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      Mon 11 Dec 2017

      Mohr Stories 410: Jimmy Pardo 1h 12m play

      Jimmy Pardo and I get to play for and hour. Listen in on our silly. Great guy, great laughs. Put Your Name On It! Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 04 Dec 2017

      Mohr Stories 420: Bruce Jingle 1h 3m play

      Bruce Jingle and I spend a Lovely Day talking about stand up comedy, friends we have lost and many other things. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 27 Nov 2017

      Mohr Stories 419: Nick Thune 1h 5m play

      Nick Thune is one of the funniest stand ups out there. He stops by to promote his new movie "People You May Know". Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 20 Nov 2017

      Mohr Stories 418: Kevin Farley 53m play

      My friend Kevin Farley stops by to talk stand-up and Barry Manilow. Listen up. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 13 Nov 2017

      Mohr Stories 417: Christopher Titus 1h 10m play

      Christopher Titus and I have a lifetime of stories between us. Tune in to hear his wisdom and comedy. Watch his new movie Special Unit. Listen up. Put Your Name On It!

      Mon 06 Nov 2017

      Mohr Stories 416: Randy Jackson 1h 4m play

      Randy Jackson sits with me to talk music and his new podcast Sessions w/Randy Jackson. A Musician, Producer, TV Star, Grammy winner, fellow Podcaster and now also my friend. Great stories and kinshi... 9 more words

      Mon 30 Oct 2017

      Mohr Stories 415: Jay Mohr 35m play

      Today It's just you and me talking. Put Your Name On It!

      Mohr Stories Classics: Jeff Luhnow #212 1h 4m play

      Re-Release of Ep #212. Jeff Luhnow, General Manager of the Houston Astros joins Jay for this episode of Mohr Stories. They discuss how Jeff became the General Manager and they breakdown how he plans... 16 more words