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      Fri 15 Sep 2017

      114 - Council Member Flynn, Part 1 31m play

      The City Council deals with a crime spree in their own City Council way. (Part 1 of 3) Weather: "Song For Myself" by Bears with Eagle Arms Live Tours of "All Hail" in the U... 101 more words

      Fri 01 Sep 2017

      113 - Niecelet 33m play

      There's a new member of the family. This episode was co-written with Dessa. ( @dessadarling ) Listen to the end for a sneak preview of the new season of "Within the Wires" by Jeffrey Cranor and Ja... 117 more words

      Tue 15 Aug 2017

      112 - Citizen Spotlight 55m play

      Let's profile a randomly selected citizen. This episode was co-written with Brie Williams. Listen to the end for a complete episode of Night Vale Presents' newest podcast "Conversations With Peopl... 138 more words

      Tue 01 Aug 2017

      111 - Summer 2017, Night Vale, USA 23m play

      Everything is the same. Everything is different. Weather: "Andromeda" by Airospace or on Spotify Live Tours of "All Hail" in the US, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand (S... 88 more words

      Mon 31 Jul 2017

      Conversations with People Who Hate Me: Episode 1, You're a Piece of Sh*t 29m play

      A new weekly podcast from Night Vale Presents. Dylan Marron makes popular social justice videos on the internet, so he gets a lot of hate messages. In the first episode of this podcast, he speaks wi... 65 more words

      Sat 15 Jul 2017

      Bonus - An excerpt from the next Night Vale novel! 20m play

      An excerpt from the audiobook of the second Welcome to Night Vale novel, IT DEVOURS!, narrated by Cecil Baldwin. Coming Oct 17, 2017. IT DEVOURS! is available now for presale (signed first editions ... 82 more words

      Tue 11 Jul 2017

      New Podcast Teaser: CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO HATE ME 3m play

      A brand new podcast from Dylan Marron (the voice of Carlos the Scientist) and Night Vale Presents: Conversations with People Who Hate Me.  Conversations with People Who Hate Me takes hateful convers... 119 more words

      Sat 01 Jul 2017

      Bonus - The Tragic Story of Louie Blasko 9m play

      Jason Webley as Louie Blasko in "Ghost Stories," now available on iTunes and Bandcamp . Announcements of Summer and Fall US Tours, plus Autumn Europe Tour. , click on liv... 69 more words

      Thu 15 Jun 2017

      110 - Matryoshka 35m play

      There are glowing arrows in the sky. The voice of Steve Carlsberg is Hal Lublin. Weather: "Everyone I Know Will Die" by Erin Lovett "Ghost Stories" now available on iT... 118 more words

      Thu 01 Jun 2017

      109 - A Story About Huntokar 24m play

      This is a story about Huntokar. The voice of Huntokar is Tina Parker. Weather: "Full Metal Black" by The Royal They "Ghost Stories" now available on iTunes and Bandcam... 138 more words

      Mon 29 May 2017

      Bonus - PodCon and the 2nd Imaginary Symphony 25m play

      A brand new podcast convention, by and for fans of podcasting. And don't miss the Orbiting Human Circus's between season, self-contained special presentation: The 2nd Imaginary Symphony.... 15 more words

      Mon 15 May 2017

      108 - Cal 26m play

      A visitor arrives from a different reality. Weather: "Robert Frost" by Mal Blum "Ghost Stories" now available on iTunes and Bandcamp 150 more words

      Fri 12 May 2017

      Bonus - Ghost Stories 6m play

      A bonus excerpt from our just released live recording Ghost Stories. Over two hours of brand new Night Vale. Available now at Or on iTunes, right here . And check out ... 8 more words

      Mon 01 May 2017

      107 - The Missing Sky 31m play

      A faint popping can be heard below the earth. The voice of the Pamela Winchell was Desiree Burch. Weather: "The Ends and the Means" by Robby Hecht "Ghost Stories" now available o... 144 more words

      Sat 15 Apr 2017

      106 - Filings 27m play

      The angels go to the Hall of Public Records. The voice of the Faceless Old Woman was Mara Wilson. Weather: "All or Nothing" by The Dream Masons The second Welcome to... 83 more words

      Sat 01 Apr 2017

      105 - What Happened at the Smithwick House 28m play

      Here's what happened at the Smithwick house. Weather: "You Cannot" by Erin McKeown The second Welcome to Night Vale Novel "It Devours!" is available now for presale! http://www.... 89 more words

      Wed 15 Mar 2017

      104 - The Hierarchy of Angels 30m play

      Let's start the news with something happy. Weather: "Qualified" by Sammus feat. Open Mike Eagle The second Welcome to Night Vale Novel It Devours!  is available now for ... 89 more words

      Wed 01 Mar 2017

      103 - Ash Beach 26m play

      After a dozen years of restoration, Ash Beach has reopened. Weather: "Fated" by P.O.S Live US/Canada Tour of "All Hail" (April 2017) , click on live show... 52 more words

      Wed 15 Feb 2017

      102 - Love Is a Shambling Thing 23m play

      City Council has a renewed interest in love. Weather: "Listening to TPM" by Brook Pridemore. JUST ANNOUNCED: Live US/Canada Tour of "All Hail" (April 2017) PLUS: fi... 66 more words

      Wed 01 Feb 2017

      101 - Guidelines for Disposal 24m play

      Mandatory Annual Spring Cleaning Day is coming. Here are the guidelines for the new municipal landfill facility. This episode was co-written with Brie Williams. Weather: "Letters" by Lera Lynn. l... 78 more words

      Sun 15 Jan 2017

      28 - Summer Reading Program (R) 27m play

      The Library's Summer Reading Program has begun, sending the town into a panic. Plus, a tough new mandate from the City Council, a list of useful things, and changes afoot in the Freemasons. (episode o... 96 more words

      Sun 01 Jan 2017

      39 - The Woman from Italy (R) 26m play

      A woman from Italy arrived in our town, and we're not quite sure what she wants or what she is doing to us with her presence. Plus, a local hardware store cracks down on the crowds of baristas outside... 104 more words

      Thu 15 Dec 2016

      100 - Toast 30m play

      Welcome to Night Vale's 100th Episode. A toast! The voices featured this episode are: Cecil Baldwin, James Urbaniak, Mara Wilson, Annie Savage, Mark Gagliardi, Emma Frankland, Meg Bashwiner, Jackson... 160 more words

      Thu 01 Dec 2016

      99 - Michigan 27m play

      Station intern Kareem writes home and receives an unexpected reply. Weather: "Quiet Americans" by Shearwater ( ) February West Coast North America Tour Dates: welcometonightv... 78 more words

      Tue 15 Nov 2016

      98 - Flight 26m play

      It is Execution Day. Weather: "Icarus" by Sims ( ) It's holiday season. Get cool Night Vale gifts at: . New Books: Night Vale Podcast Episodes, Volumes 1 & 2... 51 more words

      Wed 09 Nov 2016

      The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air): Season One, Episode 3 27m play

      Will the famed storytelling cricket (Tim Robbins) return? Plus, Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis perform Shakespeare as you’ve never heard it and the janitor pushes host John Cameron to the very b... 152 more words

      Tue 01 Nov 2016

      97 - Josefina 23m play

      A visit with an old friend. Plus, updates on Hiram, and changes to the subway. The voice of Old Woman Josie was Retta. Weather: "Everywhere" by XX ( ) It's holiday season. Get cool Ni... 67 more words

      Wed 26 Oct 2016

      The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air): Season One, Episode 2 (The Cricket) 32m play

      Hear Mandy Patinkin perform an extraordinary musicological demonstration and a cricket (Tim Robbins) spin the spellbinding tale of Ladislas Koskovsky. Plus, learn the remarkable history of Julian the ... 165 more words

      Sat 15 Oct 2016

      96 - Negotiations 25m play

      Negotiations with the dragons have begun. Plus the reopening of the Earth Sciences Department at the Community College, what we know and don't know, and a look at the Community Calendar. The voice o... 103 more words

      Wed 12 Oct 2016

      The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air): Season One, Episode 1 27m play

      Welcome to the world of The Orbiting Human Circus : discover the surreally impossible radio show broadcast from the top of the Eiffel Tower, meet the lonely janitor who longs to become part of it, an... 169 more words

      Wed 05 Oct 2016

      New Podcast Teaser: THE ORBITING HUMAN CIRCUS (OF THE AIR) 2m play

      A brand new podcast from Night Vale Presents, created by Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel). Season One premieres on October 12. New episodes every other Wednesday through February 1, 2017. Subscrib... 26 more words

      Sat 01 Oct 2016

      95 - Zookeeper 24m play

      Zookeeper Joanna Rey brings some animals to the studio. Plus, an update on Old Woman Josie, dragons in town, and a look at traffic. The voice of Joanna Rey is Felicia Day. Weather: "Coffee" by Syl... 80 more words

      Thu 15 Sep 2016

      94 - All Right 24m play

      Everything is all right. Weather: "Plough" by Speedy Ortiz ( ) New Books: Night Vale Podcast Episodes, Volumes 1 & 2 Available now! Plus... Welcome to Night Vale: The Novel. we... 84 more words

      Thu 01 Sep 2016

      93 - Big Sister 25m play

      New guests arrive in town. Plus, a bake sale the elementary school, the start of football season, and changes at the Night Vale chapter of the NRA. Weather: "Mary on a Wave" by Okkervil River ( okke... 106 more words

      Mon 15 Aug 2016

      92 - If He Had Lived 27m play

      This week is National Alternate History Week. Plus an update on the Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone, a warning from the National Weather Service, and Children's Fun Fact Science Corner. Weat... 97 more words

      Mon 01 Aug 2016

      91 - The 12:37 27m play

      The 12:37 train has arrived. Plus, a crowd gathers on Somerset and the return of Laser Tag. This episode was co-written with James Moran. Weather: "Windows" by Angel Olsen ( ) New... 87 more words