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      Thu 17 Aug 2017

      The future of work 54m play

      What does the future of work look like and how prepared are we?

      Daily Readings from the New American Bible · Thursday, August 17, 2017 Daily Mass Reading 4m play

      Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.

      Wed 16 Aug 2017

      Nachhaltig: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid video 3m play

      Mit dem IONIQ bietet Hyundai als weltweit erster Hersteller drei alternative Antriebsvarianten in einer Modellreihe. Erhältlich ist der Hyundai mit einem rein elektrischen Antrieb, als Plug-in-Hybrid ... 7 more words

      This Morning with Gordon Deal August 16, 2017 0m play

      Trump says 'both sides' to blame in Charlottesville violence, battle over Confederate monuments renewed, and how to decide when to get travel insurance.

      Jesus Conquered Death 2m play

      A new MP3 sermon from Answers in Genesis Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: Jesus Conquered Death Subtitle: Volume 126 of Answers with Ken Spe... 17 more words

      Die Hand-Hirn-Allianz - Philosophische Betrachtungen - 16.08.2017 21m play

      Hand und Hirn - eine Allianz, der wir letztlich unser Mensch-Sein verdanken! Welche Folgen aber zeitigt ein digitaler 'Fortschritt', der darauf zielt, uns immer mehr Tätigkeiten 'aus der Hand' zu nehm... 4 more words

      Persönlichkeitsforschung - Wie man wird, wer man ist - 16.08.2017 22m play

      Persönlichkeit scheint uns bereits in die Wiege gelegt zu sein. Im Lauf des Lebens wird sie komplexer und facettenreicher. Persönlichkeit kann sich entfalten, aber auch zerstört werden. Autorin: Prisc... 2 more words

      Episode 124 | "Target or Targét?" 1h 56m play

      Episode 124, some what serious, some what not .. a lot covered in 90 minutes.

      August 16, 2017: Part 1 47m play

      The KQ Morning Show - Originally aired on August 16, 2017: Part 1

      Middagvervolgverhaal play

      Sannie bieg teenoor Pieter dat sy bekommerd is oor Frans, en vra Pieter om 'n kombers vir Frans te vat. Klets vertel vir Sannie dat speurder Louw Visagie by Blikkies kom kuier het. Sy dink dit het iet... 17 more words

      Today on Broadway: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 9m play

      Listen: Roundabout Announces TWO Broadway Shows, “Groundhog Day” to Close, & “DEH,” “OOTI,” “M. Butterfly,” & “Honeymooners” Casting! “Today on Broadway” is a daily, Monday through Friday, podcast hit... 24 more words

      Golden Wisp Episode 139: Who Sits Atop the Frozen Throne? play

      This week on the Golden Wisp, Hunter and Alec give you their fresh thoughts on the first week of Knights of the Frozen Throne, discuss Blizzard's policy of using arena players as Guinea Pigs, and take... 84 more words

      Pharmacy Future Leaders - Jake Ready - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 456 21m play

      #PharmacyFutureLeaders Today we will be talking with Jake Ready , new graduate of Butler University class of 2017. Jake has recently accepted a position as a staff pharmacist with Walgreens, but ... 438 more words

      Pictures In Your Mind 08: Maty Noyes 2 7m play

      Welcome to what I am calling “Pictures In Your Mind”. The idea is I describe in as much detail as possible an image in the hope you can visualize the image in your mind based on how i’m describing it.... 101 more words

      Podcast #71 The Egyptian Mystery Schools with Jasmeen Hana 47m play

      In this podcast we speak to Jasmeen Hana about her journey from an Islamic family to now teaching about sexuality, sensuality, tantra, and teachings from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. She is on a deep... 18 more words

      Post-Vacation Productivity – TPW153 46m play

      Getting back into your regular routine after a vacation without sacrificing the relaxation you gained can be a challenge. Here are some thoughts on how (and why) to do it.

      27 - Dave Barry on Humor, Writing, and Life as a Florida Man 57m play

      Though most know him first as a humor columnist, Dave Barry’s career has spanned many forms of media, including books, movies, TV, and music. Driving this relentless output, says Barry, is the constan... 86 more words

      08/16/2017 SB Nation AM Hour 2 42m play

      Ric Flair still hospitalized. Ezekiel Elliott appeals suspension. 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

      465 Richard Aboulafia Returns at Last 1h 30m play

      Richard Aboulafia on Boeing, pilotless airliners, Midwest Express, ATC privatization, United Technologies Corporation and Rockwell Collins, seat pitch, Russian and Chinese airliners, Mitsubishi, and H... 1 more words

      A Love Language Minute · Growing Up Social - Part 4 play

      What social skills are you seeking to develop in your children and grandchildren?  May I suggest five essential skills needed by every child.   How to receive and show affection   How to express appr... 63 more words

      Covenant Community 101: Unity & Division in the Body of Messiah - Part 5 1h 4m play

      Unity and Division in the Body of Messiah is directly connected to believers growing and walking in maturity. What are the signs of maturity? Of immaturity? What is the “implanted word”? Rabbi Steve ... 99 more words

      White Room: Tomorrow Always Knew 3m play

      Brighton, UK based White Room release their latest A/A single ‘The Blue’ / ‘Tomorrow Always Knew’ from forthcoming double EP ‘Eight’, via Liverpool label Deltasonic Records. Recent signees to the lege... 26 more words

      EP 155: Wapiti Wednesday with Top Priority Hunting 57m play

      Hey guys, welcome to the show. In todays Wapiti Wednesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Nelson and Garet Bowen of Top Priority Hunting. We discuss a little bit of history behind the crew,... 21 more words

      Decode your car's dashboard video play

      Know what your car is really telling you.

      On Cars Clips (HD) · Decode your car's dashboard video play

      Know what your car is really telling you.

      Decode your car's dashboard video play

      Know what your car is really telling you.

      Decode your car's dashboard video play

      Know what your car is really telling you.

      Mental Toughness Habits of Ultra Performers with Ben Newman – Episode 207 of The Action Catalyst Podcast 48m play

      Ben Newman is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and highly regarded Performance Coach whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, business executives, high performing and professional athl... 62 more words

      "Rye the Meerkat" - from the Sparkle Sleepytime series 19m play

      Rye loves his bedtime routine.  He and his parents do the same thing every night and even have a song to help them remember every step. When the night come when both his parents are on patrol, Rye mus... 63 more words

      100: Why Buddhism is True 50m play

      This week we're excited to have Robert Wright on  The Psychology Podcast . Robert is the  New York Times  best-selling author of  Nonzero ,  The Moral Animal ,  The Evolution of God , and most recentl... 313 more words

      8am EDT Newscast 4m play

      Latest Hourly FOX News Radio Newscast

      A Prideful Nation’s Ruin 25m play

      Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” That applies to nations as well as individuals. Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur continues a series in Isaiah cal... 18 more words