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      Tue 24 Jan 2017

      Daily Readings from the New American Bible · Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Daily Mass Reading 3m play

      Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.

      01/23/17 - Disneyland News 52m play

      01/23/17 - In this week’s Disneyland and Southern California news, the Main Street Electrical Parade returns to Disneyland, Annual Passholders get a deal on popcorn, and Chef Oscar celebrates his 60th... 1 more words

      01/23/17 - Lunar New Year 39m play

      01/23/17 - The team discusses the Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure, including the entertainment, food, and more food.

      Mon 23 Jan 2017

      This Morning with Gordon Deal January 23, 2017 0m play

      Deadly tornadoes, storms rock the Southeast, President Donald Trump embarks on his first week and reasons you can't sell your home.

      PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report January 2017 Edition - October 2016 nominees play

      PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report January 2017 Edition - October 2016 nominees By Manuel Lemos This is the January edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lem... 73 more words

      Are Software Bugs Inevitable? Part 1: FORTRAN and the Denver Airport Baggage Disaster | Curious Minds Podcast 27m play

      Software errors and random bugs are rather common: We’ve all seen the infamous Windows “blue screen of death”... But is there really nothing we can do about it? Are these errors – from small bugs to c... 61 more words

      TSE 492: This Is Why I Changed The Way I Do Sales Quotes play

      Say goodbye to long, boring proposals. Today, I’m going to share with you something that has changed the way I interact with my prospects specifically when I create proposals for them – PandaDoc. Back... 44 more words

      Episode #96: Feedback from Our Listeners 1h 26m play

      (NSFW) Beau from The Brew Project wanted us to do more bottle shares.  We agreed and decided to do a bottle share and a show all at once.  We also decided it was a good time to get to some listener fe... 15 more words

      Mid-Year Slump – HIRL Episode 135 21m play

      Mid-January. Harumph. Are you feeling the mid-year slump in your homeschool, too?  In this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life, Fletch and Kendra talk about how the mid-year slump affects their home... 44 more words

      Elmer And The Ceramic Trees: Wilderness 5m play

      Janesville, Wisconsin lo-fi post-punk act Elmer & The Ceramic Trees released its third album, entitled Maps of Outer Space. The album was released digitally via BandCamp on Thursday, December 15, 2016... 26 more words

      Gain More Time In Your Day 19m play

      Let’s Talk… and Gain More Time In Your Day with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #175 We all struggle! In this podcast Felice will share how YOU can gain more time in your day with this one bit of advice that i... 33 more words

      259 - Why Most People Quit Budgeting 3m play

      There's one reason why people quit budgeting (and most anything else).

      WSIU-FM: Local : NPR · Budget Vote Planned This Week in Illinois Senate 0m play

      Illinois Senators are expected to soon consider a complicated deal meant to end to Illinois’ 18-month budget standoff.

      Episode 213: The Human Capacity to Endure With Marisa Hughes, LCSW 34m play

      Marisa Hughes is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boca Raton, Florida. She specializes in working with women who have experienced trauma and want to transform their lives through healing. Marisa a... 56 more words

      Judging Outside the Supreme Court (ReBroadcast) play

      Verity Winship University of Illinois College of Law The Supreme Court often makes headline news.  But most of the judging in the United States takes place outside of the highest court.  This radi... 47 more words

      Show 1704 Audiobook 5 of 9- Free to Choose. A Personal Statement by Milton Friedman 1h 30m play

      Show 1704 Audiobook 5 of 9- Free to Choose. A Personal Statement by Milton Friedman This show was originally published as ACU show number 302.  Milton Friedman and his wife, Rose, teamed up to wri... 111 more words

      01/23/2017 SB Nation AM Hour 2 38m play

      Cat allergies are no fun. Scott ate fondue. We play Sounds of the Weekend and Studs and Duds.

      TanakhCast · TanakhCast #97: The Don’t Trust Egypt Edition 21m play

      drdan In this week’s episode: Isaiah 28-31.  We continue in the book of Isaiah with a consideration of realpolitik, trust and the machinations of Egyptian potentates.   drdan

      Loving Your Different Child :: Sally & Nathan Clarkson [Ep 149] play

      “God didn’t give me a child so I could tell Him exactly my expectations of how that child should be. You have to say ‘God show me how to love the child you gave me and how to release him within his li... 14 more words

      Episode 57 of #KidsDeserveIt with Jennifer LaGarde 24m play

      Episode 57 of #KidsDeserveIt with @JenniferLaGarde

      Middagvervolgverhaal play

      Mina se besoek aan Bettie lei tot 'n ontstellende ervaring. Dylan se laataandgesprek met Julie (alias Mina) neem 'n onvoorsiene wending. Mina wil weet hoekom Dylan hoegenaamd by bendes betrokke geraak... 1 more words

      Episode 131: Natural Beauty with Shel Pink & Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Health? 42m play

      In this episode, Tony and I are going to talk about an interesting subject that many of us are affected by and that is- relationships. When it comes to the health of our bodies, it’s easy to focus o... 765 more words

      2Cellos play


      Arsecast Extra Episode 158 - 23.01.2017 1h 16m play

      On this week's show we look back on the remarkable 2-1 win over Burnley, and the final few minutes which saw the game turn on its head twice. We discuss the penalties, the red card for Granit Xhaka, t... 60 more words

      I voli in terza classe play

      I voli in terza classe

      L'insopportabile Tg play

      L'insopportabile Tg

      How to Travel More as a Couple 12m play

      Want to get out and travel more this year without breaking your budget? Learn how you can use travel hacking as a couple to get great deals on your trips!   Travel Hacking Together Peter and Ruby, fro... 35 more words

      Clemson's Ocean Research 1m play

      By now, you’ve probably heard about all the plastic particles that plague the health of our oceans, but recent research by scientists at Clemson University suggests that microplastics are only part of... 44 more words

      Tougher action needed against 'backyard horse breeders' 6m play

      A vet is calling for police and councils to take tougher action on what she calls backyard horse breeders. She claims unregistered horses are being abandoned because the owners don't want to pay the ... 82 more words

      بودكاست سعودي جيمر 356 1h 40m play

      في حلقة اليوم تناقشنا عن تجربتنا لبيتا Nioh الأخير وهل هي تقليد لسلسلة السولز او لعبة مبتكرة؟، انطباعنا عن لعبة البطاقات الشهيره Yu-Gi-Oh! بعد ما نزلت على الجوال، والشباب ينصحون المستمعين باشياء غريبه... 15 more words

      144: Are My Scores and Grades Good Enough? - The College Prep Podcast 32m play

      Junior year it's time to start compiling your list of colleges. However, how can you tell if your grades are high enough to be considered by the schools on your list? Megan introduces us to a cool... 134 more words

      MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 01-23-2017-071118 35m play

      Wake up every morning with former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough and the "Morning Joe" team, including MSNBC's Willie Geist and Mika Brzezinski. Subscribe to this audio podcast to get the beginni... 38 more words

      Dj Set for January 2017 (From Yatagan Records – Italy) 1h 1m play

      1) Christian Prommer, Johannes Brecht (Voix Grave) Diynamic Rec 2) Shosho (Xo) Lapsus Music 3) Matador (Space Charmer) Rukus 4) Xciv (Tusma) Morph 5) Klangmechanik (Klangmechanik Cosys) 6) Di Chiara..... 5 more words