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    The Duncan Trussell Family Hour 282 episodes

    A weekly electronic salon style super show.

    Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More video 402 episodes

    Fitness evolved. Join the conversation.

    Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance 100 episodes

    Free exercise, nutrition, weight loss, triathlon and wellness advice from! Call your question in to 1-877-209-9439. Tune in to the latest health, fitness and multi-sport rese... 88 more words

    Sleep With Me | Helps You Fall Asleep Via Silly Boring Bedtime Stories 741 episodes

    Insomnia? Can't fall asleep? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you awake? This is the podcast designed to help you fall asleep. If you've tried pills, hypnosis, guided meditation and ASMR to no ... 146 more words

    Superego 22 episodes

    SUPEREGO: Profiles In Self-Obsession. Improvised, analyzed, and brought to you by Drs. Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville, and Paul F. Tompkins. Guest appearances by Patton Oswalt, Neko Ca... 40 more words

    The Big Shift: The Business of Making a Difference | Personal Growth | Marketing | Sales | Conscious Business | Get Clients video 164 episodes

    The Big Shift is a podcast, a community, and a movement. It is our aim to help those who want to make a difference, have success in carrying out their mission. The goal of our podcast is to inspire ... 117 more words

    The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James. Paleo Nutrition, Ancestral Health & Primal Fitness 251 episodes

    Abel James answers your questions and interviews leaders in alternative health, Paleo, and natural wellness to share secrets about losing fat, building muscle, and upgrading your health with The Wild ... 16 more words

    The Rich Roll Podcast 374 episodes

    life + performance + spirit

    YOGAmazing 12 episodes

    YOGmazing Video Podcast is a Lifestyle Channel that offers a weekly 25 minute yoga routine that will bring balance to your body, mind and soul. Other offerings include "SPOKEN grace" a mini documentar... 84 more words

    Inside Out Weight Loss 50 episodes

    The Spiritual Path To Weight Loss With Ease

    The Healthy Moms Podcast 58 episodes

    The Healthy Moms Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your fam... 2 more words

    The Model Health Show: Nutrition | Exercise | Fitness | Health | Lifestyle 293 episodes

    The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex healt... 57 more words

    Latest in Paleo 176 episodes

    Latest in Paleo is a weekly podcast that delivers the latest health and fitness news from a unique perspective where scientific evidence intersects with evolutionary clues. Hosted by Angelo Coppola.

    No Meat Athlete Radio 232 episodes

    The Official Podcast of

    Revolution Health Radio 50 episodes

    Revolution Health Radio debunks mainstream myths on nutrition and health and delivers cutting-edge, yet practical information on how to prevent and reverse disease naturally. This show is brought to ... 10 more words

    The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore 450 episodes

    On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encou... 7 more words

    The Meditation Podcast 5 episodes

    The Meditation Podcast is a free podcast designed to help you learn and benefit from meditation in your everyday life. The guided meditations contain audio technology that amplify slower brain waves t... 23 more words

    #AskWardee 115 episodes

    Wardee is a wife and mom of 3, the lead teacher and owner of and the author of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods. #AskWardee is the weekly show devoted to ans... 44 more words

    A Sustainable Mind 23 episodes

    A sustainable lifestyle & advocacy podcast interviewing the minds behind today\\\’s most impactful environmental campaigns, projects, organizations and companies.

    Elsie's Yoga Class l Inspiration l Alignment l Connection video 120 episodes

    Inspiring, spicy, fun, joyful and uplifting audio yoga classes taught by Pittsburgh yoga teacher Elsie Escobar. Classes range from strong beginners to advanced. They are 1hr or 1hr and 15 min. Depend... 130 more words

    Exponential Intelligence 130 episodes

    Exponential Intelligence podcast with Mas Sajady and Crystal Fambrini explores spiritual wisdom to foster total abundance in all areas of your life: health, wealth, love and self. Mas and Crystal shar... 38 more words

    My Meditation Station 55 episodes

    The first guided meditation in a series of regular podcasts by Stin. Daily use will invite stillness, joy and abundance to your life. Stressed? Wanting more? Put on your headphones. pr4c578f

    My Thought Coach 55 episodes

    These guided affirmations will help the law of attraction work for you and help you think in a way that will bring you what you WANT, not what you fear! The most listened to affirmation MP3 from myth... 11 more words

    Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development | Productivity | Minimalism | Growth 927 episodes

    I read you the best content on personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily as an audioblog or blogcast. :) Optimal Living Daily is ... 213 more words

    The Anxiety Coaches Podcast - Relief from Anxiety, Panic, and PTSD 260 episodes

    The coaches are just regular people who happen to have suffered from anxiety, stress and PTSD (and now coach others). We've got 2 new episodes each week to help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks, a... 34 more words

    The Paleo Women Podcast: Health | Nutrition | Fitness | Hormones 175 episodes

    Authentic, unfiltered conversations about health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and body image with Noelle Tarr, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, and Stefani Ruper, auth... 31 more words

    Joseph Clough Show - Free Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy | Life Coaching | Self Help 356 episodes

    By #1 Bestselling Author Joseph Clough. (Over 200 hours of free audio, downloaded 200,000 downloads a month).

    Learn To Meditate - Meditation Podcast video 51 episodes

    This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Each class includes a dis... 30 more words

    Running On Om 208 episodes

    The Running On Om podcast features wellness pioneers from running, yoga, spiritual, and health backgrounds. Julia Hanlon, the creator and host of the podcast, has a passion for hearing people’s storie... 12 more words

    The Art of Epic Wellness: Health | Lifestyle | Alternative Health 50 episodes

    The not-so-obvious secrets to increasing your energy, transforming your body, and creating an epic vibrant life. Nicole Keating, artist and holistic health coach, delivers expert advice on nutrition ... 85 more words

    The Business of Life | Self Help | Spirituality | Wellness | Create Your Ideal Life 100 episodes

    Welcome to The Business of Life Podcast, created to help YOU live the life you love to live. Each week Keith Callahan focuses on actionable teachings to help you in all realms of your life (physical,... 66 more words

    The Food Heals Podcast: Like Sex & the City for food. Join The Food Heals Nation! 210 episodes

    Being hailed as "Sex and the City for Food,"The Food Heals Podcast" brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, ... 250 more words

    The People's Pharmacy 195 episodes

    Empowering you to make wise decisions about your own health, by providing you with essential health information about both medical and alternative treatment options.

    The Rebooted Body Podcast: Reprogram Your Body and Mind for Sustainable Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, and Peak Performance 15 episodes

    Reprogram your Body and Mind for Sustainable Fat Loss, VIbrant Health, and Peak Performance

    the Wellness Wonderland Radio (WWRadio) - holistic living, body image, spirituality 154 episodes

    Conversations with visionary bloggers, authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, & coaches living in a Wellness Wonderland. Here they candidly share their journey. Topics include yoga, spirituality, hea... 18 more words

    The Zach Even - Esh STRONG Life Podcast video 100 episodes

    The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh is ALL about how to Live a STRONG Life, be it in the gym, your business / career and anywhere else you take yourself. In layman's terms, this show is a h... 60 more words