie May and I had many years and many are a few of my favorites! Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 02 Oct 2017

      Mohr Stories 411: Bryan Callen 56m play

      Bryan Callen comes back to see us and make us laugh. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 25 Sep 2017

      Mohr Stories 410: Ryan Leaf 1h 7m play

      Ryan Leaf is an amazing survivor story. He had it all and addiction took it all is rebuilding and succeding. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 18 Sep 2017

      Mohr Stories 409: Jordan Harbinger 1h 43m play

      The Art of Charms, Jordan Harbinger and I solve the worlds problems in one sitting! We could have talked all day...Put Your Name On It.

      Mon 11 Sep 2017

      Mohr Stories 408: Marcin Gortat 1h 28m play

      Marcin Gortat fills my doorframe to let me into the locker room as a Polish basketball player in America. Great guy, great talk, great time. Put Your Name On It!