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    Coffee Break Spanish video 213 episodes

    Spanish for beginners from the Radio Lingua Network

    Coffee Break French video 202 episodes

    Learn French with Coffee Break French, bringing you language-learning with your latte! Aimed at total beginners, this podcast will help you get to grips with the French language.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast - Learn English Online video 13 episodes

    A podcast for those wanting to learn or improve their English - great for any ESL or EFL learner. Visit us at

    Learn Spanish - Survival Guide 30 episodes

    This podcast is about learning to speak Spanish in every day practical situations. There are pauses for you to repeat what you hear and the more difficult words and phrases are broken down for correct... 56 more words

    Slate Presents Lexicon Valley 141 episodes

    Lexicon Valley is a podcast about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Your hosts are Bob Garfield and producer Mike Vuolo. Part of the Pano... 2 more words

    Learn German for free with video 98 episodes

    Learn to understand, speak and read German with this free podcast. Audio, videos, PDF transcripts, daily updates to accompanying blog and much more!

    Let's Speak Italian! 10 episodes

    Download Free Italian Lessons

    Accelerated Spanish: Learn Spanish online the fastest and best way, by Master of Memory 87 episodes

    Through Accelerated Spanish, Master of Memory presents the fastest way to learn Spanish using timeless accelerated learning principles. Building from a solid foundation, this show will teach you not j... 32 more words

    Coffee Break German video 50 episodes

    Language learning which fits your lifestyle

    Learn Chinese - Mandarin Chinese Lessons video 41 episodes

    Theme-based, Progressive and Easy Mandarin Chinese Lessons for absolute beginners!

    Learn French by Podcast 194 episodes

    Learn French by Podcast is an exciting series of French lessons for everybody. Work with high-quality audio podcasts in your own time and at your own pace. Want to clarify some details? Something you ... 17 more words

    Learn French With Alexa 30 episodes

    Learn the French language with Alexa Polidoro from

    Learn Spanish with Comentarios 12 episodes

    A podcast dedicated to helping you to learn Spanish.

    All Ears English Podcast | Real English Vocabulary | Conversation | American Culture 1070 episodes

    Are you looking for a new and fun way to learn American English? Come hang out with Lindsay and Michelle from Boston and New York City and have fun while you improve your English listening skills! All... 148 more words

    Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast 160 episodes

    Memorize Foreign Language Vocabulary Using Simple, Universal, Mnemonic Principles

    Business English Pod :: Learn Business English Online video 95 episodes

    Business English Pod provides MP3 Business English podcast lessons and online learning tools for intermediate and advanced Business English learners. The lessons cover a comprehensive range of busines... 11 more words

    Effortless English Podcast video 327 episodes

    The Effortless English Show with AJ Hoge teaches you to speak English powerfully. AJ is the author of "Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native" and is known as "The World's #1 Englis... 2 more words

    ESL Podcast - Previous Episodes video 1 episode

    These are the previous episodes of English as a Second Language Podcast from For the new episodes, please go to our other feed or visit our website. ESL Podcast is brought to you by Dr. ... 21 more words

    GRE Vocabulary Podcast by VictorPrep 114 episodes

    VictorPrep's GRE vocab podcast is for improving for English vocabulary skills while helping you prepare for your standardized tests! This podcast isn't only intended for those studying for the GRE or... 73 more words

    Learn Italian with Podcasts at 175 episodes

    Learn Italian online with free podcasts. Use to learn Italian when and where is most convenient for you.

    Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation 65 episodes

    Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation teaches you conversational Persian in a fun and casual manner in weekly lessons of about 15-20 minutes each. Check out our website for ... 2 more words

    Show Time Spanish video 56 episodes

    Take your Spanish to the next stage with ShowTime Spanish from the Radio Lingua Network

    Slow German 155 episodes

    In this podcast, German podcaster Annik Rubens talks slowly about topics of everyday German life, from beergardens to recycling. More information and Premium Podcast with learning materials on Slow Ge... 19 more words

    Culips ESL Podcast 50 episodes

    Learn to speak English like a native speaker!

    Learn Portuguese - BrazilianPodClass video 507 episodes

    BrazilianPodClass is a free podcast for those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. It is released once a week, for all levels with focus on conversation, vocabulary, grammar and popular expressions... 1 more words

    Learn Spanish: Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginners 30 episodes

    Learn Spanish with real conversations. Bringing you all the Spanish you'll never learn in a classroom.

    Learning Indonesian - The fun and easy self-paced course in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian Language 48 episodes

    The Fun And Easy Way to Learn Indonesian at Your Own Pace

    My Daily Phrase Italian 122 episodes

    Learn Italian step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase with the Radio Lingua Network

    Notes in Spanish Advanced 85 episodes

    Ben and Marina bring you podcasts in high level Spanish covering culture, news, conversation, and all the cool words they never teach you in class...

    Notes in Spanish Intermediate 46 episodes

    Real conversations in Spanish to help you advance to the next level.

    One Thing In A French Day 20 episodes

    A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day -- in France and in French. A fun podcast to improve your French! On tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.

    Spanish A+ - Finally Learn Spanish with Bilingual Podcasts 38 episodes

    If you've attended at least one Spanish course, and you need experience listening to and speaking the language, then 'Finally Learn Spanish' has the right podcasts for you. Our great dialogs teach you... 91 more words

    Spanish Podcast 475 episodes

    Learn real Spanish with us! In our course we emphasize all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, exposure to grammar and common idiomatic expressions, ... 7 more words

    Tu Ingles! podcast video 85 episodes

    Aprender inglés de oído con nuestro podcast!

    Walk, Talk and Learn French video 12 episodes

    French grammar on the streets of Paris

    A Spoonful of Russian - Learn Russian Online from Russian Tutor video 54 episodes

    Learn Russian language from a Russian online tutor at your own pace. Natalia teaches via Skype and other video chat services. Russian lessons are tailor-made for all students. Experience authentic Rus... 16 more words