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      Mon 23 Apr 2018

      Daily Readings from the New American Bible · Monday, April 23, 2018 Daily Mass Readings 3m play

      Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.

      AVForums Podcast · AVForums Podcast: 23rd April 2018 1h 8m play

      Initial impressions of the Sony XF90 and Samsung Q9FN LCD TVs, review of Deezer streaming, film news and more...

      Sun 22 Apr 2018

      Getting St. Peter’s Sermon Right play

      Our first reading for today proposes a very serious challenge to the inclusiveness and non-judgmentalism that is taken for granted in our culture today. The chief of the Apostles says, “He is the ston... 50 more words

      Message Summary for Evil Happens…but God - Genesis 50:15-21 play

      Message Summary for Evil Happens…but God - Genesis 50:15-21 from our series ...but God with Skip Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque.

      Ep. 157 - Plants In Space 42m play

      If humanity has a future in space travel, plants are going to play a significant role. That is why people like Dr. Rob Ferl have dedicated their career to understanding how plants respond to growing u... 95 more words

      VZ 253: Peanut Milk 19m play

        In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast we’ll be talking about a new nut milk that’s poised to become a staple in plant-based households…PEANUT MILK!   Thanks for tuning in to this episode of ... 32 more words

      Alarm aus der verbotenen Zone: In der Überwachungszentrale für Fußfesselträger 24m play

      Bei Alarm laufen die Telefone in der Bad Vilbeler IT-Stelle der Hessischen Justiz heiß. Von dort aus werden Fußfesselträger überwacht.

      Das Begehren bleibt: Sexualität im Alter 27m play

      In einer Gesellschaft, die Sex offen bis an die Schmerzgrenze präsentiert, wird es eigentümlich still, wenn es um alte Menschen geht. Doch auch sie wollen und haben Sex.

      Special Hosted Episode — Crossing the Streams (From “Leaving a Legacy”) 1h 29m play

      We are sharing a “Leaving a Legacy” episode because Wilson Hunter sat down with Jerry Mee (“Leaving a Legacy”) and James Hsu (“Humans of Magic”) to talk about their experiences at GP Seattle! Disclaim... 36 more words

      Bhagavad-Gita - Kap.10 - 32 2m play

      Die Bhagavagita die Bibel der Hindus. Das meist gelesene Buch in Indien. Viele Inder tragen sie immer bei sich, um darin zu lesen und die Wahrheit zu verinnerlichen. 10-32 Unter den Schöpfungen bin... 212 more words

      Mousetalgia Episode 496: Silicon Valley Comic Con 1h 6m play

      This week, Dave and Jeff take you to Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 for an in-depth report. Marvel legend Stan Lee made a three-day appearance that was painful to witness, and we discuss the fallout. C... 78 more words

      Firearms Radio Network (All Shows) Gun Rights 2nd Amendment Gun Podcasts · The Gun Collective Podcast 015 – Holding Back the Tidal Wave 1h 2m play

      Jon Patton and Adam Kraut host this weekly discussion covering everything from the latest firearms industry news to current political events and everything in between. Joined by guests from a variety ... 18 more words

      Ep 477 – Seven Deadly Heresies: The Smackdown, Part 2 1h 49m play

      Mike Tannehill makes his triumphant return to defend Bruce R. McConkie as Glenn, John, and Bob’s take on evolution; the 2nd of McConkie’s 7 Deadly Heresies.

      397: Classic ACP Anxiety and The Opinions Of Others 18m play

      Today Gina answers a question about anxiety around the opinions of others. Join in for the why and how to find peace! Links/resources mentioned in the episode: Grab an awesome audio book for free ... 74 more words

      9am EDT Newscast 4m play

      Latest Hourly FOX News Radio Newscast

      Episode 142: Elon Musk Gets Serious About Model 3 Production 1h 15m play

      Elon Musk outlines his plan to run a much tighter ship at Tesla as Model 3 production ramps up. Plus: good news for Tesla in China, more good news about the long-term battery health in Tesla vehicles,... 106 more words

      Episode 213 - NevTec goes 'After Dark' 1h 53m play

      Join Carlos, Nev, The awesome Pilot Pip and Matt for this week's episode of the show. Today we are talking about that Southwest flight, Kids fly for free with one carrier but there is a catch and th... 93 more words

      ABP #251 - Accounting for Oil and Gas 9m play

      Unique accounting issues

      The FIR Podcast Network Everything Feed · Is Reddit right for my business? 24m play

      Should you use Reddit for your business communications? Will the Reddit community welcome you or even accept you? And Gini, Martin and Joe have very different takes on Zuckerberg’s performance and its... 22 more words

      WGN Radio Theatre #276: 4-22-18 play

      In this full show podcast, Carl and Lisa play crack the quote with listeners and Roger Badesch. Featured programs tonight include The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, which tells a the story ... 47 more words

      Win In 6 Podcast #207: Previewing an all-important Game 4 55m play

      In the latest episode of the Win In 6 Podcast, Adam McGee is joined by Jordan Treske to look ahead to Sunday's Game 4 between the Bucks and Celtics, and field mailbag questions from the listeners.

      455: Summer Movie Stinkers Turning 30 | 80s Movies 44m play

      We had some AMAZING summer movies back in 1988 - and then we had a few that are so epic in their awfulness that we only dub them as the "summer stinkers." Here are our top 5 picks for worst movies fro... 90 more words

      James Oldham, Joseph Cook, Rachel Reichert and Byron Folwell 1h play

      Microbiologist Dr Joseph Cook explains why his work studying ice sheets is becoming more urgent than ever – and why he’s now setting it to music with composer Hannah Peel. Plus, we welcome back London... 32 more words

      199: Automating iOS Apps In the Apple Bubble with Shashikant Jagtap 30m play

      Apple introduced it's UI Testing framework (XCUITest) at WWDC 2015. The XCUITest framework enabled UI Tests to be written in Swift, Apple's own programming language, which can be understood by both QA... 43 more words

      ADZG604: Buddha's Birthday and Sakyamuni as guide to bodhisattvas 39m play

      Sun Apr 08 2018 - ADZG Sunday Morning Dharma Talk with Taigen Dan Leighton

      Check You to Bless You video 28m play

      Watch Bishop T.D. Jakes from The Potter's Touch

      Dad's Army - The Honourable Man (04-17-74) 28m play

      The Honourable Man (Aired April 17, 1974) 1968 and 1977, and there were a total of eighty episodes spread over nine series, as well as three Christmas specials. Most episodes were also adapted for ... 207 more words

      Data Protection Regulation 18m play

      Marian is joined by Consumer Columnist with the Irish Independent & Herald - Sinead Ryan.