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      Mon 19 Jun 2017

      Mohr Stories 396: Alonzo Bodden 1h 31m play

      Alonzo Bodden. Hands down one of the few people that can hit any topic with knowledge and wisdom. This guy is not and old new friend he's an old old friend... Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 12 Jun 2017

      Mohr Stories 395: Pete Turner 1h 10m play

      Pete Turner and I break down the music all stars... the Louvre of bands. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 05 Jun 2017

      Mohr Stories 394: Don Tardino 1h play

      THIS GUY! Don Tardino, Showrunner extrordinaire, CSI: Miami, Scorpion, talks about starting out and a few hijinx that put hair on his chest. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 29 May 2017

      Mohr Stories 393: Joey McIntyre 59m play

      Yo haven't outworked Joey McIntyre. New kids On the Block are touring and I made a new friend for life. #WE Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 22 May 2017

      Mohr Stories 392: Kyle Kinane 57m play

      Comedian Kyle Kinane and I go looking for a lost shaker of salt which could be "Loose In Chicago" his comedy special. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 15 May 2017

      Mohr Stories 391: Adam Ray 50m play

      Adam Ray and I talk celebrity cruises, NKOTB and tried to discover how to #lifeyourlife. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 08 May 2017

      Mohr Stories 390: Norman Lear 0m play

      Holy Man. Norman Lear. Holy Man. He's never not been there. Loving. Thank you Sir. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 01 May 2017

      Mohr Stories 389: Joe DeRosa 50m play

      Joe DeRosa and I talk about life. Impressions, music...poems....Put Your Name On It!