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Rated 4.6

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom 2015 4.6/5  95%  92% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Over 93 days in Ukraine, what started as peaceful student demonstrations became a violent revolution and full-fledged civil rights movement. dir. Evgeny Afineevsky 98 minutes Oct 09, 2015 658

Rated 4.5

Hope 2013 4.5/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After 8-year-old So-won narrowly survives a brutal sexual assault, her family labors to help her heal while coping with their own rage and grief. Kyung-gu Sol, Ji-won Uhm, Lee Re, Hae-suk Kim dir. Joon-ik Lee 123 minutes Aug 26, 2016 30
Sing Street 2016 4.5/5 PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In 1980s Dublin, a teen whose family is falling apart transfers to a tough school, where he forms a rock band to fit in and win a girl's attention. Lucy Boynton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Aidan Gillen, Jack Reynor dir. John Carney 105 minutes Nov 09, 2016 640

Rated 4.4

The African Doctor 2016 4.4/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Happily escaping a dictatorship, a Congolese doctor transplants his family to a small French village, where culture shock sets in for everyone. Marc Zinga, Aïssa Maïga, Bayron Lebli, Médina Diarra dir. Julien Rambaldi 93 minutes Oct 28, 2016 152
Buen Día, Ramón 2013 4.4/5  100%  81% IMDb 7.7/10 (2.1k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Determined to escape his impoverished life in Mexico, a man tries to reach the U.S. but ends up in Germany, where he bonds with a retired nurse. Kristyan Ferrer, Ingeborg Schöner, Hector Kotsifakis, Arcelia Ramírez dir. Jorge Ramírez Suárez 120 minutes Nov 05, 2015 270
Ip Man 3 2015 4.4/5  80%  74% PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Martial arts master Ip springs into action when his son's school is threatened by a shady American, then defends his status as wing chun champion. Donnie Yen, Zhang Jin, Lynn Hung, Patrick Tam dir. Wilson Yip 105 minutes Jun 18, 2016 813
The Physician 2013 4.4/5  73% IMDb 7.2/10 (25k) R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A medical apprentice in 11th-century Persia disguises himself as a Jew to study at a school that does not admit Christians. Tom Payne, Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgård, Olivier Martinez dir. Philipp Stölzl 155 minutes Jul 15, 2015 41
The Way He Looks 2014 4.4/5  91%  89% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A new classmate transforms the daily life of a blind teenager who longs for independence and disrupts his relationship with his best friend. Ghilherme Lobo, Fabio Audi, Tess Amorim, Lúcia Romano dir. Daniel Ribeiro 96 minutes Mar 17, 2015 146

Rated 4.3

The Beauty Inside 2015 4.3/5  70%  85% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Awakening each day in a different body, Woo-jin must constantly adjust. But the biggest adjustment may be the one his girlfriend has to make. Hyo-joo Han, Dae-Myung Kim, Ji-han Do, Seong-woo Bae dir. Baik 127 minutes Apr 06, 2016 211
The Beginning of Life 2016 4.3/5 TV-Y SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Scientists, advocates and parents around the world explore how carefully tending to kids' earliest needs can shape the course of human society. dir. Estela Renner 96 minutes Jun 01, 2016 326
Instructions Not Included 2013 4.3/5  56%  90% IMDb 7.6/10 (22k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Unable to locate the elusive mother of a baby girl left on his doorstep, an Acapulco playboy unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for the tot. Eugenio Derbez, Jessica Lindsey, Loreto Peralta, Daniel Raymont dir. Eugenio Derbez 121 minutes Apr 21, 2014 11
Ip Man 2008 4.3/5  84%  93% IMDb 8.1/10 (167k) R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An occupying Japanese general challenges Chinese men to duels to prove the superiority of the Japanese, but Ip Man refuses to fight -- at first. Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Louis Fan, Ka Tung Lam dir. Wilson Yip 106 minutes Jan 15, 2016 235
Ip Man 2 2010 4.3/5  92%  84% R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer New in Hong Kong, martial arts instructor Ip Man perseveres and retaliates against his rivals' opposition to the Wing Chun fighting style he teaches. Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Xiaoming Huang, Simon Yam dir. Wilson Yip 108 minutes Jan 15, 2016 159
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness 2013 4.3/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Inside Tokyo's Studio Ghibli, famed for anime, viewers follow three of the studio's visionaries, including Hayao Miyazaki, over the course of a year. Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata 118 minutes Mar 28, 2015 1
Kung Fury 2015 4.3/5 87% IMDb 8.1/10 (38k) NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A Miami detective imbued with ninja superpowers travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an arcade game-style war. David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson dir. David Sandberg 30 minutes Oct 22, 2015 35
Marie's Story 2014 4.3/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Blind and deaf since birth, young Marie Heurtin begins to experience the world in new ways as a nun coaxes her out of isolation. Isabelle Carré, Ariana Rivoire, Brigitte Catillon, Noemi Churlet dir. Jean-Pierre Améris 93 minutes Nov 26, 2015 3
Palm Trees in the Snow 2015 4.3/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Finding a tantalizing clue in an old letter, a young woman journeys to her family's tropical plantation to uncover generations of secrets. Mario Casas, Adriana Ugarte, Macarena García, Alain Hernández dir. Fernando González Molina 163 minutes May 01, 2016 161
Run Boy Run 2013 4.3/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An 8-year-old Jewish boy escapes the Warsaw ghetto and hides in the woods, where he takes extraordinary measures to survive. Andrzej Tkacz, Kamil Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda, Itay Tiran dir. Pepe Danquart 107 minutes May 05, 2016 274
Terra 2015 4.3/5 TV-PG UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This visually arresting documentary essay reflects on our relationship to other living creatures as humanity becomes more isolated from nature. Vanessa Paradis dir. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Michael Pitiot 97 minutes May 01, 2016 151

Rated 4.2

Colonia 2015 4.2/5  21%  64% R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer When her boyfriend is caught up in a Chilean coup, a young woman tries to free him from a prison camp posing as a commune by joining it voluntarily. Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist, Richenda Carey dir. Florian Gallenberger 109 minutes Jul 14, 2016 20
Dhanak 2015 4.2/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A movie-loving 10-year-old and her blind little brother trek to meet Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan for help in getting the boy an eye operation. Krrish Chhabria, Hetal Gada, Vipin Sharma, Gulfam Khan dir. Nagesh Kukunoor 114 minutes Aug 20, 2016 10
Don't Blame the Kid 2016 4.2/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After a one-night stand results in pregnancy, a young woman decides to become partners with the emotionally immature father-to-be. Karla Souza, Ricardo Abarca, Biassini Segura, Gerardo Taracena dir. Gustavo Loza 113 minutes Dec 22, 2016 344
Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition / Extended Edition 2010 4.2/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page trailer This gripping trilogy starts with an investigation into a 40-year-old cold case and ends with a court case involving murder and government conspiracy. Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist, Lena Endre, Peter Andersson dir. Niels Arden Oplev, Daniel Alfredson Feb 06, 2015 6 episodes
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001 4.2/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Businessman Yash and his wife, Nandini, love their sons, but Yash disowns his adopted son, Rahul, after he marries a woman of lower social standing. Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol dir. Karan Johar 209 minutes Aug 26, 2015 11