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      Tue 19 Jun 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: I Will Be Your Father Figure 53m play

      In this special episode of The Moth, we listen to five stories about fathers — from embarrassing jokes to tender moments shared on the road. The Moth’s Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness, also i... 40 more words

      Fri 15 Jun 2018

      New Pride: Jill McDonough, Owen Lewis, and Bethany Cintron 20m play

      To celebrate Pride Month, we hear from three storytellers embarking on each of their new lives. Jill McDonough meets the girl at the rock show. Owen Lewis embraces a new moniker. Bethany Cintron yearn... 7 more words

      Tue 12 Jun 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Hand Transplant, DNA, and a Backwards Heart 53m play

      A special live edition of The Moth's collaboration with The World Science Festival. An astrophysicist discovers wild parallels in her research and romantic life; a surgeon details his involvement in o... 61 more words

      Fri 08 Jun 2018

      David Coven, Terin Dickerson, and David Lepelstat 24m play

      David Coven hears a poem that sticks with him for life. Terin Dickerson nurtures his art through a living canvas. David Lepelstat is convinced of his superhero powers until they get him into a deadly ... 18 more words

      Tue 05 Jun 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: GrandSLAMs: Life and Death 53m play

      In today’s hour, GrandSLAM stories from around the country: a subway altercation, a child’s view on love and war, an awkward first-year teacher, a widow at The Grand Canyon, a sixth-grade clown and th... 48 more words

      Tue 29 May 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Thrill Seekers, Wanderlust, and an Italian Stalliion 53m play

      In this episode we share five adventure stories. A flat world gets some much needed dimension; an adrenaline junkie gets his fill; and a woman falls in love with an Italian Stallion. Those stories and... 42 more words

      Fri 25 May 2018

      Diavian Walters & Lori Gottlieb 28m play

      Diavian Walters has a relationship with hair that is shear madness. Lori Gottlieb searches for the perfect donor and the whole package. Storytellers: Diavian Walters and Lori Gottlieb Hosted by:... 7 more words

      Wed 23 May 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Three Chefs and a Meal 53m play

      Originally podcasted: 2/23/2016 A special hour all about FOOD. Stories from the farm and the table; complete with celebrated chefs and presidential diners. Hosted by The Moth’s Senior Producer, Meg... 32 more words

      Tue 15 May 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Domestic Affairs 53m play

      In this hour, we step into the private lives of five storytellers all trying to make their worlds a more hospitable and homely place to be. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson, The Moth’s Senior Director. The Mo... 32 more words

      Fri 11 May 2018

      Brianna Wolfson & Richard Garriott 23m play

      A young girl navigates the pressures of living a double-life, and the limits of a man's physical vision turn into the view from space. For pictures and other extras from this episode, visit TheMoth... 25 more words

      Tue 08 May 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Women in the World 53m play

      A special episode featuring stories from women around the world. Resilient children, computer crashes, swimming lessons, life after a house fire, standing up to bullies and accepting help from strange... 45 more words

      Fri 04 May 2018

      Three Cheers for Three Mothers: Donna Edwards, Rachel Ollerenshaw & Alexandra Rosas 21m play

      In this special Mother’s Day episode, Donna Edwards embarks on the quest to have a child. Rachel Ollerenshaw leaves an important decision to her daughter. Alexandra Rosas learns to a parent with the h... 31 more words

      Wed 02 May 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Live from Sydney 53m play

      A special episode, recorded live at The Sydney Opera House. A young Malaysian Australian man begins to appreciate his culture through the lens of rap music, a comic’s questionable joke makes him the m... 52 more words

      Tue 24 Apr 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Surviving Being Human 53m play

      In this hour, we lean into the moments of rejection, failure, embarrassment, and other stories of the human soul. Hosted by The Moth’s Senior Director, Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by T... 38 more words

      Tue 17 Apr 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: The Kindness of Strangers 53m play

      In this hour we delve into the goodness of humanity through acts both small and large. A tourist has a major setback while on vacation; a holiday gift exchange is botched; and a nurse in a fertility c... 52 more words

      Fri 13 Apr 2018

      A World of Difference: Sofija Stefanovic & Andy Fischer-Price 32m play

      In this episode of the podcast we share two stories of the world leaving it's mark on us. Sofija Stefanovic leaves her communist Serbian roots behind for a new life abroad, and Andy Fischer-Price has ... 31 more words

      Tue 10 Apr 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Zimbabwe, Camping, Goths and Grace 53m play

      A goth teenager makes an unlikely friend, social upheaval in the early days of Zimbabwe, a whiney kid on an camping trip and clergy at the scene of a crime. Hosted by The Moth’s Artistic Director Cath... 33 more words

      Tue 03 Apr 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Sailing On An Alien Sea 53m play

      In this hour we explore stories relating to STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering and MATH): we travel from the laboratories of the Antarctic to the icy seas of Saturn’s moon Titan - we learn that pred... 47 more words

      Sat 31 Mar 2018

      The Moth Podcast 10th Anniversary Special: Shana Creaney, Dennis Oulahan, and Carol Daniel 39m play

      Last year The Moth celebrated 500 episodes of our podcast with some of our favorite stories through the years. But this year for our 10th anniversary of the podcast, we look ahead to the future with n... 155 more words

      Tue 27 Mar 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Bathtub Sailor, Seamstress, Spy 53m play

      A record breaking, adventurer sets his sites on the English Channel, a seamstress becomes an advocate for her child and a young woman is recruited into the world of Secret Agents during World War II. ... 35 more words

      Tue 20 Mar 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Confidence: Too Much, Too Little? 53m play

      In this hour, stories about confidence and uncertainty. A young girl is confronted with color and identity; a teenager lets loose at his school dance; and a massage goes awry. Those stories and more. ... 42 more words

      Tue 13 Mar 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Global Stories of Women and Girls 53m play

      In this hour, Global Stories of Women and Girls -- hosted by Moth Storyteller, Fatou Wurie. A Kenyan student aspires to be beautiful while her mother has bigger ideas; a teenager's failing sight is re... 52 more words

      Fri 09 Mar 2018

      Stories from Nairobi: Sandra Kimokoti, Rehema Nanfuka & Bina Maseno 25m play

      In this episode, we share three stories from our Global Community workshop and showcase in Nairobi, Kenya. Sandra Kimokoti is challenged by ideas about body image and femininity. Rehema Nanfuka tries ... 37 more words

      Tue 06 Mar 2018

      The Moth Radio Hour: Pagan Fundraisers, Blue Haired Boy, Autism and Oscar 53m play

      In this hour, a celebration of Moth stories and storytellers from Michigan. A woman visits a fortuneteller and is told she is cursed, a stay-at-home mother contemplates becoming a minister, the father... 85 more words

      Fri 02 Mar 2018

      Home and Abroad: Paul Murray, Margie Morris, and Chandrika Naryanan-Mohan 21m play

      Paul Murray indulges in forbidden (and fermented) fruit in Italy. Margie Morris brings back gifts for her child's classmates - just not the ones she thought. Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan has a life dicta... 21 more words