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      Tue 21 Nov 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Oreo, Heaven, and America’s Most Wanted 54m play

      Repodcast: A mother gets surprising news in the maternity ward, a man is addicted to cookies, an elderly woman gets a “ticket to heaven”, and a musician helps the FBI capture America’s Most Wanted. Ho... 22 more words

      Tue 14 Nov 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: The Vietnam War 54m play

      In this special hour, three stories from the Vietnam War Era. A troop comes under attack deep in the Vietnamese jungle; a triage nurse does her best to save the lives of soldiers; and a young man trie... 19 more words

      Tue 07 Nov 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Live From Boston 55m play

      A special live edition of The Moth recorded at the Shubert Theatre in Boston. A New York City cop looks into the death of a kid he grew up with, a jazz musician dreams of playing with James Brown, and... 16 more words

      Tue 31 Oct 2017

      On Your Mark, Get Set, Go 18m play

      Get your running shoes on, because on today’s episode we’re pounding the pavement. A man has his own personal “Rocky” moment, and a woman commemorates a decision she made 18 years ago. Storytellers: S... 9 more words

      Tue 24 Oct 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: The Universe of Impossible Things 53m play

      In this hour, stories of doing the seemingly impossible; taking a risk for a chance at love, trusting a gut instinct, believing in a message from beyond and shooting (literally) for the stars. To see ... 21 more words

      Tue 17 Oct 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Me, Myself, and I: Stories of Questioned Identity 53m play

      A “spambot” takes over a man’s life; rules are broken during a night at the bar; a woman’s career ambition is challenged by her health; and a young Mormon must weigh desire with devotion. Hosted by Th... 20 more words

      Tue 10 Oct 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Live from Tarrytown 54m play

      A special live edition of The Moth from Tarrytown, New York. Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg, with additional hosting by Jay Allison. A man faces his fear or fatherhood; a daughter revisits difficult memor... 24 more words

      Tue 03 Oct 2017

      Cut, Dye, Burn: Stories about Hair 23m play

      A man entrusts a brand new hair stylist to give him a fresh new look; a sacred bond between hair dresser and client is formed; and a night at a winery leads to a drastic change. Storytellers: Erik Hee... 6 more words

      Tue 26 Sep 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Finding Your Calling 54m play

      A speech writer has a defining moment at the White House; a young Carl Bernstein gets his first job as a copy boy in a news room; a firefighter charges into his first big blaze; and a doctor struggles... 17 more words

      Tue 19 Sep 2017

      Nathan Englander: Thumbs Up! 18m play

      Nathan Englander’s knack for photography lands him in a tricky situation while traveling abroad. Storyteller: Nathan Englander

      Tue 12 Sep 2017

      Jim Giaccone: Memories, Monsters, Mountaintops 14m play

      A man conquers a nightmare in memory of his brother. Storyteller: Jim Giaccone

      Tue 05 Sep 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Under The Gun 54m play

      Three stories about times we come across guns in our lives. An aspiring writer tries to land a job with Hunter S. Thompson; a dental student travels to a dangerous Colombian town to finish her residen... 21 more words

      Tue 29 Aug 2017

      Nate Charles & Adam Gopnik 24m play

      Nate Charles deals with his distant-sounding father, and Adam Gopnik battles liberal guilt with his son in a sauna. Storytellers: Nate Charles & Adam Gopnik

      Tue 22 Aug 2017

      The Freedom Riders and Me: Barbara Collins Bowie 16m play

      A woman finds motivation through the hardships of Jim Crow in Mississippi. To view photos or to read more from this episode, visit Storyteller: Barbara Collins Bowie Host: CJ Hunt

      Tue 15 Aug 2017

      500th Episode Special 58m play

      On this special 500th episode of the podcast, we dig through our archives and pick some of our favorite stories that have been shared on The Moth stage. Catherine Burns, The Moth’s Artistic Director, ... 22 more words

      Tue 08 Aug 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Where We Belong 54m play

      A homeless child lives under a tree; a woman finds her birth mother; an activist fights against home foreclosures; a science project goes haywire; and finding peace at a silent retreat. Hosted by The ... 22 more words

      Tue 01 Aug 2017

      Robert Sherer & Ann Jankie 17m play

      Robert Sherer cares for his elderly grandmother but can’t escape her concerning eye. And Ann Jankie learns a lesson in turning embarrassment and worry into one of pride. Storytellers: Robert Sherer an... 3 more words

      Tue 25 Jul 2017

      Om Choudhary & Annabelle Gurwitch 23m play

      In this episode, apocalypse now? Om Choudhary learns that even in dire times it’s still not the end of the world, and Annabelle Gurwitch tries to usher in a new era of change — the Age of Aquarius. St... 6 more words

      Tue 18 Jul 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Doctors, Judgments, Dictators 54m play

      In this hour, Doctors, Judgements and Dictators! Stories of Patriot Games both on and off the field, huge decisions in the face of life and death; from meetings with Colonels to dances with Hephzibah.... 22 more words

      Tue 11 Jul 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Gestures Great and Small 55m play

      A man serves up cocktails with extra flavor; a young ballerina fills a delicate role with force; food helps to bridge a cultural gap; a woman makes a surprise announcement on stage, and more from Moth... 20 more words

      Wed 03 May 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Prison, Princes, and Playgrounds 55m play

      A woman sets off in search of transformation and ends up in a harem in Bandar Seri Begawan, a teacher discovers her playground has turned into a 3rd grade war zone, singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega deba... 22 more words

      Mon 03 Apr 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Facing The Dark 54m play

      In this hour, a chaplain guides a family through death and goodbyes; a man wanders New York City during the black of 2003; and a daughter tries to break her father’s silence about the Holocaust. Hoste... 21 more words

      Tue 28 Mar 2017

      The Moth Radio Hour: Bible Salesmen, Ghosts and Strippers 54m play

      A young woman in Southern California describes her unconventional upbringing with a very free-spirited mother, a door-to-door bible salesman-circa 1953-shares sales tactics, an actor from the golden a... 30 more words

      Tue 21 Mar 2017

      Andrew Forsthoefel: Deluded in the Desert 17m play

      In this episode, a young man sets out on a 4,000 mile journey and becomes a magnet for stories along the way. Storytellers: Andrew Forsthoefel

      Tue 21 Feb 2017

      Lydia Dubois & Louise Irving 18m play

      This week, two stories of going off-script. Lydia Dubois shares some advice with family and friends, and Louise Irving gets acquainted with Australian wildlife. Storytellers: Lydia Dubois and Louise I... 1 more words