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      Thu 25 May 2017

      Das Phänomen Modi - Warum ist Indiens Premier politisch so erfolgreich? - 25.05.2017 24m play

      Regierungschef Narendra Modi, in dessen Partei es offene rassistische und extrem nationalistische Tendenzen gibt, ist seit den jüngsten Regionalwahlen mächtiger denn je. Eine Reportage von Jürgen Webe... 1 more words

      Daily Readings from the New American Bible · Thursday, May 25, 2017 Ascension Mass Reading 4m play

      Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.

      Daily Readings from the New American Bible · Thursday, May 25, 2017 Daily Mass Reading 4m play

      Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.

      Wed 24 May 2017

      This Morning with Gordon Deal May 24, 2017 0m play

      Manchester attack is part of a disturbing pattern for terrorists, what investigators are looking at in Manchester, and Amazon's 1.7 Million free bananas.

      Americani in Italia play

      Americani in Italia

      Il 24 maggio e i problemi intestinali di Dumoulin play

      Il 24 maggio e i problemi intestinali di Dumoulin

      Lodovica Comello play

      Lodovica Comello

      Addio a Roger Moore play

      Addio a Roger Moore

      Middagvervolgverhaal play

      Rex konfronteer vir Adriaan oor sy aand uit saam met Annabel. Adriaan maak dit af as vriende wat saam kuier. Rex het nog 'n guns om te vra van Adriaan. Daan en Luann se eerste geldmaakplan het gewerk,... 7 more words

      06 - Recruiting Roundup 052417 16m play

      Sam Webb and Allen Trieu talk Michigan football recruiting

      Father Jonathan Morris 11m play

      Father Jonathan Morris joins Connell McShane on the Imus in the Morning program.

      A Love Language Minute · Introvert and Extrovert Issues play

      ​Listen to A Love Language Minute as Dr. Gary Chapman talks about introvert and extrovert issues.

      Today in the Word · Ways to Strengthen the Family, Part 1 play

      Prioritizing family over career is a struggle for many working parents. David Jeremiah looks at God's design for families and shows us how we can demonstrate Christ's love and strengthen our family re... 1 more words

      Combo Smite Podcast 158 – Southern Ontario Open Wrap Up with Tim Banky 1h 30m play

      For those of you who don't know Tim, he's half of the founding members of "Arcane Assist", half the founder of the biggest WarMachine-centric convention in Canada, Captain of a Canadian WTC team... an... 62 more words

      05 - Marcus Ray 052417 21m play

      Co-Host of The M-Zone joins talking rule changes in NFL

      058: Joel & Erica Beukelman | Design Inc. | 1011 Make-up & Hair 1h 7m play

      Joel - Head of Design @DesignInc. Former designer on Android @Google & @Netflix. Host @BalancePodcast podcast & vlogger.  Erica - My love for hair and makeup started as a young child, playing "h... 135 more words

      86: Dr. Heather Moday on Functional and Integrative Medicine 41m play

      On today’s episode of The Psychology Podcast, friend of the show Dr. Heather Moday shares her unique medical expertise to help us live healthier, happier and more productive lives. Dr. Moday is a boar... 110 more words

      A Mother's High Calling, Part 2 of 4 (Fighting For Your Family) 14m play

      Motherhood is never easy. But for one woman, it was almost unbearable. Mary had to watch her firstborn son die on a cross after raising him from infancy. Mary can teach today’s mothers what devotion a... 5 more words

      ADZG524: Graciously Share Yourself 46m play

      Sun May 14 2017 - ADZG Sunday Morning Dharma Talk with Taigen Dan Leighton

      Community: What Is It? 24m play

      Community has become a buzz word in modern culture and in the Body of Christ, but do we truly know what makes a community work? Ron Moore takes us back to the beginning to show the very first communit... 21 more words

      DRS Episode 448 - BAudio Production play

      Terry and Paul discuss what it takes to get your book from the page and into audio.

      Ep #101: Alan & Kitces Unhinged - Marketing vs. Prospecting, Service Models, and more! 1h 6m play

      It's been a while since we dug into our mailbag, so we're back with another Alan & Kitces Unhinged episode. On this edition: the differences between prospecting and marketing, varying service models, ... 105 more words

      Episode 641 - Midseason Cycling Volume Pop 19m play

      Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P discusses how using short bursts of cycling volume midseason can really bump u... 99 more words

      Is Faith Delusional? Part 3 13m play

      Do you ever wonder if God is just a trick or a deception like the Tooth Fairy? How do you know who God is? And what is it that Jesus says about Himself? Tune in as Ravi Zacharias takes a deeper look a... 7 more words

      Joshua 1:1-9 26m play

      Thru the Bible takes listeners through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. You can begin the study at any time. When we've concluded Revel... 23 more words

      Mandy Lee 43m play

      Though MisterWives is about as fun a live act as one can find these days, singer/songwriter Mandy Lee is quick to admit there's a lot of serious messaging behind the silliness.

      Prosperity: General & Prosperity through Tithing 25m play

      If you have questions about why or how a person should tithe, Derek’s presentation and explanation of the promises associated with tithing—or giving a tenth of our income to God—will answer those ques... 2 more words

      Puertasaurus - Episode 130 1h 11m play

      Interview with Tim Porter, Director of New Learning Resources at the Boston Children's Museum . The museum recently opened their first interactive dinosaur exhibit, Explore-a-saurus. In the news: A... 140 more words

      Ram and Goat 25m play

      The symbolism of animals in the Bible is widespread. And Precept Ministry’s Kay Arthur examines one of the most interesting examples, as she continues a series in Daniel. Join us for a study of the ra... 4 more words

      The Backslider 34m play

      If there was ever a time in your life when you loved the Lord Jesus more than you do today, you are a backslider. You can slip away from the Lord so easily…and no one may know for a while. If you allo... 20 more words

      The Power of a Thorn, Part 2 25m play

      Even if your life is "coming up roses," you'll get your share of thorns to go along with them. But Wednesday on The Alternative, Tony Evans explains that you get them for a reason, and talks about spe... 16 more words

      How to Make Insurance Fun Again with Andrew Metz and Dan Betz - ANR82 29m play

      Has the business of insurance become dull for you? Let's talk about how we change that... In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we're joined by Andrew Metz and Dan Betz of Zywave for chat on "How t... 12 more words

      The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly · A Man’s Place in the Family – Linda Gross 1h 27m play

      In this episode of Pen Tracks, Fritz and Linda Gross talk about the specifics of the Illuminati plan to destroy the family, especially by destroying men. We talk about some of the reasons why, and how... 19 more words

      05/24/17 SB Nation AM Hour 2 38m play

      NFL changes end zone celebration rules. Marvin Lewis doesnt like the rule change. Why dont we have wireless cable.

      The Big Apple gets its own Amazon Books video play

      The e-commerce company this week will open its first Manhattan bookstore. A second location is coming to 34th Street later this year.