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      Mon 23 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories 439: Scott Glabb 1h 11m play

      The most succesfull high school wrestling coach, my friend and author Scott Glabb stops by to talk wrestling, motivation and deprerssion. His book A Saint In The City tells the whole story. Put Your... 3 more words

      Wed 18 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories Mini 3: Comedy Science 25m play

      Breaking down my and your favorite jokes. Today I pick on one of the greatest comedians of all time Eddie Murphy. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 16 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories 438: Jay Chandrasekhar 48h 38m play

      Had a great time reconnecting with Jay Chandrasekhar, the best we agree on our least favorite muppet and the we are both excited about his new film Super Troopers 2. Put Your Name On It!

      Wed 11 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories Mini 2: Comedy Science 24m play

      A short bonus episode to break down my favorite jokes from the likes of Carlin, Murphy and Pryor. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 09 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories 437: Susanna Brisk 1h 10m play

      Susanna Brisk visits us to talk about her new book, How To Get Laid Using Your Intuition, incredible insight about the why's of sex and what leads you to it. A long time friend and one of the most in... 15 more words

      Mon 02 Apr 2018

      Mohr Stories 436: Theo Von 1h 4m play

      My new old friend Theo Von and I have a uproarious time talking about each others ribs and how our hearts will go on! Theo is one of the best comics working today...we get to the heart of us on this ... 6 more words

      Mon 26 Mar 2018

      Mohr Stories 435: James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman 1h 18m play

      We call them the Small Town Murder guys but really they are also the Crime in Sports guys. James and Jimmie stop by to talk murder...very funny guys who know a thing or two about this country's least... 7 more words

      Mon 19 Mar 2018

      Mohr Stories 434: Derek Fisher 1h 5m play

      Derek Fisher in our studios. A hero for his daughter, he tells us the story behind his daughters cancer. Derek also gives us some insight on the legendary triangle offense and his days as a Laker wi... 16 more words