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      Mon 20 Feb 2017

      Mohr Stories 380: Deanna & Steve Adler 1h 2m play

      Deanna Adler opens my heart with pure love. Listen to her story about her sons fight with addiction the read her book "Sweet Child of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N' Roses". Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 13 Feb 2017

      Mohr Stories 379: Shaka Senghor 1h 37m play

      This episode profoundly moved me and my heart .. Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison for taking a life. Beautifully, impossibly, he rehabilitated his own. His New York Times best selling book, "Wr... 12 more words

      Mon 06 Feb 2017

      Mohr Stories 378: Tom Rhodes 1h 22m play

      Tom Rhodes. A fellow seeker and world traveler tells me his tales from stand up to Hindi Gods. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 30 Jan 2017

      Mohr Stories 377: Jeff Cesario 1h 20m play

      Jeff Cesario. Showrunner for Dennis Miller and Russell Brand. What's the connection between all comics-Our Compass. Buddhist Science. And PRESENCE. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 23 Jan 2017

      Mohr Stories 376: Penn Jillette 1h 16m play

      My new old friend Penn Jillette and I have a conversation 20 years in the making. We have only scratched the surface. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 16 Jan 2017

      Mohr Stories 375: Brooks Wheelan 1h 17m play

      My friend, comedian, photographer and fellow music lover, Brooks Wheelan comes over to chat. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 09 Jan 2017

      Mohr Stories 374: Slim Jim Phantom 45m play

      Slim Jim Phantom returns to talk about his book 'a Stray Cat Struts: My life as a Rockabilly Rebel' and Jerry Lee Lewis. put Your Name On It!

      Mon 02 Jan 2017

      Mohr Stories 373: Jay Mohr 34m play

      Bring it on 2016. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 26 Dec 2016

      Mohr Stories 372: Tom Arnold 1h 1m play

      Comedian & actor Tom Arnold on this weeks podcast. Nicest guy in the world. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 19 Dec 2016

      Mohr Stories 371: Krista Vernoff 1h 35m play

      Shameless, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy...holy cow...Krista Vernoff talks to us about everything!!!! Put Your Name On It!